The 8 Best Infrared Grills in 2023

Aren’t you tired of traditional grills taking too long to grill food? Do you not want a grill that distributes heat evenly and does not have problems with retaining heat? We all know how the problems with traditional grills can ruin your grilling day. If you are someone who is seeking to find a better way to grill your food, we might have the right product for you.

An infrared grill uses infrared radiation to heat up the grill. This means that an infrared grill has the ability to reach a higher temperature compared to the conventional grills. You can easily reach a temperature of 370 degrees celsius within just a few minutes. This allows you to cook your food at a faster rate.

Such grills are best for searing meat. By using infrared grills, you will be able to enhance the flavour of your meals. This is because the infrared waves are directly absorbed into your food, making your food more juicy and delicious. Moreover, infrared grills make grilling easier so you do not have to look for special occasions to get your grill on. In this article, we have listed and reviewed the best infrared grills that you will find in the market.

Best Pick

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

The Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill is our best pick because of its high functionality, unique technology and convenient design.

Budget Pick

Philips HD6371 94 Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

The Philips HD6371/94 Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is our budget pick because it is highly portable and has the ability to cook gourmet meals in just a few minutes. This is definitely worth the hype.

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1. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

This 22.68 pound grill lets you cook in three different styles. You can smoke, roast or grill your food using just one grill. Say goodbye to flare ups and uneven heat distribution with the addition of TRU-infrared technology. This unique feature helps to trap the moisture in the food which keeps the food from drying out. 

This char-broil grill has a cooking surface of 180 square inches. The roasting basket can hold a maximum of 25 pounds of meat. It is perfect for roasting poultry. This grill can produce up to 18,000 BTUs of grilling power and the temperature control is efficient. 

The grates are made of porcelain-enameled stainless steel which prevents the grates from rusting. The legs are made of steel and give good support to the grill. There are handles on each side which makes it easier to move the grill from one place to another. This grill can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • The grill reaches a high temperature within a short period of time. This enables you to cook your meal faster so you can spend more time enjoying it with your loved ones.
  • You will be able to cook a wide variety of food using the grill so it is suitable for occasions where there is a big crowd.


  • It is difficult to keep the temperature low. This means that there is a higher chance of your food being burnt.
  • Consumers have reported that the smoker does not function well. It adds the flavour of the smoke but you can’t really smoke your food.
  • It is difficult to clean the cooking grates as the drippings are not vaporised.

2. Philips HD6371/94 Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

The Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is an electric grill which is specially designed to maximise infrared radiation while minimising the smoke. There will be less smoke as there is a drip tray underneath the grilling surface that remains cool at all times. This means you can have authentic grill flavoured food inside your own kitchen.

This grill is pretty lightweight - it weighs only 15.66 pounds. Setting it up is pretty simple since all you need to do is attach it with the grate overtop. If you want to clean this grill, you can wipe it with a wet cloth or put the parts in a dishwasher. This makes it easy to clean and saves you a lot of time. 


  • The grill surface is made of aluminium which makes it non-stick. You can grill food with ease without worrying about it sticking to the grill.
  • The grill does not use fans so noise is minimised.


  • The cooking surface is only 112 square inches which means that you will not be able to fit a lot of food on the grilling surface. This will lengthen your cooking time.
  • It does not have any heat controls which makes it difficult to cook certain foods that need adjustable heat.

3. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This 20 pound portable grill is compact and lightweight which means that it is easy to carry and store. It also has heat-resistant side handles. This grill has a heavy-duty lid lock and the legs are well-built. These make it perfect for picnicking, tailgating, and even camping. 

The grill has a cooking surface of 200 square inches which is perfect for cooking food for a small crowd. The grates are made of stainless steel which make it easy to clean because of its low weight. This grill can produce a total of 9,500 BTUs of grilling power without needing any batteries. 


  • The TRU-infrared cooking system allows you to cook with no heat retention issues even during harsh weather conditions.
  • This compact grill is able to produce high cooking temperatures within a span of a few minutes.
  • The built-in temperature gauge allows you to keep track of and control the temperature inside the grill.


  • It is not built for slow cooking. It is quite difficult to retain low temperatures, even in low heat settings.
  • This grill requires high maintenance. You need to clean it immediately after you are finished with your cooking.
  • Consumers have reported that the grease holes in the grates clog up quite frequently.

4. Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

This Char-Broil Gas Grill is ideal for parties with friends and family. With a grilling surface of 450 square inches, you will be able to fit a lot of food on the grill.

