The 10 Best Sponge Mops to Clean Your Office or Home Efficiently

How many sponge mops have you changed recently? Keeping the house clean is a laborious job for which a sturdy and durable mop is needed. The biggest problem with the mops is that the sponge tears apart after a few uses. Also, the sponges get dry and hard after regular use. 

On the other hand, a brush is essential to scrape hard stains from the floor. So the best sponge mop should have dirt attracting sponges and brush with strong bristles to clean the areas efficiently. It is better to buy a refill of sponge with the mop as the refills are not available all the time.

Best Pick

Quickie Sponge Mop

The Quickie Sponge Mop is our best pick on our list because it has a steel handle to maintain balance while mopping the floor. The square sponge reaches the corners and brings out all the dirt. Moreover, the brush and the lever are helpful to remove the dirt from the sponge.

Budget Pick

Yocada Sponge Mop

The Yocada Sponge Mop is on our best budget pick because the mop has an extendable handle that can be increased or decreased depending on the location. The honeycomb sponge and brush act to clean the floors to remove any trace of spots. Moreover, the sponge can be replaced when damaged or torn.

Quick Comparison: The 10 Best Sponge Mop

Product Dimensions (LxWxH inches)Grade
Quickie Sponge Mop3.25 x 9.25 x 51A
Yocada Sponge Mop52 x 10.24 x 52A
Casabella Sponge Mop3.5x 10 x 52.5A-
Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop12.1 x 2.8 x 25.5A-
Mr. Clean Squeeze Mop3.5 x 9.75 x 53.5B+
Libman Roller Mop10.75 x 8.88 x 53.88A-
OXO Good Grips Butterfly Mop2.4 x 10.9 x 49.9A-
The Super Double Roller Sponge Mop3 x 12 x 20B+
Libman Wood Floor Sponge Mop4.63 x 10 x 54.63B+
Vileda Professional Sponge Mop5 x 10 x 48B+

1. Quickie Sponge Mop

Keeping your floor clean is necessary when you have a child who has started crawling lately. The Quickie Sponge Mop ensures fast cleaning and is easy to maneuver to different corners. The sponge is super absorbent that absorbs the water and soap to keep the floor dry. A scrubber is attached at the top of the sponge to scrub any stiff dirt. 

Moreover, the 48 inches steel handle is powder coated and has a swivel tip grip. For the swivel tip grip, you can rotate the handle to change the sides of the sponge. However, if you have a huge floor to mop, cleaning with this mop can take time as the sponge does not give enormous coverage. 

After using the mop, you can hang or keep it in a dry place to dry the sponge. The sponge needs to be changed quite frequently to get the best output from the mop. A refill sponge is not given with the mop but you can find it in the market and replace it as needed.


  • The mop is made of metal, steel, and cellulose to make the cleaning efficient
  • The sponge is made of extra absorbent cellulose to absorb the water while mopping the floor
  • Spring back metal hand wringer is attached to remove the excess water
  • It has a 48 inches long handle to reach every corner of the room
  • Spot scrubber is attached to clean any stubborn dirt
  • The mop can be hung with the hole given on the handle
  • Easy to change the sponge with a refill
  • Suitable to clean all kinds of surfaces


  • The sponge is not wide enough to cover a large area in a small time
  • The hand wringer is very low to reach for extracting water

2. Yocada Sponge Mop

It is hard to find mops that sweep, absorb and clean floors at the same time. Yocada Sponge Mop is designed to solve all the purposes. Firstly it has a sponge designed like honeycombs for quick absorption of water. In addition, it does not keep the floor wet after mopping. The sponge is durable and the edges are cut in a cone shape to reach the corners for cleaning. 

You can use the mop without attaching the sponge and only with the brush. The brush has strong bristles to remove any greasy or hard specks of dirt. The mop is fit to use on all types of floors. 

The best feature of this mop is that it has an adjustable handle. You can adjust the height depending on your usage. Also, the elongated handle helps to reach the far areas like under the bed, sofa, or table easily. 

The installation of the sponge and brush is easy but refill sponges are hard to find. The squeezer extracts all the extra water from the sponge and helps to dry rapidly.

3. Casabella Sponge Mop

Casabella mop is engineered to sweep the wet floors. It has a heavy absorbable sponge that wipes the dry. It has a squeezer or lever to remove the extra water from the sponge. The sponge can be changed easily with a refill. But it is hard to find a refill matched with this mop’s construction. 

The flexible handle is made of steel. Heavy-duty products are used to prevent rust. This mop is great for cleaning tiles, mosaic or other types of floors. But you cannot scrub the stains as it does not include any scrubbing brush on the mop.  

The mops come in two colors, blue and painted steel. No refill sponges come with the mop. The 10 inches refill sponges are available in the market.


  • The mop is built with steel and a sponge to clean efficiently.
  • The sponge has a honeycomb design to absorb and dry the wet floor as fast as possible.
  • The mop some with maximum wringing to extract the water.
  • The sponge is 10 inches long made with cellulose.
  • The handle is adjustable as required to cover areas.


