The 14 Best White Tea as a Refreshing and Healthy Drink for Your Hectic Life

Are you looking for traditional white tea or white tea with a floral or fruity aroma? Whatever you prefer, white tea is a healthy option when you want to reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks. The white tea has no sugar content, calories and has the least amount of caffeine that originally comes from the  Camellia sinensis leaves. 

The tea leaves come in tea bags or loose. Not always you will get your desired flavor in your preferred packaging. After taking all these into consideration, you need to choose the best white tea that will brew the refreshing tea of your taste.

Best Pick

Jocko white tea

The Jocko white tea is our best pick on our list as it tastes refreshing whether consumed hot or cold. You also get an explosion of fruit and floral flavor on the tea which makes it interesting to drink. This white tea is helpful for your keto, low-carb, paleo diets as tea.

Budget Pick

Twinings of London Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea

The Twinings White Tea is our best budget pick because the strength of tea is light and has exquisite flavors that take away all the stress of your work. Not to mention, the tea is collected from the province of China where the ingredients of tea are blended to serve the perfect cup of tea.

Quick Comparison: Top 14  Best Best White Tea

1. Jocko white tea

Highlighted Features

  • The tea in a tin that contains 25 tea bags lessens the hassle of brewing loose tea
  • It has the flavor of pomegranate that makes it a refreshing drink
  • Natural antioxidants in white tea prevent various diseases
  • You can drink the tea during keto, paleo, or any other diet
  • A low amount of natural caffeine is added to the tea that is healthy to make regularly
  • It is a zero-sugar tea that contains only 5 calories

In our busy schedules, we like to intake some drinks other than water that will be healthy for us and Jocko white tea has the benefits. This tea is not similar to other tea as it comes in pomegranate flavor that you can drink hot or cold. Organic hibiscus and lemongrass are the main ingredients in this white tea.

You can easily carry this with you on your hike and trips as the teas are packed in individual bags. As white teas are not for containing high amounts of antioxidants, you will have natural antioxidants in this tea. Moreover, it has been certified by USDA that the tea contains no genetically modified products and preservatives. The best feature of this tea is that it has no sweetness and is safe for diabetic patients

2. Twinings of London Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 20 tea bags that you can brew anytime you want
  • The white tea is manufactured with the tea from Fujian province in China
  • The tea has a light flavor that makes you feel refreshed after drinking
  • It also has a kosher certification to serve people of certain groups

China is known for producing the best tea in the world and the Twinings white tea comes from the province of China. The strength of the tea is light and has a natural aroma to give you a pleasant drink. For the fresh flavor, it has the perfect blend of tea leaves. 

Tea is a drink that we want to drink in our leisure or during stressful times. The tea is easy to carry around and you can easily brew it. Place the tea bags in the water and let them wet for some time to bring out the flavor. The factor we like most about this tea is that it is kosher certified that allows a certain group of people to drink this tea without worrying.

3. Imozai White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • 100 tea bags come at a time that can serve many cups easily.
  • The premium tea leaves are used to produce traditional Chinese tea
  • It has antioxidants to repair damaged skin
  • The tea has USDA certification and is verified as organic

The Imozai white tea is an absolute blend of tea leaves to bring out the actual flavor and aroma of the tea. It has no additional flavor and all the elements used to manufacture the tea are organic. You can see the certification of organic at the back of the packet. 

If you want to give up on sweets or want to avoid sweet drinks, this tea can be a great option as it is sugarless and the natural antioxidants benefit your health and skin. Though it has 15 to 20 milligrams of caffeine that are naturally during the production. 

In addition, this tea pack is ideal if you want to keep this in an office kitchen. The pack has 100 tea bags that the employees or the clients can enjoy the aromatic tea for a long time. It is less time-consuming to prepare and does require any waiting for brewing the tea.

4. Prince of Peace White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It is a pack that contains 100 tea bags to make tea effortlessly
  • No genetically manufactured components are used in the tea-making process
  • This aromatic tea has a deep color liquor due to processing in Zheng style
  • It has less amount of caffeine compared to regular tea

Enjoying a fresh cup of tea is something we desire when we are busy with our work and the Prince of Peace produces organic white tea that has all the nutrients. The tea is processed in Zheng style to enrich the tea with flavor. The tea leaves and buds are plucked from Camellia sinensis at a young age which after processing gives deep dark color. 

