The 12 Best Olive Oil Dispensers for Your Kitchen Ease

A staple in Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is recognized for containing rich antioxidants. It is probably the most used oil for cooking purposes because of its versatility and benefits. It can easily be used in cooking, frying, sauteing, or preparing salad dressing. Its amazing flavor, smell, and color add a sweet touch to the dish. If you use olive oil frequently, you may consider putting it in a dispenser. It elevates your oil storing and pouring experience considerably. Moreover, a nice olive oil dispenser makes your kitchen modern and sharp.

So, which product will be the best olive oil dispenser for your kitchen? Well, the choice of a good oil dispenser may vary according to one’s taste. That is why we decided to try to help you out. Out of the thousand different types of oil dispensers, we have handpicked the top 12 oil dispensers that you can’t go wrong with. From contemporary to modern, we tried to include every style to make it easy for you to choose.

So, without any further delay, let’s look at the top pick from us.

Best Pick

Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Taking everything into consideration, the Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout strikes us as the best pick available. It fulfills almost every requirement of a perfect olive oil dispenser. From the looks of it to the functionalities, it doesn’t compromise anything. Made with ceramic it will ensure the protection of your olive oil and add flair to your kitchen.

Budget Pick

AOZITA Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

On a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality? Get AOZITA Glass Olive Oil Dispenser. This is a great deal for the price tag on it. It checks almost every box that an olive oil dispenser needs to check. It is simple with perfect functionality. It features dark brown amber glass, stainless steel spout, and adequate capacity. So, you know it didn’t cheap out on any of its components. For the price, it’s a steal.

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Olive Oil Dispensers

1. Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

The first product on our list has a chef’s name associated with it. So, you know it is tested and perfected. It looks very classy too. It has a modern touch to its design and it feels very ergonomic.

Chef Rachael Ray invented the acronym EVOO from her fondness of olive oil. So, when a dispenser comes from her, it should be on a great level. And Rachael Ray EVOO Bottles doesn’t disappoint at all.

Design and handle would be two of the key areas where it flies. The design is very attractive and wholesome. It gives a playful vibe. Whereas the hand is easy and comfortable to grip. So, no worries drizzling oil over your favorite dishes.

It is made from ceramic. The ceramic cruet protects your olive oil from oxidation. It comes with a unique spout that will give you good control and make spilling a rare incident. 

The dispenser is dishwasher safe. The ceramic gives it heat resisting ability too. So, durability should not be a concern if you wish to purchase it and use it with a bit of care.

Overall, Rachael Ray EVOO Bottles add character to your kitchen and make it visually pleasing. As an effect, cooking becomes more enjoyable as well. 

What We Liked: Design, convenience, quality! Everything was up to the mark with this dispenser. Also, it is available in multiple colors. So, matching the color to fit your kitchen aesthetic won’t be a problem!

What We Didn’t Like: The only downside to it is the filling up process. It is difficult to fill up and feels like tedious work. So, you need to take your time while filling it up. If you rush it, there is a high chance that you would spill the oil.

2. AOZITA Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

Comes in second on our list is AOZITA Glass Olive Oil Dispenser. In a quest to find the best olive oil dispenser, this one stood out as a great pick. Undeniably, one of the best ones available in the market.

The dispenser features a dark brown amber glass bottle with two different types of spouts (stainless steel). It also includes accessories such as 2 plug-in corks, two screw-on caps, and a funnel (stainless steel) in this pack.

The dark brown amber glass will protect your olive oil from light. This way the oil stays fresh. It is completely food grade, lead-free, and shatterproof. This adds an extra dimension of confidence.

The spouts, plug-in corks, and screw-on cap make up a non-drip design for it. This cuts down the probability of dripping and spilling to a minimum. So, less worry about dripping and spilling the oil.

Refilling the AOZITA Glass Olive Oil Dispenser is very easy as well. The funnel bundled with the dispenser makes the process practical and easier. All you need to do is to unscrew the spout and refill the bottle with help of the funnel.

The dispenser comes at a very reasonable price. This makes it a very good choice as there’s almost nothing you will be missing out on if you choose AOZITA. This can be your go-to option.

What We Liked: The well-rounded features with a relatively low price make it an attractive choice. It comes with relevant accessories and the build quality is top-notch too. It is durable, reliable, and easy to refill.

