The 10 Best Lasagna Pans in 2023

Have you ever woken up to that delectable smell of your grandma’s lasagna wafting up from the kitchen? It is quite obvious we all have faced such circumstances but haven’t you ever stopped for a while and thought what’s her secret recipe? Well, there is no secret recipe for making that delicious lasagna unlike any restaurant ever. It’s just your grandma’s love and patience mixed with ingredients, and of course the best pan to make it perfect.

Let’s not forget that lasagna is about having layers of different creamy, cheesy goodness that requires cooking at the right temperature with a crust that should have that crunchy, golden brown tint to it. So, grab your hand at some of the best lasagna pans out there to compete with your grandma in the kitchen because without this pan your lasagna won’t have that special touch of hers. Trust your grandma and get yours quickly.

Best Pick

Cuisinart Cast Iron Roasting Lasagna Pan

Without much to consider, the Cuisinart Cast Iron Roasting/Lasagna Pan is undeniably the best choice to make the best lasagna like that of your grandmother. This cast-iron lasagna pan has a unique, eye-catching design with a comforting blue color that shouts durability, quality, versatility, and let’s not forget the best.

Budget Pick

Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

The Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan falls under our budget pick as its 3-in-1 designs enable you to make 3 different goodness in one goody.

Quick Comparison: The 10 Best Lasagna Pans

1. Cuisinart Cast Iron Roasting/Lasagna Pan

Tired of having a messy pan that causes the end to stick to it every time you cook lasagna? Now with Cuisinart Lasagna Pan, you won’t have to worry about a messy cleanup. Anyone who has it is left awestruck by its smooth, enamel coating which doesn’t let the bottom of any dish to stick to it. Let’s be honest.

Who wouldn’t want their food to look presentable and highly delectable without any scratched sides? Moreover, with this pan, you won't even have to take your lasagna out of it as this porcelain pan itself not only has a long-lasting, non-stick, easy-release surface but also comes in rich color which looks very presentable in any surroundings. Just serve fresh out of the oven without much hassle of taking it out.

Meanwhile, as the pan’s durability is due to cast iron, this also makes it possible to hold retain heat for a longer time than any other lasagna pan,  making it possible to serve freshly baked goods every time. Also, the enamel interior will not change the flavor of the food by causing rust to form nor will it absorb any odor. After every wash, it will be as clean as it was before you bought it and toxic-free. The pan comes with two handles at its end for your convenience so that you don’t lose grip when you take it out of the hot oven. Your hands are safe with the Cuisinart Cast Iron Lasagna Pan.


  • Uniform Heat Distribution- The pan’s enamel coating enables uniform distribution of heat so that your food is cooked with perfection with perfect, restaurant-style crunchy edges you want to see in your lasagna.
  • Rust and Odor Free- The porcelain-enameled interior does not let rust form which, on the other hand, is a plus point as this also does not change the flavor nor absorb the odor of the food you intend to cook.
  • Heat Resistance- With this pan, the food you serve is always hot due to the ability of the cast iron to hold heat for a longer period
  • Design- The pan’s ultimate attraction is that it comes with a definitive design, 14-inch in size with a highly rich red/blue color that complements the interior of your kitchen.
  • Comfortable Handles- Considering your convenience only, the pan has two wide handles also made up of cast iron for having a good grip.
  • Effectiveness- Not only can you use the pan in any standard oven but it can also be used in any stovetop and broiler as well.
  • Easy Cleanup- Cleaning up afterward is very easy and what makes it even better as it is dishwasher friendly. So simply put it in the dishwasher and it will do its wonders.
  • Warranty- This is something we all look forward to when we purchase something. The pan provides a lifetime warranty that ensures better quality and service.


  • Portability- The cast iron body of the pan makes it heavier in terms of weight, thus, becomes a problem to carry.
  • Accessories- Even though it is said to be a roasting pan as well as a lasagna pan it does not provide any extra roasting rack which is a drawback as you would want something that would provide additional accessories to enhance its performance.

2. Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan

The Chicago Lasagna Trio Pan is unlike any other lasagna pan you have seen. It is designed with 3 compartments to prepare 3 lasagnas of different recipes in one pan. It is constructed to make 3 standard-sized (measures 13 inches by 9 inches by 1-1.5 inches, with each compartment that measures 3.5 by 1.5 inches high) lasagnas as well as meatloaf, sponge cake, bread, and anything to satisfy your exceptional taste bud.

Just for their unique design Chicago Metallic has been number one in customer satisfaction in terms of its quality, professional-grade expertise, and tough design.

Made with sturdy carbon steel that allows heat to distribute uniformly, thus, is best for baking your dish evenly. The body is also safe from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means up to 232 degrees Celsius. At the same time, its silicon-based construction allows it to release items from the tray easily without sticking. Therefore, you won't be left with a mess afterward and you must also know it is dishwasher safe making the cleaning process smooth and fun.


  • Design- The pan is built with a unique 3-in-1 design that is solely made to prepare 3 different recipes (for people of different taste preferences) in one pan so that you don’t have to go through the extra mile to host a large event.
  • Durability- Constructed with heavy-duty carbon steel, the pan existence is to ensure longer stability, unlike any ordinary pan with an ordinary surface.
  • Heat Retention- The surface also allows you to retain heat and will enable you to cook/bake evenly without keeping any raw or wobbly in the middle.
  • Easy Release and Cleanup- Its silicon-based coating releases item smoothly without leaving any mess behind at the same time making it even easier for you to clean afterward. Also, the pan is dishwasher safe just for you to be free from any hassle.
  • Sturdiness- You can check the strength of the pan’s body and be sure of the quality as the pan is built to resist corrosion and can endure high temperatures (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celcius).


  • Maintenance- The pan needs to be maintained properly, i.e. handwashing is required before cleaning as well as keeping it thoroughly dry to prolong its life. At the same time, to ensure the longevity of the pan you cannot use sharp objects to release food off of the tray.
  • Not user friendly- The pan is not stove or broiler friendly, therefore, becomes troublesome to those who do not have ovens in their home.
  • Warranty- The pan does not come with a warranty which leaves a big question on the quality of the pan.
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3. casaWare Ceramic Coated NonStick Lasagna/Roaster Pan

Bored of the same old lasagna pan that sticks to the bottom? Get the casaWare Lasagna/Roaster which has different features, unlike the old pan you have. The pan is made up of carbon steel and granite ceramic both of which provide a nonstick surface which, therefore, enables us to take out lasagna efficiently without sticking to the bottom. Its carbon steel body allows the pan to last longer, unlike any other pan you may find.

It is also highly resistant to scratches and can retain heat up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit without any peel off or blistering caused by high temperatures. The outer surface of the pan is also efficient enough to resist high temperatures.

The pan’s blue granite ceramic body has tints of metal golden and brownish dots which give it an exquisite, modern edge, unlike any non-stick pan. Along with a modern look, the coating is approved by the FDA, European Union, and California Proposition 65 with 100% assurance of toxic-free food experience as it does not contain any lead, cadmium, PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE as well as no aluminum. All this does is assist you in giving a well-organized, fun baking experience.


  • Construction- The pan’s carbon steel and blue granite ceramic body (with gold and brown specks) gives an aesthetic look rather than a plain boring surface.
  • Durability- As the pan is built with two different coatings (carbon steel and blue granite ceramic), it makes the pan stronger and durable.
  •  Heat Retention- The pan is fashioned in a way to withhold high heat up to 532 degrees Fahrenheit without any blisters. It also is resistant to scratches.
  • Easy Release- The surface of the pan is non-stick which assists in to release of food easily without a mess.
  • Quality- The pan is safe from lead, cadmium, PFOA, PFOS, PTFE, and aluminum approved by the FDA, European Union, and California Proposition 65.


  • Not User Friendly- Although the pan’s coating allows it to not leave much mess behind it is still not dishwasher and microwave-proof making you go the process of cleaning with your own hands.
  • Maintenance- To ensure longer existence, the pan requires thorough maintenance. Not only does it need to be cleaned thoroughly it also needs to be dried to avoid rust.  Also, sharp objects cannot be used as they may leave behind scratches on the surface.
  • No Handles- Gripping as well as transporting may sometimes be difficult due to the absence of handles.

