The 12 Best Avocado Oil to add the flavor of delicacy in your meals

Are you looking for diet-friendly oil? Avocado oil has vitamins and antioxidants that help to boost your immune system. Avocado oils are also considered a diet-friendly oil for keto or paleo. But it has a smell that might be bothersome to some people. 

Moreover, the oils can be used as a moisturizer for the skin if you do not want to use them for cooking. The flavor and smell depend on how the oil is processed.  Make sure to look at the method of extraction and the characteristics before choosing the best avocado oil.

Best Pick

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil

The La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is our best pick on our list because it has a delicate flavor and less oily that keeps the flavor of the meal undamaged. The oil is fit for all types of recipes and can be used to take care of skin. 100% natural ingredients make it safe to use for everyone in the family.

Budget Pick

BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil

The BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil is on our best budget pick because it is a 500ml jar that can be bought to trial for the first use. It has a high smoking point and its neutral flavor makes it capable of cooking with fish, meat, or veggies. The bottle is designed in a way that gives a good grip on your hands.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Avocado Oils

1. La Tourangelle Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The oil is expeller pressed and processed from premium avocados
  • It is handcrafted to give a wonderful flavor in salad dressing
  • The oil can be used for hair care or skincare apart from cooking
  • The oil is vegan and sodium-free that makes it healthy
  • It can be cooked from medium to high heat without burning
  • The container of the oil is BPA-free and will not mix ant toxic elements with oil
  • The oil is certified as gluten-free to make it accessible to all
  • This kosher approved oil is produced with 100% natural ingredients

To make oil from avocados, premium quality avocados are collected. La Tourangelle prepares the oil in an expeller pressed process so that they stay in good condition for a long time. The avocado pulp is pressed to extract the oil out of it. 

The oil is suitable to use for sauteing, baking and whisking. It has a mild and delicate flavor that will make the veggies taste more delicious. It is sodium-free so that you can use the right amount of salt in your meals. 

Moreover, it comes stored in a tin which is safe to use. The lid of the tin is made of plastic that will keep the oil from leaking. Also, you can carry the oil with you while traveling. As the oil is of premium quality you can use it for skincare. 

It is an absolutely vegan oil that can be used to make meat as well. However, this container serves less amount of oil which might not be enough for a bug family. It is also mentioned that the oil is bottled in the facility where nuts, sesame seeds, soy are packed.

2. BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This oil is an all-purpose oil that can be used for frying, salad dressing, etc
  • The smoking point is high, which is 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The oil has a light flavor that keeps the original flavor of the meal intact
  • No genetically modified objects are used in processing the oil
  • The oil can be used in keto and paleo diets for its low-fat content

Avocado oil is considered a healthy oil and BetterBody Foods produces the oil that can be used at high temperatures. The best thing about this oil is that you use it to cook food at a higher temperature. Roast, saute, frying, baking all kinds of cooking can be done with this oil. 

The oil is natural and serves only 10 g of monounsaturated fat each serving. To verify its natural content, it has the non-GMO certification. Not to mention, the oil is gluten-free which makes it available to a lot of people.

The oil comes in a plastic bottle with a long neck. The ensign of the bottle makes the pouring easier. As it has a high smoking point, the oil is expeller pressed. This oil can be used to make avocado ranch with salad dressing to get a healthy dip at home.

3. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The avocados are kept in a warm place to ripen them to extract oil from the pulp
  • The oil is suitable for cooking at high heating temperatures
  • It is extracted in the expeller pressed process to cook at a high temperature
  • It is a gluten-free oil that contains no soy or canola
  • The oil is processed accordingly to make it kosher approved

Chosen Foods avocado oil is a product of Mexico. It is a 1 liter oil that is produced from fresh avocados. The oil is prepared from the pulp of the avocados that are kept to mature for some time. As the avocados ripen, the pulp is taken out and processed to extract the oil. 