  • It does not include a brush or stubborn spot cleaner.
  • The sponge can tear apart after a few uses.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop

Rubbermaid manufactures sponge mop to use commercially as well as at home. Commercial areas like warehouses or workhouses are spacious. So the mop head is 12 inches over large areas in a small amount of time. Refill sponges are available and are easy to install on the mop.

The feature we like about this mop is that the lever to squeeze out water is higher. You do not have to go low to squeeze water. The handle is long and is foldable. You can increase and decrease the length as you need for mopping. 

We would have preferred a brush for scrubbing on the mop. There is always some strong dirt that does not come out after mopping. To clean the stubborn dirt, scrubbing is essential which is possible with brushes.


  • The sponge is made of synthetic to provide durable usage
  • A lever is added to squeeze water out of the sponge 
  • The lever is high, allowing it to reach easily without much bending
  • The handle is made of steel to ensure long-lasting use
  • The sponge head is 12 inches wide and gives wide coverage


  • The sponge detaches after a few uses
  • The sponge does not soak much water compared to other mops
  • The brush is not attached for intense spot cleaning

5. Mr. Clean Squeeze Mop

You might have seen the stubborn stains on the kitchen floor which take a lot of time to clean. Mr. Clean mop built their sponge with a textured surface to remove the tough stains. They guarantee that their foam sponge head is 50% harder than the other ones available in the market. 

The feature we like about this mop is that it ensures a strong and soft grip so that fingers won't get lethargic. However, we are not that delighted with the lever. First of all the lever is at the bottom. So to extract the water you need to pull down the lever. Your hands will be drenched with dirty water. 

They claim that their sponge head is tough to remove or scrub the stubborn stains. But sometimes, a brush attached to it would be better and easier to remove any stains. It is a versatile mop and can be used on all types of surfaces.


  • The mop is manufactured using magic eraser pad technology to clean the floor uniformly
  • The sponge is attached with the clips given on the sponge
  • It has a squeezer to remove the excess water
  • It has a long handle to reach distant spaces
  • The tip of the handle is designed at an angle to easily maneuver the mop
  • It has a rubber attached to the handle to prevent slipping while mopping floors
  • Removes animal hair efficiently


  • The squeezer is very low to reach from extracting water from the sponge
  • No brush is attached to remove spots

6. Libman Roller Mop

Libman, a US-based company has been making high-quality mops since 1890. This mop is called the nitty gritty roller mop as it has grits on the sponge. The sponge is a mix of yellow and green. The green color grits are the cleaning pads to wipe away the dirty water. 

On the top, a brush is attached 3/4" long stiff bristles to scrub the sticky marks on the floor. The sponge is 10 inches long and the total length of the mop is 54.75 inches. However, the handle is not flexible in changing the length as required. 


  • The mop has a sponge and scrubbing brush to erase the dirt.
  • The mop head is designed as a gritty roller to soak all the water.
  • It has a lever on the handle to remove the excess water.
  • The handle is constructed with steel to provide long-lasting service.
  • The sponge is sturdy and won't tear off due to regular use.


  • The refill sponges are not easy to find.
  • The handle is not foldable.

7. OXO Good Grips Butterfly Mop

OXO is known for manufacturing premium quality household objects. For mopping your house or workplace, their butterfly mop is beneficial. The unique thing about the mop is that the sponge is divided in the middle. The sponge can be folded and unfolded like butterfly wings. The sponge has a layer of microfiber to grab hold of most of the dirt and water on the floor. 

The handle is made of a sturdy steel pole to easily move around the mop. The lever at the middle is big and durable to wring the water from the sponge. The mop comes in white and silver. 

However, the absence of the brush is felt when mopping a sticky floor. We like the fact the mop has feet which help to dry the sponge. The sponge requires to be changed after a few months if it is used regularly.


  • The sponge has microfiber to trap the dirt while mopping the floor.
  • The handle provides a comfortable and easy to hold grip.
  • The water can be squeezed with a simple pull on the lever.
  • The mop covers a wide area with the help of a wide sponge.
  • The sponge can be folded and elevated for fast drying.


  • No brush is added to remove the stains.
  • Do not wring the water off the sponge properly.

8. The Super Double Roller Sponge Mop 

This mop set from The Super comes with a refill set which is always necessary. Usually, refills are not available in the shops or online. The sponge is easily installable by unscrewing some screws. The sponge is 11 inches long and can clean the corners with ease. 

Moreover, the handle is long and is made of steel. It has a patented non-slip gripper so that your hands don't slip while using it. After using the mop several times, the sponge gets hard. To use the sponge, it needs to be soaked for an hour at least before sweeping.


  • The roller PVA sponge is attached to the mop to clean the floor.
  • It has a sturdy handle for commercial use for cleaning.
  • The telescopic handle is detachable and easily installable.
  • An extra roller PVA refill sponge is given with the mop set.
  • The sponge grabs the pet's hair, dust, etc like a magnet.
  • The handle has a non-slip gripper to get the grip to mop the floor.
  • The lever has a handle that helps to wring water from the sponge.