4. Cook Pro 4-Piece All-in-1 Lasagna and Roasting Pan

The Excelsteel by Cook Pro is a must for those who love cooking. Made with a sturdy stainless steel body that ensures 100% durability this 4-in-1 pan comes with two different-sized roasting/baking pans with two chrome cooling/roasting racks that will help to offer you to bake your lasagna or roast any meat professionally.

Additionally, it has two stainless steel handles on two sides which helps to hold and take the pan out of the hot oven without difficulty. 

The stainless steel finely polished like that of a mirror interior and exterior gives it an elegant look ideal for serving directly on the table. Undoubtedly, this versatile, non-stick nature of the lasagna pan will offer you a fun cooking experience without much hassle at the end. Cook like the pro with this 4-in-1 lasagna by Cook Pro.


  • Remarkable Quality- The Cook Pro Lasagna Pan is made with high-quality, stainless steel that ensures toughness and longer life.
  • Design- The pan is a 4-in-1 set with 2 stainless steel pans and 2 stainless steel cooling/roasting rack making it an ideal lasagna/roasting pan for serving a large group of people. The best part about this set is that the roasting/cooling rack allows appropriate air to flow and circulate.
  • Handles- Two foldable stainless steel handles for comfort and convenience
  • Appearance- The pan is designed with a mirror-polished, glossy interior and exterior making it a stylish addition to your cookware. Moreover, you can use it to present it to your beloved during the holidays.


  • Expensive- As it is a 4-in-1 set pan it is quite expensive compared to others that come as a single set.
  •  Maintenance- There is a chance that stainless steel may form rust if not maintained properly. Along with washing it properly it also needs to be dried thoroughly to avoid rust as well.
  • Warranty- No warranty is given which makes it a problem to change the pan if faced with problems later on.

5. Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan

Known as one of the best brands for cookware accessories, Cuisinart once again brought another lasagna pan for those who want nothing but the best. Made with the best quality, highly durable stainless steel with a glossy, mirror-like, non-stick interior/exterior that is scratch and corrosion-resistant.

The surface also keeps the flavor of the dish unchanged and is toxic-free. The surface is so smooth that you won't have to put extra effort to take your dish out of it. It promises to release food smoothly without much left to clean afterward. You won’t regret buying this as it would prove to be a great addition to your collection.

Dissimilar from any ceramic pans you see in the market, the pan comes with the same stainless steel, mirror-finish handles so that you could hold a good grip of the pan when taken out of the scorching hot oven. Your hands are safe with the Cuisinart Lasagna Pan. Moreover, it is made to fit any standard commercial as well as regular, home ovens with additional roasting racks to roast/cool lasagnas effortlessly making your cooking experience, be it a casserole, lasagna, or au gratin, enjoyable.


  • Quality- The pan’s stainless steel construction ensures sturdiness and lasts longer than any regular lasagna pan in the market. Its impeccable quality is assured by the brand itself. You will have scratchless and corrosion-free cookware after several usages.
  • Stylish Finishing- The pan is designed with a mirror-like interior/exterior that could show your reflection.
  • Comfortable Handles- The pan comes with two shiny handles like that of the surface for a comfortable grip and transportation.
  • Healthy- The coating of the pan keeps the flavor of the food intact and free from any toxic which may be harmful to your health.
  • Ideal Size- The pan is a standard-sized (14-inch) pan made to fit any home or commercial oven.
  • Accessories- The pan comes with an additional cooling/roasting rack for easy air circulation that enables to cool food quickly.
  • Easy Cleanup- The pan’s stainless steel surface is non-stick which allows food to come out perfectly without much mess which becomes easy to clean afterward. Also, it is safe to be used in the dishwasher making the cleaning process even easier.
  • Warranty- The best part of the pan is it offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Maintenence- Although the cleaning process is simple, the possibility of rust is high if not dried or maintained properly after cleaning.
  • Low Heat Retention- The pan does not retain high temperatures like that of many cast iron or ceramic pans, therefore, your food will not be warm for a longer period.
  • Costly- The brand makes it quite expensive, unlike any ordinary lasagna you may find.
  • Conditions in Warranty- The warranty excludes any accidental, consequential, and incidental damages.
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6. Emile Henry  HR Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker

If you are a collector and looking for a classic, elegant, durable pan with a touch of modern edge to it? The Emile Henry HR Modern Classics baking pan will quench your thirst for something aesthetic and it has successfully been doing so since 1850.