The oil comes in a green glass bottle. The oil is easy to pour from the bottle. But the bottle can break if mishandled. You can reuse the bottle for other purposes as well. 

For its high smoking point, you can use the oil for frying, marinating, or seasoning your salad. It has a very neutral flavor that blends with every meal easily. The oil is a non-GMO product so you don't have to worry about consuming artificial used elements. Not to mention, the oil is kosher certified. However, there is no mention of any allergic notes. So carefully use the oil if you have doubts about this.

4. Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The avocados are collected from California to produce this extra virgin avocado oil
  • The oil is unrefined and contains more nutrients compared to others
  • It is a non-GMO-approved oil that is healthy to use
  • The oil is cold pressed to make any meal flavorful
  • The oil can be used in keto and paleo diets

The Primal Kitchen avocado oil is an unrefined oil that is beneficial to use for low heat cooking or using in salad dressing. The oil is an extra virgin that makes its high content of antioxidants. It has no additives and has only natural ingredients. The oil is non-GMO verified to ensure its natural elements. 

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Those who are on the keto diet or paleo diet can use the oil for cooking their meals. The oil is extracted in a cold-pressed process. So, cooking is not possible in high heat. You need to slow cook the meals or they will have a burning smell. 

You can saute vegetables, grill meat but on medium flame. It comes in a glass bottle which makes it easier to store. The oil also has approval from whole30 to ensure it is healthy to consume by people of every age. But there is no mention of the oil being kosher certified.

5. Wickedly Prime Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality avocados are collected to extract the oil from its pulp
  • The oil can be used to cook in high heat
  • It is a gluten-free oil that will let you enjoy the meal
  • The oil has certification of being a non-GMO product
  • This mild flavor oil is kosher certified

This bottle of oil comes in 500ml to use in your meals or salads. Wickedly Prime ensures that good quality avocados are collected that enrich the flavors of veggies or meat. It is mentioned that the oil is suitable to cook in high heat. That means the oil is expeller pressed. 

Expeller pressed is good for cooking at high temperatures but during the process, most of the nutrients are burned. The high cooking point of this oil is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. On the ticker of the bottle, it is mentioned oil is gluten-free. To artificial ingredients were added to produce the oil 

Not to mention, the oil is kosher certified and comes in a black bottle. However, if you want to use avocado oil for cooking every meal, you need to buy a larger quantity. The brand also sells avocado oil in 33.8 ounces bottles. It has a total of 14 grams of fat with no sodium or carbohydrate.

6. Kevala Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The oil is extracted in the cold-pressed process to keep it fresh
  • The oil is not processed with any genetically modified ingredients
  • This hexane-free oil is kosher approved
  • The oil can be used for cooking as well as skincare moisturizer
  • This refined oil is gluten-free to make it accessible to all
  • The oil comes in a plastic jug with a comfortable handle

For cooking big meals or those who use avocado for cooking everything, this oil is a good option. Fost of all, the oil comes in large quantities which are around 3.72 kilograms. The white plastic jug is easy to hold because of its wide handle. 

The avocados are collected from Mexico and packed in the USA. The oil is naturally refined and is cold pressed. The oil has a mild taste and smell that does not damage the original flavor of the food items. For this, you can use this oil for cooking, saute, or deep frying. 

Moreover, the bottle is food grade as it can be recycled. The brand mainly focuses on reducing wastage and produces toxic-free oil. No artificial additives or GMO products are used in manufacturing the oil. However, we are not sure if the oil is completely vegan and gluten-free.

7. Baja Precious Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The oil is 100% pure with a rich and thick consistency
  • The oil is expeller pressed that can be used for cooking at high temperatures
  • It can be used for cosmetics or wiping dishes
  • The oil is versatile to cook all kinds of dishes
  • The oil comes in a plastic jar with a handle designed to hold it properly

If you like to make DIY skin care products then this oil can be a good option. The oil comes in a plastic jug with a 1 gallon avocado oil. Freshly picked avocados are used in extracting the oil. The oil is expeller pressed, which means heat was used in making the oil. 

