The 12 Best Earl Grey Tea Brands To Tier Up Your Tea Experience

How about leaping into a time before all this chaos we all are going through? Well, we may or may not get the times we cherish back, but regardless of the time and place, If you are working in an office or taking a travel break, a sip into the cup of Earl Grey tea is always a mood lifter. In order for you to select the best brands, we have shortlisted the 12 best earl grey tea options that will ensure in fact tier up your tea experience. We have reviewed each product and mentioned its pros, cons, and feedback to provide you the best insights on each product.

Best Pick

Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea Bags

Our best pick title has been given to the Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea Bags because of its classic taste and aroma. Featuring a premium blend and offered in a value pack, this is an all-rounder in terms of taste, packaging, and blend. Without the involvement of any artificial ingredients, this is our most favorite one.

Budget Pick

FGO Organic Earl Grey Black Tea Bags

The Best Earl Grey tea within a budget range on this list is undeniably this one from FGO. Coming in a pack of 100 teabags, this is a fine blend of much superior quality tea leaves that gives you nothing but flavorful tea. Together with a very eco-conscious packaging and offering a refund in case of dissatisfaction, it will not require you to spend a fortune on it.

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Earl Grey Tea

1. Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea Bags

The first product that we have chosen to review in our review article is from Twinings of London. The Earl Grey black tea from this brand comes in the form of tea bags and is a budget deal as it includes 6 boxes with a total count of 20 tea bags. 

Who would mind waking up to the unique taste and aroma of classic tea? Taking only 3 minutes you will be served with heaven in a cup. The tea is sourced from premium quality tea leaves that are grown by trusted growers all around the world. The tea leaves are then tested and handpicked by expert blenders to deliver nothing but exclusive tea bags to you.

Apart from all these features, the processing of the tea leaves does not involve the use of any artificial ingredients which makes this a more healthy and safe option as it poses no risk to your health and will give you a wholesome tea experience. 

Featuring all the authentic flavors of Earl Grey tea, it has distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot which gives it a unique fragrance. Moreover, Twinings is a very well-known brand that has been in business since the year 1706  and is currently serving more than 100 countries around the world with their amazing quality tea. Not only that but they are not limited to earl grey tea but offer a wide range of tea starting from Bigelow, Lipton, and many more premium blends. 

What we liked: We loved the extent of the caffeine in this blend of tea as it is not too overpowering or too faded, just perfect for those who are looking for a lighter cup of tea. 

What we didn’t like: The color is very pale after it is steeped which may not be a very appealing feature for many tea fiends.

2. FGO Organic Earl Grey Black Tea Bags

Certified by the USDA Organic, another of our favorite brands of Earl Grey tea is FGO. In addition to taking care of your pocket, this particular tea blend does not compromise its taste and aroma. Coming in a pack of 100 teabags that too feature premium quality, we consider this as one of the best value packs offered by the market. 

The tea is offered in the form of tea bags and the fine blends of the tea include Chinese Keemun tea, India Assam tea, and Italian Bergamot oil, all of which are organic. Being organic makes it healthy. 

Not only that but the safe packaging is another feature that makes it different from its other competitors. You are required to steep your teabags for 4-5 minutes and that’s it! You will be served with a perfect cup of tea. You can also pair a splash of cream with your tea.

And if you are a person who deeply feels responsible for the environment, then this must be a top choice on your priority list. This is because the high-end quality tea bags are made from Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper which is highly eco-friendly. The teabags are packed into foil-lined kraft bags, further boosting their safety. Apart from offering so much, the brand also offers you a refund in case you are not satisfied with their product. 

What we liked: The teabags do not involve the use of staples, strings, adhesives, chlorine, or any extra waste that may meddle with the taste or cause a hassle and this is what we loved the most. 

What we didn’t like: We have not come across any downside of this product that is worth mentioning but this might not be an ideal choice for those who seek strong flavors.

3. Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey

The next option for earl grey tea is from Taylors of Harrogate, a Uk-based family-run business that has been in operation for the last 130 years. Featuring the authentic and famous flavors of classic bergamot fruit.