To give you a visual, you can cook up to 24 burgers at once. The cooking grates are made of cast iron that are enameled with porcelain. This gives you a grilling surface that is able to resist rust and corrosion. 

The grill has a solid construction. Its body is fully made of stainless steel and so are the three burners. The three burners blast out 24,000 BTUs of grilling power along with the 10,000 BTUs of grilling power that comes from the lidded side burner. This feature ensures even heat distribution and consistent heat retention throughout your cooking process.


  • Electronic ignition allows for faster start-up.
  • This grill has heavy-duty wheels which make it easier to move it around.
  • Precise temperature control lets you adjust temperature based on your cooking preferences.


  • Many consumers have found it difficult to clean this gas grill as you need to dismantle the parts and clean them separately.
  • Assembling this grill is a challenge. It takes up a lot of your time.

5. Simple Living Products Infrared Indoor Smokeless Grill

This infrared grill produces zero smoke while cooking. There are no grease splatters and the grill has a constant temperature of 446 degrees fahrenheit which is the ideal temperature for searing meat. The electric grill runs on 1,800 Watts of grilling power. 

The grill has the ability to cook juicy and tender meat while minimising oil intake. Not just meat, you can cook a wide variety of food including seafood, vegetables, burgers and many more. This grill comes with a custom recipe book which is recommended by renowned chefs. You do not have to go through the hassle of finding a good recipe. You will find tons in this book. 

The grill has a non-stick cooking surface of 112 square inches. It weighs only 10.69 pounds which makes it easy to transport. You can take this grill on your camping trip or just simply place it on top of your kitchen counter.


  • Cleaning up is simple. The grill grates and the drip trays can be washed easily.
  • Two-piece setup enables easy assembly.


  • It has a relatively small cooking surface which means that this grill is not the most convenient for big crowds.
  • Consumer complaints have revealed that it is difficult to attain high cooking temperatures on this grill.

6. Char-Broil 20602107 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

This Char-Broil Electric Grill has a total cooking surface of 320 square inches. The primary cooking surface has 240 square inches of grilling space while the warming rack above has a surface area of 120 square inches. You can cook up to 12 burgers at once using this grill. 

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The grill grates are coated with porcelain which are known to retain heat well. Such grates are also resistant to rust. Porcelain coating also makes the grilling surface non-stick. The grill has stainless burners with accurate temperature control. It can reach a maximum of 450 degrees fahrenheit. 

Although the grill weighs 45.6 pounds, it can be moved around easily as it has rear wheels. The grill can be used both indoors and outdoors. You will get better results if you use it in an open space.


  • The warming rack is removable and can be used to keep the cooked food warm.
  • The front handle can be used as a rack to hang your towels or aprons.
  • The removable grease tray makes it easy to clean and maintain. Use a nylon brush for the best results.


  • The power cord is quite short. This means that you will need to be near a power outlet or invest in an extension cord.
  • Assembling the grill requires a lot of work. This occurs mainly because instructions are ambiguous.

7. Northfire Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill

The  Northfire Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill is a 32 pound high quality grill with four racks. One rack has 300 square inches of grilling space. This allows you to cook different types of meals all at once. You will be able to fit up to six burgers on each rack. This feature definitely cuts your cooking time in half. 

The grill can reach a maximum temperature of 1,500 degrees fahrenheit within just one minute. This propane infrared grill is perfect for searing meat. The burners produce 8,500 BTUs of grilling power and the whole unit is made with stainless steel. 

It is easy to operate. All you need to do is push the ignition button to get your grill on. The grill has a long power cord of 39.5 inches so you do not have to invest in an extension cord. Moreover, the “V” design on the cooking grates allow for more flavourful food while keeping grease splatters to a minimum. This grill is perfect for tailgating, picnicking, camping or even backyard parties.


  • Cleaning the grill is easy since all the racks and grease trays are demountable. All the parts are dishwasher-friendly.
  • You will be able to cook restaurant-quality meals within just a few minutes.


  • You cannot use the grill indoors because the bottom of the grill heats up quickly. Be sure not to use it on top of a plastic table.
  • You have to place your food towards the back of the grill. Otherwise, you will not get the best results.
  • The screws loosen up so be sure to tighten them up from time to time.

8. Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill 

This 15 pound grilling machine has a compact design which makes it easy to transport and store. It has 140 square inches of grilling space which means that this grill is suitable for small crowds. 

