The 10 Best Falafel Mix for Your Healthy Snacks or Meals

Are you looking for variation in your vegan diet? The Falafels are a great option and with falafel mix, you easily make them for your meals.  You can eat them as a snack or add them in hummus or pitas as toppings. The mix contains all the salt and pepper so you just need to add water and give them a round shape before frying. 

At present, variations in flavors for falafels are available in the market. So you can easily change your taste from time to time. Keeping all the ingredients in mind, you need to choose the best falafel mix for your meals.

Best Pick

Casbah Falafel Chickpea Mix

The Casbah Falafel Chickpea Mix is our best pick on our list as it is a 100% vegan product that is packed in the vegan-friendly area. The falafel mix is rich in fiber and proteins and takes 10 minutes to prepare them. You can enjoy the authentic taste of falafel in this mix.

Budget Pick

Ziyad Falafel Mix

The Ziyad Falafel Mix is our best budget pick because it is a dairy and gluten-free mix. Made from ground chickpeas and fava beans, they give a mouthwatering aroma. Not to mention, it is a kosher-certified product. You will be able to enjoy the middle eastern flavor on this mix.

Quick Comparison: Top 10  Best Falafel Mix

1. Casbah Falafel Chickpea Mix

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients used in the mix are all animal-free and appropriate for vegetarians
  • Most of the ingredients are flour from wheat, beans which are great sources of fiber
  • One packet is 284 grams that can serve 6 people easily
  • It has spices to enhance the flavor of the falafel to blend as a side dish
  • The falafel mix is kosher certified
  • It is a healthy mix as it has less quantity of sodium and is free from cholesterol

Falafel is a great item to put on the menu if you are vegetarian. The falafel mix from Casbah contains lots of grains and fiber to make a healthy snack. It is non-GMO certified and all the ingredients are animal-free. The fibers you will get after consuming will help you to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels. As a result, the risk of bowel cancer, stroke, or heart disease goes down to a great level. 

Moreover, this falafel can be enjoyed with hummus, pita or can be eaten directly after frying. But the only way to cook the falafel is to fry them. Intaking deep-fried falafel is not a healthy option. You can use the oil with zero cholesterol to make it a healthy dish. 

The direction to prepare the falafels is given on the back of the package. With one packet of falafel mix, 6 people can easily enjoy the meal. Flavorful spices are added to enhance the taste of the falafel.

2. Ziyad Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • The falafel contains no wheat or barley making it gluten-free
  • It is a complete vegetarian mix as there is no addition of eggs or animal items
  • You can fry or bake the falafel after making the patties
  • The mix contains no preservatives that can risk giving allergies
  • Kosher certified mix that can be accessed by a large group of people

Falafel is very easy to prepare if you have the perfect mix. The Ziyad falafel mix is a combination of chickpeas, fava beans, onion, garlic, sesame seeds, etc, and other spices to make it delicious to taste. As you can see, it does not contain any wheat and so you get the fibers from the ground of beans and chickpeas. You can use the mix to make falafel for your pita or use it as a patty for your vegetable burger. 

Moreover, the mix was manufactured considering that people who are vegetarian or glucose-intolerant can easily eat it in their meal. This falafel mix will be a healthy meal as you can bake the falafel without deep frying them. However, they use MSG to boost the flavors which might not be acceptable by everyone. The packet comes in 340 grams with which you serve 8 to 20 people easily.

3. Tarazi Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • Crushed fava beans, chickpeas, and various spices are used to make the falafel mix
  • The non-GMO certified mix is free of gluten, wheat, and dairy so that a large number of people can consume it.
  • This mix is more protein-based which is good if you are on any certain diet
  • You can create falafel balls to add to your pasta or make patties for your burger

The Tarazi falafel mix comes in a package of 1 pound with all the spices mixed with the chickpea and bean grounds. You don't need to add any external spices as it is packaged to give a balanced flavor. If you want to enhance the spiciness you can add your powdered chilies. This mix is a healthy option as it contains a great number of carbohydrates and less amount of sodium. 

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Furthermore, the falafel can be fried or baked. Mix the powder with water and put it to rest for 30 minutes. Then make them in the shape you want and palace them in the preheated oven or oil for cooking. With one packet you can at least make 12 balls easily to add on your veggie pasta or make a pita roll.

4. Knorr Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • The mix comes with flavors of Mediterranean style
  • The mix consists of wheat flour, chickpeas, and various spices
  • It is kosher certified under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate

The falafel mix is a great and easy snack for any time of the day when you have a busy schedule. The packet of Knorr Falafel Mix contains two pouches that allow you to prepare just the small amount you need to prepare for yourself. As a result, the other half remains fresh. It has all the ingredients like onion, garlic, turmeric, etc that people in the Mediterranean region mostly use.

