The 12 Best Ramen Bowls That Gives Authentic Ramen Experience

The first step toward indulging in an authentic and traditional ramen experience is to have the best ramen bowl at your disposal.  Classic ramen is one that has a perfect ratio of noodles, broth, sauce, and toppings and an ideal bowl should be able to hold all these together without the fear of spilling it. While visual satisfaction plays a significant role, the shape of your choice of ramen bowl is a matter of importance.

The shape is important because upon this, the holding capacity, the ease of using chopsticks, basically the whole preparation of ramen is dependent. But given the market has so many options to offer, how would you know which would be the best pick? 

For all the ramen lovers out there you need to know which ramen bowl will be the perfect addition to your kitchen! To make an informed purchase and know what the market has to offer you, this article has shortlisted some of the best ramen bowls along with other important factors that you need to know to pick the one that suits your preferences.

Best Pick

Veriosa 4 Ramen Bowl Sets

After a difficult and close fight, the best pick position has been grabbed by the ramen bowl set from Veriosa because why not? It is an all-rounder as it comes in a 16 piece value pack with high-end finishes and features the perfect shape that you seek in the best ramen bowl. The extremely durable, non-toxic, dishwasher, and microwave-friendly ramen bowl set is second to none and our favorite one.

Budget Pick

Y YHY Ramen Bowl Sets

If you want the best within your budget then hands down the award for the budget pick goes to Y YHY Ramen Bowl Sets. The 4 ceramic bowl set comes with a lifetime warranty that boasts its durability and its multipurpose use are some of the highlighted features of the product. Featuring an exclusive design that gives you a restaurant-like feeling, this ramen bowl set is a favorable deal!

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Ramen Bowl Review

Product NameSet/SingleMicrowave SafeDishwasher SafeGrade
Veriosa 4 Ramen Bowl SetsSet of 4NoYesA+
Y YHY Ramen Bowl SetsSet of 4YesYesA+
Happy Sales 5"D Ramen BowlSingleYesYesB+
Kimi Cuisine Melamine Ramen BowlSet of 2NoYesA
DOWAN Ceramic Ramen BowlSet of 4YesYesA
NJCharms Ceramic Ramen BowlsSet of 4YesYesA
Enesco Pusheen Mud Ramen BowlSingleNoNoB
Vallenwood Melamine Ramen BowlSet of 2YesYesB
DeeCoo Melamine Ramen Bowl SetSet of 3NoYesB+
APEX S.K. Ramen BowlSet of 4YesB
Vallenwood Ceramic Ramen BowlSet of 2YesYesB+
Yeking Ceramic Ramen Bowl SetSet of 2YesYesB

1. Veriosa 4 Ramen Bowl Sets

As the first product on our list, we have chosen the set of 4 ramen bowls set from Veriosa which come in four different colors to give you a feeling of an authentic restaurant-like Ramen experience. 

Perfect Finish…

The bowl comes with two different kinds of finish on the inner and outer sides. The inside of the bowl features a glossy finish which makes them super-easy for cleaning as the food residues do not stick on the surface. On the other hand, the outside of the bowl has rather a matte finish with elegant patterns. The matt finish also helps you get a good grip on the bowl and stops them from slipping away. 

Ideal Shape… 

The 3.4 ounces bowls are big enough to hold a good portion of ramen and still leaves room for adding extra toppings as well. The rims of the bowls are thin which makes it easy to touch the lips. You can slurp your soup without the fear of spilling. 

Raw materials… 

The bowls are made up of food-grade lead-free melamine which does not pose any health risks so you do not have to be concerned about the safety of your health with this one. Moreover, since the body is constructed from melamine it prevents breakage like a champ on incidents when you accidentally drop the bowls. 

Not only that… 

The melamine body can withstand very high heat and will not melt or show any damages when exposed to high temperatures. This gives you the advantage of serving your hot soup or ramen right from your stove to your bowl without waiting for it to cool down. This makes handling super easy and convenient. 