Made in France the brand ensures resilience and stays strong against any odds when it comes to quality only because it is constructed with a rare clay known as Burgundy Clay which is especially prominent for its tolerance for high heat up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It enables uniform distribution of heat, therefore, keeping your lasagna hot for a long period without the need to preheat. In addition to its resistance to heat, the pan is also unaffected by thermal shock meaning if you take the pan out of the freezer and directly put it in a hot oven to reheat any leftover lasagnas from the night the pan won’t break.

The pan is also a microwave oven and broiler proof, therefore, once again it won’t crack as the enamel used to coat the pan is responsible for the glossiness but makes it resilient to scratches. The silky finishing of the pan also makes the cleaning process smooth. Considering its contemporary look with its efficiency no one will regret adding this lasagna pan to their cookware.


  • Superior Quality- The pan is made in France, built with highly strong and durable ensured by the superior quality burgundy clay construction since 1850.
  •  Heat Resistance- The ceramic glazed body of the pan allows resisting high temperatures (up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit) without forming any crack or breaking down when inside the hot oven not does it leave behind scratch or corrodes with time. Moreover, the body makes it resilient to thermal shock as well.
  • Uniform distribution of Heat- The pan allows equal distribution of heat and keeps food warm without the need to reheat it frequently.
  • Large in Size- The 13×9 inch makes it quite large and deep that can take up to 4-6 sheets of lasagna noodles, therefore, making it perfect to serve a large group of people.
  • User Friendly- The pan is ideal for those who do not have an oven in their home as it is broiler and microwave oven-proof.
  • Easy Cleaning Process- The glazy interior of the pan is nonstick, therefore, the food does not stick at the bottom or edge which becomes easy to clean afterward.
  • Warranty- The pan provides a 10-year warranty ensuring its quality and durability even further.


  • Heavy- Being made from clay, the pan is a little heavier, unlike any stainless steel pan.
  • Maintenance- The material with which the pan is made requires good maintenance after the cleaning process to ensure greater longevity.

7. HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

Another versatile lasagna/roasting/baking pan you need to have. The HIC’s multipurpose pan is built to prepare multi-layered dishes like lasagna, cakes, casseroles, meatloaf, and desserts. The size of any pan matters a lot especially to the ones who bake regularly as they need every item in the recipe to hold shape perfectly.

With the HIC Oblong 13 inches by 9 inches by 2.5 inches baking dish, your lasagna will hold its layers perfectly. Made with superior quality white porcelain with impeccable glazed finishing confirms greater permanency and even distribution of heat, therefore, with multiple layers beings cook it will cook thoroughly. For your convenience, it comes with two handles so that you can easily grip and transfer from the oven to the table without burning your hands.

The pan’s coating is strong enough to withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without corrosion. You can later transfer it to your freezer and reheat your remnants of the dinner in your microwave oven or broiler as well. The pan makes the cleaning process easier due to the non-stick, glossy white coating which doesn’t absorb nor transfer odors, flavor, and colors after several uses.


  • Durability- The lasagna pan is manufactured with highly durable, superior quality white, glossy textured porcelain with a smooth, sleek finish not only makes it sturdy but also makes it look modern.
  • Heat Resistance- The surface of the pan can resist high heat without corrosion. It is also resilient to scratches.
  • Size- The pan is large and deep enough to make layered dishes. Be it lasagna, cakes, casseroles this pan is versatile to cook any layered cuisine flawlessly.
  • Material- The superior quality porcelain surface of the pan does not absorb odors nor change the flavors of the dish you intend to cook.
  • Handles- The pan comes with two handles of similar construction as the surface for convenience and ease during transporting the pan from the scorching oven.
  • Cleaning Process- The porcelain coating is non-stick which is easy to clean, and the pan also being dishwasher friendly the entire cleaning process becomes extremely smooth.