The heat has destroyed some nutrients but they are good for cooking at higher temperatures. The oil is thick which does not require much to use for cooking. The jug comes with a pilfer proof cap that prevents leaking. 

However, the oil has no approval as a non-GMO project. Not only that, they have not mentioned if the oil has any allergic elements. The oil contains 22% total fat of which 10% is saturated fat. If you want a kosher certified oil, this oil might not be the one for. Also, it is better not to use it if you are on a diet.

8. GreenIVe Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This is a 100% virgin avocado oil with various health benefits
  • The oil is extracted in an expeller pressed method after collecting the pulp
  • It has oleic acid to help in losing weight
  • No chemicals were used in producing the avocados
  • The oils help in moisturizing hair and skin

The avocados are brought from New Zealand to produce 100% pure avocado oil. The oil was then packed in the USA and sent straight to customers. The avocados are grown in natural environments to keep the oil pure and organic. 

The oil is virgin and is expeller pressed. The oil can sustain at high temperatures. As a result, you can use the oil for cooking or making a chicken roast. It has a mild flavor that blends with the salads without overpowering its flavor. 

It comes in a giant plastic jug. The jug is designed with a handle. The oil can be used for cooking as well as making homemade beauty products. The oils will also help in weight loss. All these benefits prove the oil is great to use for everyday cooking or caring. Though it is mentioned that oil will help in weight loss, still you should ask your dietitian before using this oil to cook your diet meals. Also, the oil is not gluten-free or kosher certified.

9. Bella Vado Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is an extra virgin oil collected after the first press
  • The oil is produced in a cold press process to keep the nutrients undamaged
  • The oil has certification as a non-GMO project
  • It is enriched with vitamins, Omega-3, and monounsaturated fat
  • The USDA certification is mentioned in the bottle
  • It is an unrefined oil with no cholesterol

If you are looking for extra virgin oil, then this oil can be an option. Bella Vado extracts oil and then packs them in South California. The ripe avocados are peeled and then mixed to extract oil from the pulp. The oil is extracted in a cold press method without using a temperature less than 50 degrees celsius. 

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The oil produced from the avocado is filtered to remove the impurities. It is an unrefined oil that retains most of the nutrients. The oil is raw and contains no gluten additives. The oil is good for heart patients as it does not have cholesterol in it. 

No to mention, the oil is vegan and has a non-GMO certification to prove that no artificial elements are added to it. It can be used for cooking at a high temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can, ale dips, salads, and grilling with this oil.  

However, the oil comes in small amounts which are very few to cook a meal. The oil comes in a glass bottle with a tin cap. You can store the oil in a cool and dry place. It is not necessary to refrigerate it after opening.

10. Avohass Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This is premium quality extra virgin avocado oil made in California
  • It is an organic oil that comes with USDA certification
  • It is unrefined and cold pressed oil
  • The oil has a nutty and buttery avocado flavor
  • The oil is keto-approved as it is made of organic ingredients
  • No genetically modified elements were used in making the oil
  • It has a high smoking point which is 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • This oil can be used for skincare and haircare

If you use avocado oil for skin care, this oil from Avohass is naturally enriched with vitamin E and sunscreen with 8 to 15 SPF. Lutein, omega moisturizes the skin and reduces any kind of inflammation. You can mix it with your hair oil to make your hair shiny. 

This oil is enriched with monounsaturated oil which can be used if you are on diet. It is also an extra virgin oil that is extracted using minimum processing. The use of no heat and chemicals protects all the nutrients of avocado in the oil. The oil is gluten-free, non-GMO certified, and refined. 

Moreover, the oil can be used at high temperatures without making any smoke. Your grill won't smell of smoke if you make them with this oil. The oil is free from sugar, cholesterol. Dairy, gluten, etc. It is packed in a glass bottle which can be stored easily in a kitchen cupboard.