The Solaire infrared ceramic burner produces 14,000 BTUs of grilling power which helps to retain heat well. Infrared radiation makes the grill heat up in a span of only three minutes. There is no uneven heat distribution on the grilling surface. This enables you to grill perfectly seared meat. Moreover, drippings from the food do not cause flare-ups because of the infrared technology. 

However, this grill has a flawed design. There is not much space under the lid which keeps you from closing the lid fully. This may hinder performance as you may not be able to achieve that high heat temperature. Moreover, since the burner is made of ceramic, there is a good chance that it may shatter if it hits a hard surface.


  • This grill has easy assembly. All you need to do is attach the six bolts and the four legs to the grill.
  • It can be used with larger propane tanks.


  • This grill does not function well during harsh weather conditions. Even if there is wind, you will not be able to cook food.
  • The grill is not meant for slow cooking. It tends to dry out the meat.
  • It does not contain a built-in thermometer so there is no way to monitor the temperature inside the grill.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Infrared Grill


A compact infrared grill will take up less space and will probably take less time to assemble since there won’t be many parts to attach. It will be easier to store and carry. However, a small grill will most likely have a relatively smaller grilling space. This may not be suitable if you do not plan on grilling in batches.  

Moreover, it also depends where you will be grilling your food. Do you plan on setting the grill on top of your kitchen counter or do you grill in your backyard? If you have a lot of space, then we suggest you go for a bigger size. 

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Some grills come fully assembled while others take up a lot of your time. In most cases, you just need to attach a few parts such as the handles, legs and cooking grates. But there are cases where the grills require a lot of effort and patience. 

Clear and specific instructions will hasten your assembly process. You should look for a grill with easy assembly so that you do not have to spend a hefty amount of your time just assembling the grill. 

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface on your grill helps to picture how much food you can fit on it. For example, with a cooking surface of 240 square inches, you can easily fit 8-10 burgers on it. How much cooking surface to look for will determine on the number of people you will be cooking for. 

If you usually cook for a big crowd, then it is best if you choose an infrared grill with a cooking surface of 200 square inches or more. On the other hand, a cooking surface of 160-190 square inches will work just fine for a small group of 4-6 people. Moreover, grills with multiple grilling racks are available so you don’t have to worry about cooking in batches. 


Your infrared grill needs cleaning at least twice a year. Some grills require nylon brushes to clean up the debris while others may just need to be wiped with a wet cloth. To make cleaning up easier, look for grills with parts that are removable. This will save you a lot of hassle. 

Some infrared grills have removable parts that are dishwasher-friendly. Simply disassemble the parts and turn your dishwasher on. You should also look for cooking grates that are non-stick and have resistance to rust. This feature makes your grill more durable. 

Range of Temperature

The maximum temperature of your grill can vary. Some grills have a maximum temperature of 1.500 degrees fahrenheit whereas others reach up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. High temperatures will cook your food faster. It will also affect the flavour of your food. 

If you want slow cooking as an option, you may want to invest in an infrared grill that is capable of retaining low temperatures too. 


If you plan on using your grill indoors, you might want to look at the smokeless infrared grills. You can place it on your kitchen counter or set it up on your balcony. The smokeless feature limits the amount of smoke produced so you do not have to worry about your fire alarm going off in the midst of your cooking process.

If you want to grill outdoors, invest in an infrared grill with a long power cord. A lidded grill will help to keep high temperatures inside the grill. You will not need to worry about weather conditions if you invest in grills with good wind resistance.

Electric or Gas?

Infrared electric grills generally produce a lower heat temperature compared to infrared gas grills. A lot of flavour is lost when using the electric grill. However, electric grills are relatively easier to operate since most have ignition buttons. Moreover, with gas grills, it is difficult to change the fuel source once you’ve already used one. 

Other Features

Infrared grills with built-in thermometers help to monitor the temperature inside the grill. This helps when you’re following a recipe. Temperature control knobs help to set the right temperature for your food. Infrared grills with removable warming racks come in handy when you are cooking for a big group of people. 


There is no doubt that infrared grills solve the problems associated with heat retention and heat distribution that we usually see in conventional gas grills or charcoal grills. You are able to get more juicy steaks and flavourful food using this type of grill. The cherry on top is that it cuts your cooking time in half which means you have more time to enjoy with friends and family. Quite simply put, infrared grills are for people who would want to have grilled restaurant-worthy meals whenever and wherever. It is extremely important that you invest in an infrared grill that suits you best. It is no doubt that the best infrared grill will forever change your grilling experience.

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