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This tea can be enjoyed in two ways. For hot tea, immerse the tea bag in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes to get the refreshing tea. Also, iced tea needs 8 to 10 minutes to brew. You can add sugar if you prefer sweetness in your tea. But this tea has no sugar and is good for diabetic patients.

5. Uncle Lee's Tea White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • This organic tea is packed into 100 individual small bags for each packet
  • The tea has a flavor of blended eastern and western regions
  • The teabags are compactly designed and packed to reduce waste
  • Organic certification is given by the USDA and ECOCERT

Different countries have different flavor preferences in tea and to make it unique, Uncle Lee's Tea combined the flavor of east and west to make their white tea. The leaves for processing to make the white tea are grown in the mountains of Fujian in China. After plucking the leaves, they go through the required processing to make the organic white tea. 

The tea leaves are packed in tea bags and the bags go under oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleaching is a process to eradicate any toxicity from the tea bags. It is completely safe to drink if you are worried that the tea bag will spread chemicals due to bleaching. The organic certification ensures that the drink is safe and contains no chemicals. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to brew the tea after pouring the hot water.

6. Tea Forte White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It comes as loose tea leaves that can serve 35 to 50 cups easily
  • The tea has the flavor of peach with a small touch of apple and marigold blossom
  • It is a collection of organic leaves that is approved by the USDA
  • You can easily modify or set the strength of the tea as it comes loose
  • The storage tin of the leaves is recyclable

The white tea from Tea Forte is one of our favorites as it has a fruity and floral flavor in it. The flavor of this tea makes it unique from others. It has leaves processed for white tea, apple pieces, peach pieces, and marigold flowers. No other ingredients are used in this tea to keep it organic.

Not to mention, it does not come in tea bags and for this exact purpose, you can easily set the strength of the tea. However, you need to have a filter to make this tea as the hot water will be poured through the filter where the tea leaves are placed. After powering the water, soak the leaves in the water for 2 to 4 minutes to get the perfect cup of aromatic white tea at home easily. It is hard to travel with the loose tea leaves but you can carry it as an iced tea for a picnic or hike.

7. VAHDAM White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • The leaves are handpicked from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain to produce the aromatic white tea
  • The tea bags are in the shape of a pyramid to brew the flavorful tea in just 3 to 5 minutes
  • It is verified as a non-GMO white tea
  • The tea and the packaging are manufactured with environmentally friendly products

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, the tea leaves, and buds are manually picked to process white tea for VAHDAM. As it is picked from the mountains it has a floral aroma of orchards with a subtle sweetness that you can enjoy after brewing a cup of tea. Each packet comes with 15 tea bags which is a very small number compared to others. 

The feature we like most about this white tea is that the tea bags are triangular or pyramid shapes and when immersed in water, the tea is immersed from all sides. After setting the tea bags in the water, no dust comes out of the bag as they used the premium quality tea to pack the tea bags. Not only they focused on preparing a healthy tea but also the packaging is carbon neutral and plastic neutral.

8. The Republic of Tea, White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • 50 tea bags are prepared for each packet using the rarest white tea
  • The tea leaves are plucked from the province of China that ensures the original flavor
  • The tea is produced by the leaves that are plucked only two days a year
  • This kosher-certified tea has no content of calories or sugar

The white tea from The Republic of Tea is special in various aspects as this tea was served to the royals in the past. The buds of the tea tree are plucked only two days a year. These are the spring buds that are used to process the refreshing tea. It is one of the rarest teas that are found in the world. 

After plucking, tea leaves are dried and withered. Due to the least processing, the white tea retains the antioxidants that are beneficial for your health. When the tea leaves are steeped in the water, you will see the pale yellow infusion of the tea. For its appearance and light sweet smell, the tea was served to the royals during the Song dynasty.  

As they are especially plucked and monitored, they are also manufactured in an environment that contains no gluten or carb product in their surrounding. Not to mention, this white tea is kosher certified as well.

9. Organic Positively Tea, White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • These loose tea leaves have a blend of Bai Mu Dan tea and blue cornflowers
  • It is an organic tea that has a mild berry flavor
  • They got their organic certification from USDA
  • Each pouch is 4 ounces that can serve more than 150 cups

For those who like to vary the tea strength from time to time, the white from the Organic Positively Tea can be a great choice. First of all, the tea leaves are loose and you can set the strength as you want. One bag can make 150 to 240 cups of white depending on the number of leaves you use for brewing. 