  • The sponge gets hard if not used for a long time.
  • The dirt stays attached to the grits of the roller sponge.
  • Hard stains cannot be removed with a sponge.

9. Libman Wood Floor Sponge Mop 

This USA-based brand uses an oceanic style sponge on their mop for extra drying properties. The mop is manufactured especially for wooden floors. The wooden floors cannot be kept wet for too long and this mop helps to soak excess water with its honeycomb sponge. 

The feature we like about this mop is that the polypropylene lever is easily accessible and wrings water off the sponge. The sponge gets hard if not used for a longer duration.


  • The mop has a honeycomb sponge to wipe dry the wooden floors.
  • The wringing handle is at the center that easily removes water from the sponge.
  • 10 inches long sponge sweeps the floor decently.
  • The mop is 54.75 inches long to cover the spaces that are hard to reach.


  • The sponge can tear off when commercially used.
  • The sponge cannot remove the hard and oily stains.

10. Vileda Professional Sponge Mop

Lastly, we have the sponge mop from Vileda Professional. It is a simple mop with no grits on the sponge. The plain mop is easy to push and pull to sweep the floor. It is suitable to sweep the kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling. 

In addition, the handle is long and aids in reaching various corners. The lever is at the middle to squeeze and extract water from the sponge. The sponge mop comes in blue color. However, we are not sure if the sponge will last long. Also, you might need to hand wash the mop to clean the dirt off it.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Sponge Mop

Are you fed up with your sweeping mop? Sweeping floors is the hardest job for keeping the house clean. Depending on your type of floor you need to choose the mop. Wooden floors will require mops whose sponges can absorb most of the water and help to dry the floor quickly. 

Absorption by sponges

The sponges mentioned in our article are made of synthetic. The sponges come in designs like a honeycomb, vertical grids, or plain. Honeycomb sponges have greater absorption than the other ones. Some sponges have microfiber to clean the floor with one swipe of the mop. 

However, few sponges need to be hand-washed to remove the dirt. So check the characteristics of the sponges before opting for a mop. 

Sponge refills

The vital part of a mop is the sponge. The sponge cleans the floor and removes the dirt. As most of the work is done by a sponge, it tends to get damaged easily. Most of the mop brands do not send a refill with their mop set. As a result, it gets hard to find the exact refill of the sponges. 

We would recommend ordering a refill while placing an order for a mop set. Otherwise, you cannot use the mop after the sponge is torn. 

Attached cleaning brush

In our article, you will find some mops that include brushes on top of the sponges. The brushes are helpful to clean the oily kitchen floor or dark spots on the floor. If you want to deep clean your floor, you can scrub the floor with your brush. Brush reduces a lot of hard work and aids in keeping the house neat and clean. 

On the other hand, some people find brushing with the mop bothersome. You might need a mop just to clean your floor or wipe the floor dry when water is spilled. Choose the mop that will fulfill your requirements. 

Handle of the mop

The work of the handle is to give a good grip while mopping the floor. Check the length of the handle so that you can cover an enormous area without moving much. The average length of the handles is close to 52 inches. Moreover, some handles can be folded to make the mopping easier. 

The lever to wring water

As sponges absorb water, you need to wring water out of them to use the mop for cleaning. The position of the lever can be at the middle or at the base where the sponge is attached. The lever at the bottom requires an individual to bend to wring water. Whereas, the lever at the middle is easy to reach out. 

Levers need to be flexible to pull without breaking. Usually, the screw at the lever stays so tight that it breaks if force is applied for squeezing water. Checking the lever is vital before deciding on the mop. 

Pipe of the handle

The long handle is usually made of plastic or steel. The plastic handle can break off if it falls from the hand accidentally. However, the steel handle gets rusted if not painted with waterproof products. Between the two, steel handles are durable and easy to manage for cleaning areas. 


Is a sponge mop better than flat mops?

Yes, sponge mops are better to absorb dirt or water from floors. 

What types of mops are better for wooden floors?

Sponge mops would be better for cleaning as they can absorb a lot of water. 

Can I use a sponge mop to clean my carpet?

It is better to vacuum your carpet than cleaning with a mop. Sponge mop might work on the carpet on rugs to remove the dirt.

How should I clean the sponges of the mop?

The cleaning instructions of the sponges come with each package. It is better to follow the mentioned process. 


If you do not want to change your mop frequently, look for the materials used in the mop. Sponges are essential for cleaning. So after using the mop, clean the sponge according to the instructions and let it dry before storing. Storing the sponge's wet causes damage to a great extent. 

On the other hand, check the weight of the mop if you are buying for an elderly person. Plastic ones are light in weight but steel handle mops are durable. The levers need to be strong to pull it hard for squeezing water.  From our article, we hope you got the idea of the properties of the best sponge mop.

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