What’s more? 

The ramen bowl set is a 16 piece set actually and is accompanied by a lot of accessories. With the bowls coming in 4 very attractive colors, it comes with spoons that are hooked on the handle to stop them from slipping into the bowl. The spoons are perfect in size; they are compact and complement the bowls perfectly. The set also includes 4 sets of chopsticks which are coated with an anti-slip material which is perfect for beginners as well as older people who might not have a great deal of chopstick practice. 

Not to forget… 

This ramen bowl is crazy! Even though it is easy to rinse this, you do not have to allocate a different time to wash them as they are dishwasher-friendly which means you can wash them with your other kitchen utensils. Moreover, they are safe to be used in your freezer as well. You can put your leftovers directly into the freezer in the bowls without the hassle of transferring them to a different container for storing. 

What we liked: We loved that this amazing set comes with a lifetime warranty which means you can make a worry-free purchase. On top of that, because of its premium Japanese inspired packaging, it makes a perfect gift for any occasion especially for the ones who enjoy Japanese cuisine. 

What we didn’t like: The only downside of this product to us is that it is not microwave-safe so if you want to reheat your leftovers or heat your food in general, you need to find an alternative to microwaves.

2. Y YHY Ramen Bowl Sets

If the appearance of your crockeries is a major factor to you, then this product from Y YHY should make it to your list because of its extremely attractive design of the perfect combination of bright blue and white both on the exterior and the interior of the bowls. 

The textures of the patterns on the outer side of the bowls give it a very comfortable non-slip grip. Additionally, the bowls blend perfectly in every set up- be it a party, a restaurant, or a home dining.

Eye-catching style… 

This ramen bowl also comes in a set of 4 and is constructed from tough ceramic material. The elegant design of the patterns gives a professional touch to these 24 ounces bowls. 

Moreover, due to its extremely attractive design, it can work out as a very likable gift on occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings, and for housewarmings in particular as they give your kitchen a sophisticated look when stacked on your kitchen shelf.

No fading! 

The bowls are perfectly safe to be washed in a dishwasher but you need to place them in your bowl rack with proper distances between them. Now you may worry about the bright colors fading away when washed in a dishwasher as it offers an aggressive cleaning process but the color of the bowls remains perfect even after several washes. 

What’s more? 

The ramen bowl set also comes in a very compact package which makes it suitable for shipping and you do not have to worry about it cracking. They will be delivered to you fully intact but in case you face problems with the product, this is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty and an additional free replacement/refund offer. 

What we liked: We loved the multipurpose use of the bowl set. The perfect depth of the bowl and ease of holding it makes it ideal for breakfast cereal, soup, salad, stew, pasta, and rice and has enough room for extra toppings without any spills. 

Additionally, the bowls are microwave-safe. This is because the ceramic body can withstand the heat and only heats the food without getting hot itself. 

What we didn’t like: Even though it is microwave-safe, the food content inside the bowl does not heat up easily.

3. Happy Sales 5"D Ramen Bowl

Happy Sales with their 5’’D Ramen Bowl caters to those customers who want a traditionally authentic touch to their ramen experience. The product features a blue Kanagawa wave and Fuji Mountain design on the exterior of the bowl. 

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Superb capacity… 

The bowl can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid or in other words, 2 cups of liquid and remains below the holes of the bowl. The perfect height of 4 inches and a wide diameter of 4 inches wonderfully renders enough portions of soup/ramen to satisfy your hunger. 

The Koudaidon design of the bowl features a tall bottom which protects the users from burning their hands while holding or slurping soup from the bowl. The bowl is not only fit for serving ramen but also can be used for udon and pho as well.

What’s included? 

The ramen bowl set is accompanied by matching chopsticks which feature a length of 9 inches that is perfect for holding and using. The chopsticks can be rested on the bowl when not in use on the holes of the bowl. 