The flavors of Sicilian citrus perfectly complements the light and fresh flavors of the tea, making it a very well-balanced choice. This is also high in antioxidants which have the potential to reduce the risk of many diseases.  

The tea is extracted from Indonesia and the Blue Mountains of southern India which makes this a perfect blend and gives you a premium vibe in every sip you take. A cup of tea can be prepared from one teabag and you need to wait around 3-5 minutes after adding freshly boiled water to the teabag. You will then be served with a perfectly infused cup of tea that refreshes you. 

What we liked: The tea features a natural sweetness that does not make you crave any added sugar. The light citrusy flavor is perfectly balanced by the sweetness. 

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What we didn’t like: There is a hint of bitter acidic taste that builds up with each sip which may be an issue for some people.

4. Harney & Sons Organic Earl Grey Supreme Teabags

Proudly serving people with a wholesome tea experience, the Organic Earl Grey Teabags from Harney & Sons is our next reviewed brand. Bringing a contemporary touch to the classic Earl Grey tea, this brand blends black tea that is sourced in China with authentic Italian bergamot natural oil. Being kosher, the tea comes with caffeine that keeps you actively working throughout the day. 

One tea bag can yield a tea of 6 to 8 ounces and requires two cups of water to have it perfectly brewed. It takes between 3-5 minutes to be prepared and comes with a very strong bergamot oil smell which fades to an ideal level once the tea is done.

Even though it might be a costly option for some of you, the box includes 50 teabags so you do not have to buy them over and over again as one box will last long. The teabags contain broken leaves that take less time to brew and you will be served with delightful tea in no time. 

Moreover, Harney & Sons is a proud member of 1% for the Planet whose goal is to drive positive environmental changes. So if you are someone who is an environment-lover or wants to participate for a good cause, this might be an ideal choice of brands. 

What we liked: We really liked that it does not come with any astringency and gives you a smooth tea experience. 

What we didn’t like: Most of us do not have a double cup-sized mug at our home as it is very big compared to the normal-sized ones.

5. Teavana Earl Grey Crème Black Tea

Teavana offers you a contemporary brew that incorporates the traditional flavors of black tea blend with bergamot citrus and novel lavender fragrances. The tea is also enhanced with notes of creamy vanilla and we could not have asked for more from your Earl Grey tea. 

The teas are grown by trusted growers and blended by a team of tea experts who are responsible for the delightful taste of the tea. The tea leaves are handpicked and the tea, fruit, and botanical ingredients are tested for quality check and maintaining consistency. They are only involved in cultivating the best quality ingredients for ensuring the safety of consumption.

Moreover, the brand is engaged in social work apart from its usual operation. They are committed to supporting tea-growing communities and promotes and exercises sustainable farming practices. They are involved in performing Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) which puts sustainable farming into practice and ensures safe, transparent, and humane working conditions for its employees. 

What we liked: This is a more economical choice as it includes 4 packs of 15 sachets which account for 20 Teavana Earl Grey tea sachets. 

What we didn’t like: Due to the extra lavender flavor, this might not be the ideal choice for those who seek a more traditional tasting Earl Grey tea.

6. U.S. Wellness Naturals Earl Grey Tea

The next reviewed product in our list is from the U.S. Wellness Naturals who craft a stronger blend made from black Ceylon tea leaves which are flavored with bergamot. The bergamot oil helps restore the traditional Earl Grey flavor and the Ceylon tea leaves give it a bold and rich flavor. The tea is offered in the form of loose leaves in a 

The tea naturally features an astringency flavor which makes it perfectly complement desserts or rich foods. On the contrary, the light citrusy flavor works as a refreshing agent. Not to forget, each cup offers you around 50-90 mg of caffeine, the very substance that helps you stay energized and going throughout the day without feeling lethargic.

In addition to all these, the brand is certified organic and features quality ingredients that will not meddle with your health. The tea blending is done with 100% organic black tea leaves known as Ceylon, cultivated from the luxurious tea gardens of Sri Lanka which are free of pesticides so the chances of harmful chemicals entering your body are the least. The Ceylon variant of tea features a strong and bold taste due to the soils of Sri Lanka which are purer than the Chinese ones. They also contain fewer quantities of metal and other impurities. 