Many people can think that the leaves will lose all the aroma after coming in contact with them every time you open the bag to take the leaves out. But the bag has an airtight seal that will keep the air out. As you immerse the tea leaves in hot water for 2 to 3 minutes, you will get a floral smell due to the addition of organic cornflowers. The white tea has no overpowering taste and will give a flavor of berry every time you take a sip. All the organic ingredients are used on the white tea to get the organic certification from USDA.

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10. The Tao of Tea, Imperial White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It is a pack of loose tea leaves that can brew tea for 30 cups
  • It has an aroma of chestnut with a slightly smoky flavor to give a unique flavor

This tea from the Tao of Tea has a nutty flavor that makes it a new flavor. To bring out the nutty aroma chestnut is used. After growing in the Fujian province of china, the tea buds are plucked to dry them in the sun. It has a specific plucking time which is early spring. 

After brewing the tea, you will light golden color extraction from the leaves. These loose leaves come in a container of 1.5 ounces that you can make tea for 30 cups effortlessly. However, we don't know if all the ingredients are organic. We would also like to mention, the tea would not be suitable for those who are allergic to nuts as it has the flavors of chestnut.

11. Trader Joe's White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • The pack comes with 20 teabags that have the flavor of pomegranate
  • Lemongrass and hibiscus flowers are added to give a citrusy and floral aroma
  • The pack has mentioned that it is a pareve product

The Trader Joe's White Tea comes with a burst of flavors. It is produced with white, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers to enhance the flavor of the tea. About 94% of the ingredients are organic. All the elements are properly blended so that it does not have an overpowering flavor of one element.  

It comes in a pink square paper box and the box contains 20 tea bags that you can easily immerse in water for brewing a refreshing tea. One of the important features of this white tea is that you can see they mentioned it is Pareve MK. it means it has no dairy or meat products used in the production of the tea.

12. Tazo White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • Each pack can serve 20 cups with 20 teabags easily
  • 2 types of organic berries are used to add flavor to the tea
  • It is easy to carry while traveling as it comes in sealed tea bags

If you are a fan of berries then you are going to like the white tea from Tazo. Huckleberry and white cranberry are used in processing the white tea. Black tea from Darjeeling is also a component that is used in processing the tea. Due to the addition of black tea, the amount of caffeine in this tea is greater than the other white teas. It contains 31 to 45 milligrams of caffeine so do not want to drink more than 2 cups of this white tea daily.

While brewing this tea, you will get a burst of berry aroma in the tea. The pack contains 20 tea bags that you can carry to your work or hiking easily. The elements used in this tea are organic so there is less risk of getting allergy from any preservative.

13. Davidson's White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It is a pack of 16 ounces of loose leaves that can serve a large number of people
  • The tea buds are collected from the Himalayan mountains to prepare the white tea
  • It is an organic tea certified by the USDA
  • Kosher certification is given to this pack of white tea

For the restaurant owners, this pack of white tea from Davidson's is suitable as it comes in large quantities. The loose tea is easy to set the strength and you can prepare the tea just the way your customers like. It has a traditional flavor and the tea is grown in the mountains of the Himalayas.

This tea can be used to make green tea, herbal tea, black tea as well. The time required to prepare each type of tea is mentioned in the package. As it is flexible to brew various types of tea, it contains a large amount of caffeine. If you want to buy this pack of tea for home, store it in an airtight container. We also advise storing small amounts of tea separately for regular use.

14. Tealyra White Tea

Highlighted Features

  • This white loose tea is a classic Chinese tea that is harvested at the beginning of the spring
  • It appears as a golden yellow color when brewed
  • The bag weighs 3.5 ounces and has low caffeine content
  • The bag has a ziplock that makes it easier to store in the cupboard

Lastly, we have white tea from Tealyra which is the white peony. If you are a fan of Chinese tea, you will know this type of tea is considered classic Chinese tea. These tea leaves are packed with premium quality tea that is plucked in the spring. 

This white tea is rich in antioxidants and is naturally grown to provide the natural flavor in the tea. The flavor is a combination of fruit and fresh green grass that make it refreshing. The thing we like about these tea leaves is that the bags are very comfortable to use and you can store the leaves in the bag without any contact with air. You can carry this bag with you as well as it has a ziplock system.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best White Tea

Do you prefer loose tea over tea bags? Loose tea leaves are safe whereas teabags go through bleaching to remove any toxic chemicals. Though the white tea is known for their health benefits, you need to be careful if they are packed in toxic packages as well.