What We Didn’t Like: There is no handle. That makes it inconvenient to grip in certain cases. You always need to grab it by the bottle when you use it.

3. Zeppoli Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Set

The next product on our list, Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set comes in a pack of two. It is quite different from the rest of the products listed here. The dispenser features a unique and gorgeous design. 

It gives a premium vibe and comes with a stainless steel rack. Apart from that, there are two rubber spouts and a removable cork bundled with it. These not only make the dispenser look good but also translate to functionality.

Zeppoli Oil Bottle has a classy yet convenient design. It removes the hassle factor of pouring oil and makes it an easy job. With the help of the spouts, you can have solid control over your oil portions.

Moreover, it minimizes the fear of spilling and elevates your oil pouring experience. The rack that comes with it, adds character to your kitchen. It will certainly grab attention when you get guests over.

The durability of the dispenser is top-notch as well. As long as you are keeping tabs on maintenance and cleaning, it will serve you well for years.

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It is quite a good deal if we talk about the price. It offers many extra features on a tight budget which makes it a great grab. 

What We Liked: The ease of use that it offers is praiseworthy. The refilling process of this dispenser is straightforward as well. The rubber spout-stoppers allow the user to be confident around it. Overall, a great deal.

What We Didn’t Like: There is nothing much not to like about it. However, the rubber stoppers that come with it might not be very durable. After all, they are made from rubber.

4. FineDine Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

With a different approach to design and construction, the fourth on our list is FineDine Superior Glass Oil Dispenser. It is a modern-looking olive oil dispenser that will serve you extra if you are precision-focused.

The body of the dispenser is made from lead-free glass. The metal components it features are made of smudge-free premium stainless steel. The combination of matte black, clear, and steel color screams elegance.

The marked measurements on the side of the bottle are an outstanding addition to the dispenser. This along with the press-to-open lids (with removable filters) allows the user to precision pour.

This is probably the easiest one to clean and refill out of the bunch due to its wide opening mouth. It provides a hassle-free experience eliminating spilling probabilities. The mouth is wide enough to let you use any brush to clean.

It is ergonomically shaped and relatively compact even after being a 17 oz. bottle. You can pretty easily carry it to a picnic if you need to. It has a nice grip to it as well as a non-slip bottom.

What We Liked: The marked measurement and press-to-open lids are great features. It looks very modern and stylish. The feature to add flavor filters is very unique and convenient. It is a very well-rounded alternative.

What We Didn’t Like: The plastic top may not be an attraction to many customers as plastic degrades over time. Along with that, the pouring speed is quite slow due to its spill-free pouring mechanism.

5. Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

The Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser would be one of our top picks when it comes to premium quality. It is a standout deal for the right reasons. The product comes as a set of two high-quality dispensers.

When we say it gives you a completely drip-free experience, we mean it. The dispenser is designed in a way that there’s hardly any chance of oil dripping. It has a high-tech look to it.

It features an integrated pump and a measuring top. This will allow you to get just the amount of oil you need. Pressing the side-mounted push button sucks in the oil in the measuring top. Great for precision!

The bottles are made from glass. So, you don’t need to worry about PVC absorption. It comes in two different bottle sizes. One is 9 oz. and another one is 17 oz. The bottles look nice together and help you avoid continuous refills.

Despite having so many things in one, it is not at all complicated to clean. It is easy to take apart and wash. It can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water. Or, even easier, you can put it in a dishwasher.

Overall, it is a wonderful package. And you simply cannot go wrong with it any day if you are looking for a premium oil dispenser.

What We Liked: This oil dispenser is very elegant and easy to use. It accommodates a pump and measuring top yet it is fairly compact. Its refilling and cleaning process is straightforward, you don’t need to do anything extra.

What We Didn’t Like: It may be a bit expensive for many customers. However, the features they have incorporated here can’t be included without a higher price tag.

6. eHomeA2Z Italian Glass Oil And Vinegar Cruet

Next, we have eHomeA2Z Italian Glass Cruet on our list. It is a tall and square-shaped clear glass bottle with a spout that may just be enough for you. It is super economical.

This glass cruet is one of the most simple-looking dispensers out of the bunch. It has nothing going on except the stainless steel spout on top. It would make a great choice for you if you like minimalistic things.