  • Expensive- The white, glossy porcelain used makes the pan too pricey, unlike any stainless steel or ceramic lasagna pan.
  • No Warranty- The pan does not come with any warranty to provide further service if the need arises.
  • Heavy- As it is a ceramic pan it is quite heavier, unlike stainless steel pans.

8. Cuisinart 7117-135 Chef's Classic Stainless Lasagna Pan 

Yet another masterpiece from the Cuisinart you want to bag. Known once again for high durability, superior quality the Cuisinart's Chef's Classic Lasagna Pan is another addition you don’t wanna miss.

Made just to make perfectly layered lasagnas with riveted stainless steel handle for an easy grip that won't slip when you transfer from hot oven to the table. The stainless steel surface is constructed in a perfect size (13.5 inches) to fit any standard sized ovens. 

The shiny, mirror-like stainless steel surface does not absorb smell nor does it react with food, therefore, keeping the flavors true. You’ll be left with a squeaky clean dish as it releases food without much discomfort and as a plus point, it is safe to be used in a dishwasher.


  • Durability- This Cuisinart Lasagna Pan is built with greater quality, highly long-lasting stainless steel that ensures greater longevity, unlike any branded pan.
  • Sophisticated Design- The attraction of the pan is its appealing, sleek, mirror finish that gives it a contemporary edge that fits in any décor.
  • Size- The pan is not too large, not too small but standard-sized (13.5-inches) made to fit any standard oven.
  • Convenience- The pan comes with stainless steel handles for ease and a good grip during transporting the dish out of the hot oven to the table.
  • Healthy- Whatever food you cook in this pan the surface allows it to not react with food nor changes the taste of the dish.
  • Easy Cleanup- As the pan’s stainless steel surface is non-stick it does not make a mess after cooking and as it is also dishwasher safe the entire cleaning process becomes hassle-free


  • Affordability- The pan is quite on the costlier side, therefore, it may not be a good choice if you are on a strict budget.
  • Maintenance- Stainless steel needs proper maintenance after the cleaning process to avoid warping in the long run.

9. P&P CHEF Lasagna Deep Baking Pan 

Having a hard time locating a reasonable lasagna pan that fits your criteria? We have a perfect one for you. This deep baking pan by P&P CHEF has all you need and deep enough to cook any layered dish. Highly fashionable, built with heavy-duty stainless steel that transfers heat evenly and cooks/bakes/roasts any food evenly without any warping.

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Its stainless steel body is strong and does not break, corrode, peel off, or rust easily like that of any aluminum non-stick pans. The stainless steel coat also does not absorb any flavors or odors and is toxic-free. Made by considering your safety it comes with sides crimped for your convenience to hold while it is hot out of the oven.

The stainless steel surface is non-stick and easy to remove food from it without much mess to deal with later on. This also helps the cleaning process easier. Just soak it in warm water and wipe it off. It’s that simple. Let’s not waste to get this. It is highly versatile and cheaper than any pan you may find.


  • Design- The pan’s extremely stylish, sophisticated design is the main attraction of this deep baking dish that allows you to make any layered dish and serve artistically.
  • Durability- Made with highly robust stainless steel construction this unique lasagna pan avoids warping, peel off, or corrosion to take place easily.
  • Versatility- This is a multipurpose dish to cook casseroles, lasagna, cakes, desserts, etc effectively without any discomfort. This is also an ideal pan to gift your beloveds.
  • Surface- The stainless steel coating is healthy and toxic-free. So, whatever you cook in it won’t change flavors nor absorb odors of any food.
  • Convenience- The sides of the pan are folded for easy grip so that you can easily transfer food from the hot oven without burning your hands.
  • Easy Cleaning- As the surface of the pan is nonstick it is easily washable and makes the entire process of cleaning hassle-free.
  • Affordability- The best part about this pan is that it will not exceed the budget you have in your mind. It is highly reasonable.