Moreover, it has the perfect balance of flavors and spices and can be served to 12 people easily. If you are 100% vegetarian, we would not recommend this falafel mix. It can contain soy and eggs. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare the falafel which you can enjoy with a dip or with hummus or pitas.

5. Trader Joe's Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • It is a gluten-free mix that can easily be eaten by everyone
  • This vegan falafel is easy to mix and cook
  • It has the flavor of the traditional Mediterranean region

The Trader Joe's falafel mix had high potent content. It can be a great item if you are on a strict diet. Moreover, this mix gets ready just by adding water. Then make them into balls and put them in hot oil or bake them in the oven. The falafels will be prepared in less than 5 minutes. 

Vegan food usually lacks spices but this mix contains all the spices to make it taste delicious. This 1 pound falafel mix is a healthy snack that you can serve if a vegetarian friend comes to visit you all of a sudden. However, there is no mention of the mix being certified kosher.

6. Osem Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • A mix of wheat flour, chickpeas, and other vegan items are used in the mix
  • It is a kosher-approved mix
  • Spices are added to give a taste of the Middle east
  • Each packet can make 5 average-shaped falafel balls

If you are Jewish, this product can be the right one for you. The mix has approval for kosher pave and so you can easily add this to your menu without breaking any obligations. This vegan falafel mix is easy to make and has the aroma of the Middle east. Parsley is added along with other spices to create great flavor. You just need to add water to the mix but if you want to spice up a little, you can add some extra spices as well. 

Each packet serves 240 calories and has 10% saturated fat. It has additional preservatives or food colors that can cause allergies. The direction to prepare it is given elaborately on the pack of the pack. After making the balls, deep fry them in oil or oven bake them. The falafel mix is a healthy addition to your pasta, tortillas, etc.

7. Manischewitz Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • A healthy snack made of chickpeas, matzo meal, flour, etc
  • The mix has the flavor of authentic Mediterranean style with perfect seasoning
  • It can be added to various food items
  • It is accessible to a large group of people as it is kosher certified

We need all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and protein to keep our bodies healthy. The Manischewitz Falafel Mix contains high amounts of protein and fiber which is good if you are on a healthy diet. It has less to 0% fat and cholesterol which will help to keep your heart healthy. 

Each of the packets is 180 grams that can be served for about 6. Each serving provides 7 grams of protein and has no sugar content in it. As you fry them in hot oil it creates a crunchy texture on the outside. You can serve the falafel with different types of dips or add them on spaghetti, pizza to those who prefer vegan food. However, if you are intolerant to gluten, this might not be the mix you want to use to make falafel.

8. Wild Garden Falafel Mix

Most of the falafel has common ingredients which are flour, wheat, and chickpeas. The same taste gets boring after some time. The Wild Garden introduced falafel mix in three different flavors. The flavors are quinoa and beet, lentil and berbere, and freekeh and ras el hanout. If you want to get the peppery flavor, you can try the lentil mix. It has a spicy, sweet, and citrusy flavor that will enhance the taste of the falafel. 

On the other hand, nutty flavor is on the freekeh & ras el hanout mix as roasted durum wheat is added to the mix. The quinoa and beet mix is not only unique in taste but also has a purple appearance due to the beetroot. All the mixes are vegan and can be served with salad, tortillas, etc. However, the mixes are packed in the area where milk, wheat, soy, sesame are also packed so if you have any allergy to these items, we advise you not to consume the falafel without taking proper precautions.

9. Cortas Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • It is a mix of garlic, fava beans, chickpeas along other spices that create a Lebanese flavor
  • It is a vegan mix that has no additional preservatives
  • The falafel mix is rich in iron and protein that is essential for a healthy diet
  • 6 serving is possible per package of the falafel mix

If you are tired of the Mediterranean or middle east taste, the Cortas Falafel Mix comes with Lebanese flavor. The mix has all the basic ingredients like wheat flour, chickpeas but the addition of some specific spices makes it taste different. It has little fat or cholesterol content but the sodium content is around 16%. 

In addition, the mix is originally made in Lebanon so you will get an authentic taste. The falafels can be shaped into balls or burger patties and then baked or fried according to your preferences. It can be served in heavy meals like lunch or dinner or can be used in light snacks like in a vegan sandwich. Apart from the basic ingredients, it may contain mustard, milk, or celery on the mix which can expose you to some allergic reactions if you are allergic to them.

10. Kareem's Falafel Mix

Highlighted Features

  • The mix is made of fresh vegetables like chickpeas, jalapenos, onions, etc
  • There is no need to add water as it is ready to cook falafel packages
  • It is made of 100% vegan and gluten-free products
  • Each packet comes in 64 ounces that is enough to serve a large number of people

Lastly, we have the Kareem's falafel mix which is ready to cook falafels. The dry falafel mix needs to add water and set it aside for a few minutes before cooking them. But this already comes in the shape. You just need to dry or bake them and enjoy them with your meals.  