The stainless steel spout on this is on par with much more expensive dispenser spouts. It will give you a drop-free controlled pouring experience and simultaneously keep your pocket in a better state.

The cruet is slightly tinted. It will keep the light-sensitive olive oil in a better condition. It will reduce the amount of oxidation. As a result, the oil will stay fresh and not become rancid.

The glass used to make this is very sturdy and shatterproof. So, no complaints about the build quality. Being a clear glass, it will look very elegant when olive oil is poured into it.

What We Liked: The simple and minimalistic design has attracted our attention. It is very inexpensive compared to the products that provide similar functionalities. It is very durable and slightly tinted.

What We Didn’t Like: It doesn’t come with a cap or lid which is a bummer. Apart from that everything else is on point with this. Some customers may not like it because of its overly simplistic approach.

7. DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle and Olive Oil Spray Bottle Set

The DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser and Spray Bottle are some of the most premia picks on our list. It shares many of its characteristics with the Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set.

It is a bottle and sprayer combo. This combo will provide you with the option to either pour the oil in the pan or if you want you can spray it. The bottle can hold 17 oz. of oil and the spray can hold 6 oz.

It gives you a fully drip-free experience. The dispenser is built very well and there is very little chance of it dripping any time. 

On the other hand, the sprayer can coat any of your surfaces pretty evenly. Unlike any aerosol-filled cooking sprays, it doesn’t use any risky propellants. It creates a fine mist of oil when sprayed.

The bottle and sprayer are made from high-quality and elegant materials. The top-grade glass bottle combined with stainless steel lid (bottle) and crown (sprayer), silicon cork and button, etc makes the dispenser very attractive. 

Despite this premium and complex design, its cleaning and refilling process is very easy. You can take it apart and wash it easily. Opting for warm water to clean it will serve better results.

It is dishwasher safe too if you want even less hassle. Overall, it’s a great pick if you got spare money to put into the oil dispenser. It is a very good deal for the price you will be paying.

What We Liked: The premium quality of this dispenser is something praiseworthy. The addition of a sprayer gives it an advantage over other bottle sets in this list. It is easy to take apart, hence easier to clean and refill.

What We Didn’t Like: Though the price is rightfully justified for the features it is providing, some customers may tag it as expensive.

8. Flyboo Olive Oil Dispenser 

This has an anti-drip design that doesn’t allow oil to leak and controls oil precision to avoid any type of oil waste. So, the dispenser stays dry and clean. Moreover, the cap provides oil protection from dust.

It has quite a big mouth. So, refilling and cleaning should be very easy. It can be cleaned by hand with warm soapy water. Or, you can just put it in the dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe.

The design language of this dispenser is very precise. It is an industrial design that helps the oil flow smoothly within the bottle. This makes pouring the oil an easier job. It is great for one-hand use.

What We Liked: The stainless steel construction is one of the most impressive things about it. It is very durable and unique in design. Refilling and cleaning hassle is not present in this dispenser.

What We Didn’t Like: The bottle collects fingerprints and needs frequent cleaning. Although it can be used in one hand, it does not grip very well.

9. Purelite Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser Glass Cruet Bottle 

Yet another simplistic design on our list. Purelite Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser Glass Cruet Bottle is very simple in design yet attractive because of its shape and the clear glass bottle.

The dispenser is fully airtight, all credit goes to the silicon cap. It sits on top of the spout, eliminates any chances of oxygen getting in, and stops the oil from oxidation. The spout is very tightly attached to the glass body.

It is a very lightweight dispenser. Made from borosilicate, the glass bottle is very strong and durable despite being light. The spout is made from stainless steel which gives the bottle top rigidity. Hence, the bottle is drip-proof.

The mouth of the dispenser is wide enough to easily clean and refill. Its funnel-like top makes the refilling process a  lot easier compared to the rest of the listed products. This dispenser can easily be washed with a bottle brush.

The minimalistic design of it goes very well with every type of kitchen. It can fit anywhere and add to the ambiance of the kitchen. It is very elegant in terms of design and a very well-rounded bottle overall.

What We Liked: The lightweight factor of this dispenser sets it apart from all of the other ones. Due to the top design, it is probably the easiest bottle to refill. The ergonomics of the bottle are quite nice. It fits in hand nicely.

What We Didn’t Like: The silicon air-tight cap has no room for ventilation. Without the bare minimum ventilation, the oil in the bottle can go rancid and smelly.