11. Prasada Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This mild-flavored avocado oil is bottled in portland
  • The oil is cold pressed to retain all the nutrients of avocado
  • The oil can be used for multipurpose like cooking, hair, and skincare
  • The oil has passed the test of being a non-GMO product
  • The oil is refined and bleached which gives a consistent color
  • It has a high smoking point which is 520 degrees Fahrenheit

The oil that can be used for frying, sautéing, dressing salads as well as cosmetics makes it a versatile oil. This oil is processed in a cold press method but they are refined. Refining the oil is necessary to remove impurities to make it edible. Chemicals are added to remove the impurities and to bleach the oil to get a constant color. 

As a result, most of the vitamins and nutrients are not there in the oil. The oil is made from avocados and has certification for being a non-GMO oil. The oil comes with a high smoking point to prevent burning the meals. 

However, there is no mention of the oil being gluten-free or vegan. Also, the oil is not kosher certified. The brands sell this oil in two quantities. So you can buy a bigger bottle if you like this avocado oil.

12. Nutiva Avocado Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The oil is enriched with various vitamins, potassium, folate, etc
  • It has a neutral flavor that does change the flavor of the meals
  • The oil can be eaten raw with salads
  • The oil is ketogenic and gluten-free
  • The oils have certification for USDA and non-GMO
  • The bottle on which the oil comes is BPA-free
  • Zero wasted is done while producing and packing the oils

At the end of our list, we have Nutiva avocado oil which is manufactured with zero wastage. Good quality avocados are collected and processed to make this organic avocado oil. Though it is cold pressed oil, it is steam refined.  

Steam refining makes the oil edible as it removes the impurities from the extracted product. However, there is a chance that most of the nutrients are gone while refining. From cooking to skin care, you can use this oil as it has folate, vitamins K, C, and E, etc. 

The oil is certified as keto-friendly so you don't have to look for oils while you are on diet. Moreover, the oil has certification from the USDA. The highest smoking point of the oil is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The packaging of the oil is eco-friendly and ensures safety for using the oil for cooking purposes.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Avocado Oil

Are you looking for avocado oil to use for skincare? If you are, you need to know the way the oils are extracted. On the other hand, cooking oil is different from skincare oil which you need to know before buying avocado oil. 

The extraction process of oil

The oils are extracted from avocado in two processes. They are cold pressed and expeller pressed. After collecting the avocados, they are kept to rip for a few days. As they get matured, the skin is peeled off and the pulp is used to extract the oil. 

For the cold-pressed process, the pulp of the avocado is mashed and turned into the mashed avocado. Then the mashed avocado is pushed through the centrifuge. It spins with enough force to separate the oil and water from the mix. In this method, the temperature is always kept under 50 degrees celsius. As a result, all the natural properties of the avocado stay intact. 

The expeller press method is different from the cold-pressed process as it is done using hands. The pulp of the avocados is squashed with bare hands which produce some amount of heat. Due to the heat, the original color of the avocado gets faded and loses some healthy nutrients.

Refined or unrefined avocado oil

You will find refined and unrefined avocado oil in the market. As we know, unrefined oil is the purest. The impurities are removed using any filtration process. Other than that, the oil is healthy, organic, and retains the smell of natural avocado. 

Refined avocado oil does not retain the original healthy nutrient of avocado. Various chemicals are used in the refining process. For this, it does not have the original smell of avocado. Refined oils are for those who cannot tolerate the smell of avocado. One thing to keep in mind is that rotten or bad avocados can be used in refined avocado oils as the chemicals remove the odor of the avocados. 

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There is another type of avocado oil which is naturally refined oil. In this process, no chemicals are used in refining the oil. Rather mechanical process removes the impurities from the oil. They are not as healthy as unrefined but they are better than refined avocado oil. 

Virgin or extra virgin oil

You will see the label virgin and extra virgin oil on the bottle of avocado oil. But you need to know the benefits and harm of these. Virgin avocado oil is pressed with no heat. On the other hand, the oil extracted from the avocado pulp after the first press is extra virgin oil. 