What we liked: The bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe. This means you can reheat your food in the same bowl and it does not require any extra attention as it can be washed with regular utensils in your dishwasher. 

What we didn’t like: There are no major downsides to this product. However, it would be perfect if it came with other accessories like chopsticks/spoons or in a set. 

4. Kimi Cuisine Melamine Ramen Bowl

For the fourth entry in our list, we have gone with the unique and elegant looking traditional ramen set of 2 bowls which comes with two sets of matching chopsticks and 2 ladle spoons to complement the bowls. The bowl set is everything that you can ask for from an ideal ramen bowl set. The chopsticks can rest on top of the bowl where there are dedicated cuts to hold them when not in use. 

Not only ramen… 

The large size and holding capacity of 37 ounces make the bowls not only perfect for serving ramen but also Pho, Udon, Korean soba, noodles, or any other soupy dishes with perfect portions for lunch or dinner.

Safety first… 

The bowls are made up of food-grade quality melamine which does not put your health at risk as the bowl will not contaminate your food with any sort of toxins when exposed to high temperatures. 

Durable and lightweight…

The bowls are extremely light which makes them portable and carrying food is easier than ever. Even though they are lightweight, the melamine gives them a strong build which prevents them from cracking even when accidentally dropped. The premium quality of the melamine used to make the bowls is extra durable and can be used for a prolonged period without looking for alternatives.  

Not only that… 

This is top-rack dishwasher safe so you do not have to go through the tiresome process of washing them by hands separately. Moreover, as all the prior products reviewed, this also works as an amazing gift for friends and family, especially the ones who love Asian cuisine because of its eye-catching packaging. 

What we liked: The quality of the product is top-notch and you get the manufacturers’ word for it! The ramen bowl set comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of it. 

What we didn’t like: The fact that the bowl is not microwaveable is the con for us. It means you need to transfer your food to a microwave-proof container in order to heat/reheat it.

5. DOWAN Ceramic Ramen Bowl

Add class to your kitchen shelf with this product from DOWAN which comes with 4 in 1 bowl set and features a modern and classic white porcelain body. This one is one of the deepest ramen bowls the market has to offer with a holding capacity of 30-32 ounces which makes it ideal for serving miso soup in this.

What’s included? 

The bowl set is accompanied by 2 pairs of chopsticks and 2 spoons that feature long handles. The long-handled spoons complement the ramen bowls perfectly so they do get fully dipped in the soup or ramen that you are having.

Safety over anything… 

The food-grade porcelain body makes the bowl completely risk free. It is lead-free and does not contaminate your food with harmful chemicals when hot soups are served in it. This means the bowl set ensures the safety of your health.

3 in 1… 

In addition to all the amazing features the bowl set comes with, it is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe. This means that you can wash this with your other crockeries as it does not require extra care. Not only that, you can use it to store your leftovers in the freezer and reheat them using a microwave anytime you want. 

What’s special? 

The feature that makes this our favorite is its design. The flat bottom design of the ramen bowls gives them extra stability and when placed in your kitchen shelf or cabinet will not create shaking sounds. Moreover, the storing of these is very convenient as the bowls can be stacked on top of each other which saves up a lot of space. 

Moreover, for safe handling, the ramen bowl set is packed using EPE foams which prevent it from moving during transit. 

What we liked: Even though it is a ramen bowl, it works amazingly as a cereal bowl. The depth of the bowl makes it ideal for those who love extra toppings with their cereal. Not only that, the versatility that the bowl offers is truly its best feature. 

What we didn’t like: So far we have no issues with it one.

6. NJCharms Ceramic Ramen Bowls

Next up in our list, we have a ceramic ramen bowl set from NJCharms which is made to last for decades and gives you the most authentic Asian recipe experience. The set comes with 4 bowls and has a chef recommended capacity of 35 ounces. 