The flavor of the tea

The white tea originated in China and was served to the royals for its delicate flavor and appearance. The white tea has a pale yellow color and spreads a sweet smell when the leaves are immersed in the hot water. But as days went by, we love variations in flavors in our tea. 

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To add flavors in the white tea, pomegranate, berries, citrus fruit, etc are used. To keep the tea, the flavors of fruits are added in an organic way. No genetically modified products are used to make it more aromatic. So if you are bored of one flavor, you can easily switch to another flavored white tea. 

Teabag or loose leaves?

Teabags are very comfortable to use and can be easily cleaned by getting rid of the bags. However, tea bags are not packed with the best quality tea as you cannot see the leaves with your eyes. The loose leaves are visible and you can decide if you are going to buy them again after buying them for the first time. 

In addition, loose leaves are suitable to prepare the strength of the tea as you prefer. The tea bags will not give the desired taste you want. The loose leaves can be used as minerals for plants as they decompose easily. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the loose tea leaves can go bad and lose all the flavor if not kept in an airtight container.    

Types of white tea

White tea, green tea, black tea differ in the processing method. But there are types of white tea that differ in the time of plucking and size of the leaves. There are 5 types of white tea which are Silver Needle, White Peony, Gong Mei, Shou Mei, and Moonlight White. 

Silver needle is the most known white and expensive tea. The top buds of the tree are used to process this tea. The flavor of this light and tea leaves appears as white silky hair. 

White Peony is harvested during the early spring. Two leaves and unopened buds are plucked to process them into white tea. This type of white tea produces dark liquor.

Gong Mei has similarities with white peony and produces darker liquor than the white peony. 

Shou Mei is usually used to make white tea with various blends to make it flavorful. If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, you should opt for this type of tea. 

Moonlight White has no bitter taste but has liquor close to black tea. 

Tea dust

We have mentioned that loose tea leaves are better than tea bags. But if you choose teabags, then make sure the brand provides the best tea leaves and no tea dust accumulated at the base of the teacup. White tea is the least processed tea of all teas and you will see the white tea leaves are the actual tea buds that are dried for days. 

After drying, the leaves are separated into different qualities. The bid tea leaves produce less to no tea dust after immersion in the hot water. But if the bag contains bad quality tea leaves, you will see tea dust piled up at the bottom of the tea.

Number cups each packet can serve

Are you a heavy tea drinker? Tea, coffees are those types of drinks that we like to drink while studying or working on something important. As they contain a lot of caffeine, they are not a healthy option but white tea contains less caffeine than other types of tea. According to healthline, white tea contains 15% less caffeine than green tea. 

You can drink 2 or 3 cups of white tea every day. If you are a heavy drinker of white tea to refresh your find you need to buy a pack that can serve 2 to 3 weeks easily. With loose leaves, you can change the number of leaves to use for brewing tea.

Time needed to prepare white tea

In our busy lives, we have very little time to prepare refreshing drinks in the middle of work. The white tea takes 3 to 5 minutes at most to brew the perfect white tea. The more you keep the tea leaves immersed in water, the more the tea will be stronger. 

You can also prepare iced white tea. Immerse the tea leaves for 10 minutes in hot water and then wait to cool down. After the tea is cold, pour cold water in the brewed tea to enjoy the refreshing iced tea.


Can I drink white tea every day?

Yes, you can drink white every day of the week 2 or 3 times as it has the highest antioxidants and reduces the risk of diseases. 

Does white tea cause insomnia?

No, there is a scientific relation between insomnia and white tea. Consuming white tea before going to bed can affect your sleep due to the natural caffeine but will not cause insomnia. 

Is white tea help in reducing weight?

Yes, white tea can help to reduce weight in some length but for great eight loss, you need to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

How white tea is different from green and black tea?

White, green, and black tea come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis. They differ in the process of manufacturing the tea. White tea is the least processed tea out of the three. 

How to brew a perfect cup of white tea?

Here is the video to help you prepare the refreshing white tea.


If you are new to white tea, we have mentioned all the important details to get a complete idea of white. White tea is considered a healthy tea compared to others as it contains less caffeine and more antioxidants. Deciding on the flavor of the tea is also a hassle but we advise you to buy the flavor of the favorite fruit. 

Another factor is choosing loose tea over tea bags. We know the tea bags are comfortable but the tea might not be flavorful or tea can have a smell of paper due to the teabag. Also, huge consumption of tea can stain your teeth. So, consider the factor of your usage before buying the best white tea as your drink.

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