The tea blend can also be used to make your own kombucha. This is because of its distinct flavors which are essential in a kombucha blend. 

What we liked: We love the various ways we can serve this tea. It can be paired up with some milk and sugar like the American style, served with lemon and sugar like the British people, or chilled to consume it like an iced tea. Moreover, it complements many desserts and foods and is a perfect refreshing drink. 

What we didn’t like: Since they do not come in sachets or tea bags, the measurement can be an issue and can cause inconvenience.

7. Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea

Our next reviewed product is from Tazo who offers a bold black tea that is perfectly balanced with a refreshing essence of bergamot.

This is specially crafted for those whois it is an absolute need to drink tea to get them through the morning, meaning, a tea that has high caffeine content. Coming in a pack of 20 individual tea bags, the tea also has a hidden hint of vanilla that gives it a modern touch. 

The black tea is sourced from different communities around the world which are of course handpicked by the experts as their motto is to ensure quality. The tea is not pre-blended before the quality check. The bold taste of the black tea hits you the best when consumed hot. 

Moreover, the tea is non-Gmo project verified and it features a very convenient packaging. Even though it may be a more pricey alternative, it can be an ideal choice for those who are looking for a subtle earl grey tea brand. 

What we liked: We love the high caffeine level, 61mg per cup, which is comparable with coffee. 

What we didn’t like: This might not be a good choice for those who are fond of the citrusy flavor of bergamot which is very faded in this tea brand.

8. Stash Tea Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea

As our eighth entry, we have chosen another popular brand that offers Earl Grey tea that can be served both hot and cold. The double bergamot Earl Grey tea from Stash is aimed at those who prefer a bold citrusy bergamot flavor in their Earl Grey tea. However, so that the bergamot essence does not overpower the taste, the flavor is well balanced with a blend of fine and bold black tea. 

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Featuring premium packaging and big boxes, the tea is fairly priced and is one of the most affordable brands out there. The tea comes in a pack of 100 tea bags in foil wrappers which keeps it fresh. Moreover, 100 tea bags are a lot and you will not run out anytime soon.

Even though it is a budget deal, one might question its quality but this offers nothing but a premium delicious blend. It has a fuller taste and is rich in caffeine which helps you stay energized throughout the day. 

What we liked: The brand is our favorite due to its amazing versatility. It offers more than 150 tea blends to choose from and includes all and any type of tea type you are looking for. 

What we didn’t like: This might not be an ideal option for those who seek traditional flavors.

9. Bigelow Earl Grey Black Tea Bags 

The Earl Grey Black tea from Bigelow features a rich citrusy flavor of pure Italian bergamot oil which is perfectly balanced by the bold black tea. Being high in caffeine content, this flavorful tea can be a substitute for your morning coffee. Moreover, you have the luxury to serve it both hot and cold as it makes a great and delightful iced tea. 

Apart from its wholesome authentic taste, the tea bags are individually wrapped in foil pouches to keep it fresh and the flavors intact. They are a certified B corporation brand that compiles all the social and environmental standards.

Being in operation since 1945, the brand has a well-established market and offers a diverse range of tea collections. They have tea for every mood and time of the day starting from the English breakfast, Vanilla Chai, Green tea, decaffeinated teas, and many more. 

What we liked: We love that it is free from gluten and calorie and is kosher certified. 

What we didn’t like: We have not come across any major issue with this particular product. It was super successful at meeting our desires.

10. VAHDAM Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Offered in the form of loose tea leaves, VAHDAM is another premium that does not compromise its quality. The flavorsome tea is a blend of long high-quality tea leaves cultivated in India blended with authentic bergamot oil extract. Being perfect for brewing both hot and iced tea, the brand uses no harmful chemicals in its processing. 

Its top-notch packaging features a double seal zip lock bag that helps keep the tea leaves well protected and fresh. Moreover, the brand involves no use of carbon or plastic in its manufacturing or processing, making this a green brand. 