Furthermore, the worry of how much water should you mix will get rid of this falafel. With this mix, you will get the homemade taste as they are made from fresh vegetables. It has chickpeas which will give you protein and vitamin c from organic parsley. After cooking, it has a crunchy shell that will be delicious if you take it with any dippings. It is easy to cook but you need to defrost it before frying or baking them.

Things to consider before purchasing the best falafel mix

Are you thinking of switching to vegan meals? To make your dishes interesting, you can add the falafels which are healthy for your body. The falafels are easy and simple to cook if you can buy the perfect mix. 

Flavors of the falafel mix

Falafels originated in the middle east area and the spices in this region are added widely. As falafels spread widely worldwide, vegan people gained interest in adding this item to their menu. The basic spices that are added are coriander, bay, leaves, onion, garlic, mint, cloves, etc. 

However, not everyone will prefer the flavor of all ingredients. We recommend looking for the spices that are added to the mix. Moreover, concentrate on the spice level of the falafel mix if you are not a spice lover.

As falafels are loved by the vegan, various brands like  Wild Garden are making falafel mix in various flavors. Furthermore, if the bought falafel mix tastes bland you can add spices externally to make it according to your taste bud. 

Allergy precaution

The falafel mix uses chickpeas, wheat, or flour as their base of the mix. Chickpeas are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You might have an allergy to chickpeas that can cause rash or redness to your skin. Like chickpeas, some people might be intolerant to wheat or flour.

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It is better to check the ingredients before buying the mix. Also, you will see that all the ingredients are safe for you to consume but they are packed in the facility where items that you are allergic to are also packed. So, read the notes at the back of the pack so that you can enjoy them without worry.

Ingredients of the falafel mix

Checking the ingredients is essential if you are allergic to certain items. In addition, if you want a variation of your falafel, you can easily get to know about it. Other than spices, various elements are used to enhance the taste of the falafels. If you are an organic food lover, you will not want a mix containing chemicals. 

For dietary purposes, the ingredients differ, you will find some falafel mix has high sodium content which can be harmful to you. Not only that, but the amount of fat also varies from brand to brand. To stay healthy, we prefer to check the ingredients before buying.  

Weight and number of serving

We have mentioned the weight of each packet of the falafel mix. The packs come in different weights and if you are planning to cook for your boss a vegan meal, you definitely need to know the weight of the packs. The less the weight, the less amount of falafels will be made. 

For a big gathering, you need to get the packet with a high amount of mix. Each packet mentions the amount of protein, carbohydrate intake with each serving. If you are making the falafels like meatballs, you can easily make the number of falafels mentioned at the back of the packet. But, if you are planning to make patties for your burger, you need more falafel mix.

Cooking and prepping time 

The process of cooking falafels is very simple and takes less time to make. Nothing other than water and oil is required to make the delicious falafels. The directions for mixing the dry ingredients are clearly written at the back of the packets. Some need to rest for 30 minutes before shaping them like balls. Whereas, others do not need to wait before frying the falafels. 

The falafels take 4 to 5 minutes to fry in perfect brown color. If you are planning to go for healthy meals, you can bake the falafels at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 to 30 minutes. Moreover, pre-cooked frozen falafels are also available. You do not have to worry about mixing. You need to defrost the falafels and then bake or fry them anytime. 

Storing the dry mix

The mix can get damaged if you keep them open in the air. If you do not need to use the whole package, store the falafel mix in an airtight container. Furthermore, you can refrigerate the mix which is the safe option to store the mix. We would not recommend storing the mix after adding the water for a long time.  


Do I need to store the falafel mix in the freezer?

No, it is not necessary to freeze the dry falafel mix in the freezer. The mix will stay good in cool and dry places. However, if you live in a damp area, you might consider them to be stored in the freezer as bugs or pests can spoil the mix. 

Can I freeze the wet mix of the falafel? 

If you are going to use the remaining wet mix within the next 10 to 12 hours, you can refrigerate it. But we would recommend to fry or bake the falafel and then freeze it for future use.  

Can I add additional spices to the mix?

Yes, if you want spicy falafel, you can add dry chili powder.  

What can I serve with falafels?

The falafel is mostly served with tahini sauce and hummus. You can also serve them with salads. 


People think vegan food is boring but it can be delicious and interesting like falafels. Falafels can be served in various ways and can be cooked with various dishes. It acts as a twist when added as filling on the subs or pizzas. As healthy as the falafel mixes are, you need to check if you are getting the appropriate carbohydrate and fiber in your body. 

Nonetheless, the falafels have crunchy exteriors and the spices from various regions make them taste delicious. In our article, we have discussed the falafel mix elaborately so that you enjoy your meals with falafels made from the best falafel mix.

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