10. Zulay Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle 

Tenth on your list is Zulay Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle which is a complete dispenser set. Coming in a dark brown color, the dispenser kit gives a great vibe and outstanding look.

This olive oil dispenser comes with one glass bottle, one pouring spout, another pouring spout with a dust cap, one funnel, two pieces of black cap, and two pieces of inner cork. The glass bottle is thick, durable, and shatter-resistant.

The top of the glass bottle becomes completely airtight when the spout is inserted. The silicone seal cork along with an anti-overflow air duct controls the amount and the flow of the coil when you pour some.

The design of it is very contemporary. However, it is minimal in another sense too. The dark brown glass bottle doesn’t let light pass through the glass bottle. Hence, the oil in the dispenser doesn’t get in contact with sunlight.

It is as easy to clean as a normal bottle. When you take the spout off of it, it looks more or less like a wine bottle. It can be easily hand-washed using a bottle brush. However, the refilling process might be a bit tricky.

Overall, it is a great choice if you want to get a decent olive oil dispenser.

What We Liked: The bottle itself was quite impressive. The dark brown bottle with stainless steel spout is a great combination considering their minimal approach. It is a complete dispenser set coming with various tools including a funnel.

What We Didn’t Like: Though the simplistic contemporary design is fine, in modern homes it might not just fit the kitchen right. There are better and modern options in the market. Hence, some customers might not like it.

11. Belugahots Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle 

This olive oil dispenser is the most unique one out of them all. It is made with a combination of stainless steel on the exterior and glass on the interior. This is Belugahots Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle.

It is yet another olive oil dispenser with a premium design language. The design of it is very unique. The glass interior can only be seen on the neck of the bottle and the bottom. The rest of it is covered in stainless steel.

The modern and exquisite design of this Belugahots dispenser will suit almost every home. It will add style to your kitchen and give it an elegant look. It is not only an essential tool, it can be demonstrated as a kitchen decoration too.

The dispenser is relatively small in size. Hence, it is ideal to carry on a picnic with you or anywhere you need it. The bottle is very lightweight and easy to clean. It has a press-to-open lid on top of the spout.

This is a two-bottle package. Apart from the bottles themselves, the package contains two additional leakproof nozzles and a tiny industry-grade stainless steel funnel. The funnel is very small in size but in most cases, it will work fine.

What We Liked: The exquisite design and the touch of premium taste make it unique. The compact size of it is an additional benefit. It is very sturdy and durable. It is dishwasher safe. So, washing it should not be an issue.

What We Didn’t Like: The funnel provided with the package is very narrow. If you don’t do the refilling very carefully, there is a chance that you may spill the oil all over.

12. BAKHUK Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles 

The last product on our top 12 list is the BAKHUK Glass Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles. It comes in a pack of four. It includes all the accessories that you would expect an olive oil dispenser to come with.

This olive oil dispenser features a clear glass construction with spouts on top. The spouts are made from stainless steel. The glass bottle is very rigid and sturdy. Because of its clear nature, it can also be used as a decoration.

Three types of spouts are provided with the dispenser set. All of the spouts are made of 18/8 stainless steel. It gives the dispenser an extra layer of versatility. The spouts have flaps that prevent dust or leakage.

The bottles are made from industrial-grade materials. All the materials used are non-toxic and eco-friendly. BAKHUK takes sustainability very seriously.

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The dispensers are dishwasher safe. You can throw them in the dishwasher without any hesitation. If you want to, you can wash it by hand as well. A brush and some warm soapy water are all you will need.

If you want to decorate your kitchen with clear dispensers and bring some colors to your kitchen, this can be a very good choice.

What we Liked: The dispensers are very well built and well-rounded. The additional spouts give them extra versatility over the other available brands in the market. It is a great choice if you want to buy dispensers in bulk.

What We Didn’t Like: As the bottles are clear, they are prone to visible scratches if not handled carefully. Moreover, the bottles may seem very boring to some customers who seek something extra in their kitchen tools.

Things To Look For In An Olive Oil Dispenser

Accumulating knowledge about a product before setting out to buy is very important. This isn't any different for olive oil dispensers as well. There are things that you should look for when you wish to buy a dispenser.

However, it can be overwhelming to go on and research every bit and piece separately. You might get confused between what to consider and what not due to the plethora of available options in the market.