So, if you are someone who feels responsible for the environment, worry no more. The brand measures its plastic and carbon footprint and offsets them by investing in environmentally sustainable projects. Not only that but the farmers who cultivate these fine tea leaves are offered a good deal. On top of that, 1% of their generated revenue is contributed to their social campaign “TEAch Me” with the aim of providing better education to the children of these farmers.

Moreover, in order to ensure authenticity and safety, the brand has an innovative supply chain model that procures the finest and freshest tea. Distributing in over 83 countries, this is an award-winning brand that is a consumers’ favorite. Lastly, due to the unique taste and depth, the black tea leaves can be used to make Kombucha tea as well. 

What we liked: We love that the premium packaging makes this a good birthday or anniversary gift that will make any tea fanatic happy. 

What we did not like: NO COMPLAINT! This is hands down one of our most favorites!

11. Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Grey Tea 

Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Grey tea, as its name suggests, has a fresh aroma that triggers all the right nerves and calms your soul. The intoxicating fragrance and perfectly sweetened taste of the tea boost your energy level as soon as the first sip hits you. The tea layers of complex flavors. You can taste the dried fruity notes with caramel undertones. 

With just the perfect balance between a woody flavor and a herbal taste, it offers you just the perfect bitterness that you seek from your tea. They are also engaged in environmental and social performances so that the natural world is preserved.

What we liked: It is an affordable brand that features quality packaging and we love this the most. 

What we didn’t like: Even though it has “aromatic” in its name, we have not found the aromatic property as a distinct feature but rather as an accent.

12. Smith Teamaker Caffeinated Full Leaf Earl Grey Black Tea 

Featuring a very aesthetic reddish copper color, the full leaf Earl Grey Black Tea from Smith Teamaker has layers of complex flavors starting from notes of malt, honey, and citrus, it is the perfect breakfast tea.

Another feature that makes it a perfect addition to your breakfast is its high caffeine level. This very feature helps you get through lazy mornings and boosts your energy levels to a maximum. 

The feature that makes it special and unique is its different blend. It is a mixture of full leaf Ceylon from Sri Lanka and Assam Black Teas from India. The Ceylon leaves too are not of one kind. Ceylon Dimbula, a particular kind cultivated in a region that is directly opposite to Uva in Sri Lanka, and Ceylon Uva, another type grown in Uva that is 1100 meters above sea level are both included in the tea blend to give it a contemporary taste.

What we liked: We love the roomy sachet that allows full leaf expansion that extracts the most flavors out of the tea leaves to give you a flavorsome cup of tea. 

What we didn’t like: The major issue with this one is that it features a very timid and weak flavor and the fruity flavors overpower other important flavors of the tea.

Origin of Earl Grey Tea

History narrates that “Earl Grey Tea” is named after a famous UK politician who was in power and served the country between 1830 and 1834. During his service period, he was gifted with a tea that was served with bergamot oil which he loved so much that he asked the British tea merchants to recreate the same blend for him. British tea merchants like Twining’s are still in operation to this date and this particular brew has gained popularity over the period. 

Another story goes like a man of Lord Grey’s saved the life of a Chinese mandarin man’s son. In return, as a token of gratitude, the man gifted him a special blend of tea. The chances of this narrative being true is pretty low since Grey has never been to China. 

What is Earl Grey Tea? 

Earl Tea as discussed earlier is a black tea blend that is flavored with the natural oil extracted from the peel of bergamot orange. This very variation gives Earl Grey a distinct citrusy taste. The actual fruit is not used in the preparation as it can make the tea taste bitter and can overpower other flavors. The black tea can be a blend of many different types of tea but commonly sourced from the China Keemun. The tea can be consumed with both milk and without milk. They usually feature a lighter taste. However, over the years Earl Grey tea has been blended with other varieties to alter the strength of the tea. The different types include Decaf Earl Grey, White, and Red Earl Grey Tea, Earl Green, Earl Grey Oolong, and many more. 

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Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Due to its distinct taste and caffeine kick, Earl Grey tea is usually a favorite blend of tea for many. Apart from its fragrance and taste, it has some proven health benefits associated with it.

1. Immunity booster

Since Earl Grey tea contains bergamot oil which is high in antioxidant content, it can help enhance your immune system. They help kill the free radicals which are harmful in nature and are formed as a by-product of oxygen metabolism. These have the potential to catalyze and cause damage to your immune system by forming oxidative stress. 