Extra virgin oil is healthier than virgin avocado oil as it contains a great amount of vitamin E and antioxidants. 

Food grade or versatile

The oils are used for various purposes like cooking, skincare, haircare, etc. according to the usage the avocado oil is graded. If you solely want avocado oil for cooking then you need to check the refinement of the oil. However, the cooking oil can be used for hair or skin but vice versa should not be done. 

Amount of oil

For cooking a little bit of oil is necessary. Depending on your usage you need to buy the amount of oil. For the first timers, the smell of the avocado oil might not be appealing. And the process differs in the smell and color of the oil. So, we advise you to buy a small amount if you are trying a new brand or using avocado oil for the first time. 

For regular users, you need to consider buying a larger amount so that you don't need to shop for oil every week. 

Packaging of the oil

The 500 ml avocado oil comes in a bottle made of plastic or glass that is easy to handle. You can easily pour from them and store them away from the sun. On the other hand, the large plastic jars can be hard to carry and pour in the pans directly. For that, it is better to separate a certain portion in a different jar for regular use. 

The glass bottles are recyclable but they are easily breakable. The plastic jugs need to be BPA-free, otherwise, there is a risk of mixing chemicals with the oil. 

High smoking point

Those who have a passion for cooking or cook every day, know that certain meals are cooked in certain temperatures. For frying you need a high temperature whereas for sauteing or baking medium temperature is fine. 

Decide what you are going to do with the avocado oil before buying so that you can get the taste of the food. High smoking points have a mild taste and flavor which easily blend with food. The oil with a higher smoking point is suitable to use in salads for its mild aroma. 

The low smoking points have the organic smell of avocado which might not be liked by people.  

Certified non-GMO

This certification is very important when you want to buy food. As the demand for avocado oil increases, it can be hard to get real avocados to use for extracting oil. Artificial ingredients can be made to sell as avocado oil. The certification of non-GMO projects ensures that no genetically modified organisms were used in making the oil. 

The people who only use plant-based elements, this approval is very essential. 

Guten or nuts free

The avocado oil is produced from avocados. But if they are packed in a facility where wheat, flour, or nuts are packed, then there is a possibility of getting mixed with the oil. The brand mentions if they are packed in a gluten-free environment. Check the notes given by the brands on the bottle. 


When you follow a diet chart, you need to follow them seriously to get an effective result. Not all oils are diet-friendly. The avocado oil contains only fats. But the brands mention if the oil is suitable to cook diet meals or not. If you are on a keto diet or paleo diet, look for the ingredients and their amount so that the oil does not mess with your diet.  


How is virgin avocado oil different from extra virgin avocado oil?

The method of extraction is different. No heat or chemicals are used in the extraction of virgin oil. Whereas, the oil collected after the first press is extra virgin oil. 

Is Avocado oil healthier than extra virgin olive oil?

Both the oils have healthy nutrients. But avocado oil has a high smoking point which can be used for frying sauteing without burning them. 

How is avocado oil beneficial for health?

Avocado oil has monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for health. It also has vitamins to provide care to skin and hair. 

Do I need to store avocado oil in the refrigerator?

If you have opened the seal, it is better to refrigerate. However, keep the oil away from heat or direct sun. 

Does avocado oil smell?

Yes, the smell of avocado oil is like avocado. Depending on the process, the smell varies. 


If you are looking for healthy oil which is not olive oil, you can try avocado oil. The avocado oil can be used not only in cooking but also as a beauty product. The avocado oil has a high smoking point which makes deep frying, sauteing easier, grilling, and easier.  

However, the smell of the oil can be unpleasant to some people. If you do not like the raw smell of avocado, choose the refined ones. The refined ones have a very mild and neutral flavor that will not bother you. In our article, we have mentioned which process reduces the nutrients in the oil. So make sure to check the process and notes on the oil before choosing the best avocado oil for cooking.

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