  • Maintenance- The pan needs proper handling after use to avoid stickiness or rust.
  • Warranty- The major drawback about the pan is that it does not contain any warranty.

10. Wilton Nonstick Lasagna and Roasting Pan 

Another very affordable, versatile non-stick lasagna pan that is a must-have for every baker. Whether you cook, bake, or roast the 14-inch enormous Wilton Lasagna and Roasting Pan will help you achieve perfection in cooking.

Being made from steel, its body is non-stick which releases food easily. This also leaves you with a quick and fun cleaning process later on or you could also choose to put it in a dishwasher. Without a doubt, this pan will bring back all the joy of baking.


  • Quality- The pan is made with superior quality steel which has been ensuring its quality by being a successful brand since 1929.
  • Large Size- The oversized pan baking/roasting pan is versatile enough to bake/cook any multi-layered dish efficiently.
  • Surface- The steel body of the pan creates a  non-stick surface that allows easy release of baked goods without leaving any mess behind which also makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Quick Cleaning Process- Having said that the surfaces allows easy cleanup, however, the pan being dishwasher-proof the process becomes even more simple.


  • Poor Quality Coat- After several usages, the coating may peel off.
  • Accessories- Sharp objects/utensils cannot be used to take out food.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lasagna Pan


Choosing a pan based on design may be easy but you will end up regretting later if you do not focus on the material it is made of. Be it stainless steel, glass, steel, or ceramic you must have an idea which is best with the amount you can afford to buy. Always use the best with what you have. Every material used to make an ideal pan has two sides. Before you go out shopping have a look at what the market currently sells with the budget you have. Gather some knowledge about the material used and its longevity before blindly choosing one pan.

You must have ideas about materials like metals which are good conductor of heat, therefore, they tend to heat up quickly unlike glass as they are considered to be a poor conductor of heat. Metals, however, may at times react with highly acidic food or may leave behind stains on the surface that is hard to wash off. Glass, on the other hand, maybe a poor heat conductor but they do not absorb any flavor or smell of food nor leave any stains. They are better options for baking goods as they distribute heat uniformly, thus, they also tend to cook evenly.

Stainless steel is a better alternative over glass or metals like aluminum or cast iron as they also evenly distribute heat and helps to give those extra crusty edges that we all love to eat. They also do not tend to react with acidic food nor change the flavor of the dish by reacting with the surface. You may also find some ceramic or porcelain pan but keep in mind as much attractive as they might look let’s not get distracted by their stylish feature as they tend to come quite heavy on the monetary side. In the end, whichever you prefer to buy it must have a non-stick interior so that you could easily and quickly take the food out without hampering its shape


Be careful to look into the size as well as the material as both do impact the cooking of a perfect lasagna. If you want multi-layered lasagna with many ingredients you must opt for a deep dish that can hold the shape perfectly without breaking down. It must have enough space for the noodles, sauce, veggies, cheesy and other goods so that they don’t overlap nor collapse. And, of course, if you still have more room you could just add more to it. What else do you need? Always go for the standard size that may fit into any regular oven you have.


As we all know lasagnas must have that rectangular shape. Hence, a rectangular pan is what you want. But that does not mean you have to buy a rectangular one. Think out of the box for once! Be creative. You may come across different shaped and colored pans. Choose whatever fits your criteria. However, it is better to stick to the original as rectangular ones tend to have handles on both the end for easy grip than any other shape does. Also, look for pans that may provide additional accessories like roasting/cooling racks or smaller pans. Always go for pans that you may find easy to handle with additional accessories within your budget.


Trying to compete with your grandma to get her secret to making lasagna? Without the best lasagna pan, you will not have a perfect lasagna that will look and taste the best. So, spend a little more if you want but be sure to buy the best. It indeed will be a good investment and you can also win back your grandma’s recipe if you are lucky enough. Have a quick look at our grading table and choose wisely. Good luck!!

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