2. Energy Booster 

Even though coffee is said to be most effective in keeping you active, what if we told you you could get double your energy level with this tea, that too without any side effects? The caffeine level present in Earl Grey tea is enough to keep you energized and going throughout the day. Moreover, it will not dehydrate you like coffee.  

3. Takes care of cardiac health 

The ingredients in Earl Grey tea are effective in maintaining a blood pressure level that is healthy. Healthy blood pressure levels are important in preventing heart diseases. The bergamot extract is also effective in keeping the LDL cholesterol levels low which is also essential in maintaining a healthy cardiac condition. 

4. Helps in weight loss

Even though the best way to lose weight is to do physical exercises but Earl Grey tea can enhance and boost your weight loss process. Black tea has polyphenols that help improve your fat metabolism.  

5. Stress Reliever 

The fragrance is said to have a calming effect on people. Bergamot is said to have natural aromatherapy features that are capable of lifting your mood and releasing your stress. 

6. Takes care of dental health 

As previously discussed, Earl Grey tea is high in antioxidant content. Catechin, a special antioxidant compound, can help fight oral infections and periodontal diseases. The tea is also rich in fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities, promoting healthy teeth. 

7. Helps with digestion 

Earl grey tea is known to aid with digestion. The tea can help with nausea, upset stomach, and painful indigestion and help restore the balance of the body. Regular drinking can boost your digestive process by a great margin and can help you keep regular. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Earl Grey Tea 

1. Caffeine content 

Earl Grey Tea has a range of blends that feature 0 caffeine (decaf) to ones that are rich in caffeine levels. This however is a personal preference as some require high caffeinated tea to get them through the morning whereas others are not into the effect of caffeine and prefer decaf ones. Even though tea usually contains fewer caffeine substances compared to coffee, anything that is below the 6mg mark is considered a “decaf” and anything above the range of 50 mg is said to be high in caffeine content. 

2. Blend/Origin

The flavor, taste, or aroma, whichever you consider in a tea is strictly dependent on the blend of tea. Even though Earl Grey tea is sourced from black tea, there can be many alternatives and deviations from the traditional one, which is a black tea balanced with an essence of bergamot oil. The variations can be brought with the use of additives. The most common kinds are lavender, vanilla, citrus, or just other types of tea leaves that meddle with the strength of your Earl Grey tea.

The black tea used in authentic black tea is usually cultivated from the island of Ceylon, an island in Sri Lanka, and in Assam and Darjeeling in India.   

3. Source of Bergamot Oil 

Speaking of tea, it is not necessary to always check only the source or blend of tea leaves but you would want to check the source of bergamot oil as well as it is an essential ingredient in the Earl Grey Tea. Some manufacturers use synthetic bergamot to cut costs or bring an enhancement that works as a good replacement for the natural one but why choose artificial ones if you can find the natural option? 

So if you are skeptical about choosing the artificial option, you would need to study the ingredient list of the shortlisted brands of Earl Grey tea. 

4. Organic or not? 

It is wise to go for organic products as they pose low risks to your health and are higher in other nutrient contents. They involve the use of no harmful chemicals which makes them a good option for the environment as well. 

In the case of Earl Grey tea, it will be a good idea if you get USDA-certified products that will give you a confidence boost and ensure the safety of your health without a doubt. 

5. Preparation Methods

Even though this too is a personal preference, we think sachets or tea bags are more convenient to use compared to loose tea leaves which involve the hassle of measuring out the perfect quantity. Loose tea leaves also take more time to brew than sachets or teabags.            

Ending Note 

Tea is one beverage you wouldn’t prefer to skip. And a good cup of Earl Grey tea - Nothing can beat it. Some prefer earl grey for its taste, some for its health benefits and it certainly levels up your tea choices. In our review, we have tried to jot out the best brands and give an in-depth review of them along with their pros and cons. Whatever your reasons are to have the best blend of tea and bergamot, we tried to ensure you find and choose the best option, that suits your appetite, tastebud and gives you the Best Earl Grey Tea experience.

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