In this segment, we have compiled a bunch of things that are very important to keep in mind while choosing an olive oil dispenser. So, let's get started.


This is the first thing that you should focus on. Ideally, you should get an oil dispenser that is neither too big nor too small. However, it completely depends on your frequency of oil use.

Buying an oil dispenser that sits around your average 4-5 days usage is usually recommended. Getting a big bottle will decrease your handling comfort and a small bottle will leave you irritated because of continuous refilling.

For most of the people getting 17 oz. (500ml) the bottle should get the job done. Usually, you won’t be needing more than that. But if you need more, we would recommend getting a set of two or even four as per your requirements.


Olive oil dispensers may come in a variety of different shapes and materials. However, we mostly see glass bottles everywhere.

You may think they all are the same. But the matter of fact is, there are different types of glass as well. It can be regular glass or dark amber glass. Some of them claim to be break-resistant or shatter-resistant.

So, you need to closely look for that. Try to match it with your kitchen aesthetics. An olive oil dispenser not only serves convenience but also can improve the ambiance of your kitchen

Pour Spouts

Undoubtedly it is one of the key features of an olive oil dispenser. Pour spout is the part through which the oil hits the pan. It controls the oil flow. A bad pour spout can mess up everything.

Before buying a dispenser, make sure the product features a stainless steel spout. That is the best material you can get the spouts in as of now. A good pour spout will fade your fear of spilling the oil.

We recommend you get a stainless steel spout with a cap or lid. Without a cap or lid, there are big chances that dust can get into your olive oil. And, I know you would not want that.


At first look, it is the shape and design of an oil dispenser that strikes you. It adds to your kitchen’s ambiance and makes it look great. So, you may choose an oil dispenser that goes with your kitchen.

However, try to get a bottle with some sort of dark tone. That would not let the oil be exposed to direct sunlight and protect it from oxidation. A ceramic bottle can be a great option in these scenarios.


Seals are important as it blocks the oil from leaking or spilling if you accidentally tip the dispenser over. Also, it stops the oil from dripping down the bottle even if the spout is full of oil.

So, you need to be careful about it and should get a dispenser with good seals. However, make sure that the seal has minuscule pores in it. It allows the oil to get a bit of ventilation so that it stays fresh.


Usually, people care less about maintenance when they buy an oil dispenser. But it is a very important thing.

Getting a dispenser that is hard to clean will discourage you to clean it regularly. As a result, the oil will be stored in it for a much longer period which is not at all recommended.

So, always get a dispenser that is easy to clean. Also, you can get an olive oil dispenser that is dishwasher safe. It will make the whole process even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How can I clean an olive oil dispenser?

Most of the dispensers available in the market are dishwasher safe. So, putting them in a dishwasher should do just fine. However, if you don’t know whether your oil dispenser is dishwasher safe or not, you may check the manual.

If you can’t find it anywhere or are unsure, you can always wash it by hand with warm water. You can use a bottle brush in that case.

Q2. Does olive oil need to be sealed?

Yes, olive oil needs to be sealed. It doesn’t matter which container it comes in or in which you want to store it, you must keep it sealed tightly. Otherwise, the olive oil will vaporize and dry out eventually.

Also, keeping the oil unsealed will allow dust to go in it. That will ruin the oil completely which is undesirable.

Q3. How long does olive oil last?

If the oil is sealed and stored in a dark and cool place, olive oil can be alright for up to 2 years. It heavily depends on the packaging, storing place, and actual oil quality.

However, once you unseal the package, we would recommend you to use it up within a few months.

Q4. How can you tell if the olive oil is rancid?

By checking the fragrance of the oil. When the olive oil is alright, it will smell nice and fresh. However, once it gets rancid the smell changes and it smells like crayons and stale peanuts.

Just get a good sniff of it. If the oil does not smell nice, it has probably gone rancid. It’s that simple.


An olive oil dispenser is an essential product to have in hand if you use olive oil regularly. It eases the pain of pouring and adds to your kitchen. However, we acknowledge how difficult it is to choose the best olive oil dispenser.

Our list of top 12 products can cater to your needs. They include everything that you will want your oil dispenser to have and you can’t go wrong choosing any of them. So, don’t hesitate and grab your favorite one from them.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

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