Good build… 

The bowls are made from high-quality study commercial-grade ceramic that boasts durability and you do not have to seek replacements even after several times of use. The ceramic body is non-toxic and lead-free so this does not pose any health risks and will not chip. So, you can make a worry-free purchase.

Very friendly… 

It is our favorite because it is both microwave and dishwasher-friendly. This makes using this one super convenient. You do not have to spend extra time handwashing them and you can warm your food without the bowls getting warm. 

On the other hand, hand washing or scrubbing is also pretty simple with this one as the bowls feature a high-density glazed coating that prevents the food from sticking to its surface. 

What we liked: We absolutely loved the versatility with this on. It is not only perfect for soupy dishes but also fit for serving fried rice and stir-fries. 

What we didn’t like: There are no major cons that need to be mentioned for this product. However, the bowl would be an all-rounder if chopsticks or spoons were included in the set as ramen bowl sets of similar prices come with those bonuses.

7. Enesco Pusheen Mud Ramen Bowl

If you are a fan of the cartoon character, Pusheen then this will be your favorite in no time as the bowl features a graphic of the cat devouring noodles on the exterior of the bowl. It is from the Mud collection by Enesco that features a dimension of 5x5x4 inches which is perfect to serve soupy dishes with toppings. 


The bowl is made up of premium-quality stoneware which is fit for extended use. In addition to that, the material is non-toxic and lead-free which makes it safe for your health and no harmful toxins will impregnate your food.


The bowl also features notches on the top where you can rest your chopsticks when they are not in use. Additionally, it is recommended that you only hand wash the product. 

What we liked: We love how this bowl comes in a gift box which makes it ideal for a present. Moreover, kids love this cute product!

What we didn’t like: The major downside of this product is it is not dishwasher or microwave safe. So it might not be a good choice for the people who dislike washing their dishes by hand and be careful not to use it in a microwave as it may cause accidents.

8. Vallenwood Melamine Ramen Bowl 

As our eighth product, we have decided to review the Melamine Ramen Bowl set from Vallenwood that has 16 pieces including 2 ramen bowls, 2 pairs of chopsticks, 2 soup spoons, and a pair of chopstick stands which offers you a restaurant-like dining experience. 

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Important specifications… 

Each of the ramen bowls weighs 10 ounces and features a dimension of 4x7.5 inches. Their holding capacities are 32 ounces each and the bowls are able to work as an insulator as it keeps the food as till the end. The capacity is chef-recommended and is sufficient for a lunch or dinner meal. In addition to these, there are notches at the top of the bowls for holding the chopsticks when they are not in use.

What’s special? 

The feature that makes this different is the addition of the chopstick stand. This very addition makes the entire set more hygienic as you do not have to put them down on your table when not in use. Moreover, you do have to worry about your tablecloth being messed up because of the chopsticks. 

Super construction… 

This one is also made from good quality restaurant grade melamine which makes it super-durable and prevents breakage like a winner. The bowls are also lightweight which makes handling super convenient as you have to carry hot food without any difficulty. Additionally, the ridged detail of the tasteful red and black combination makes it look nothing less than ceramic bowls and gives a good feel in your hands. 

What’s more? 

Another important feature that the bowl set offers is that it is dishwasher and microwave friendly which makes using this even more convenient. 

What we liked: We love this one because it is an all-rounder! It is a perfect combo of tableware that you require to host your friends and family. Moreover, the bowl set is accompanied by a manufacturer buyback policy in case the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product. 

What we didn’t like: Even though the bowl claims to be of an ideal size but if you want a good portion of ramen then your bowl will be overfilled which would create issues with handling and eating as well. Additionally, the spoons are also small in size and would fall into the bowl which was another issue we faced with this product.

9. DeeCoo Melamine Ramen Bowl Set 

The factor that makes this product from DeeCoo different from the rest is that it comes in a great value pack of 12 pieces which includes 3 large ramen bowls accompanied by 3 large matching ramen/soup spoons and 3 pairs of chopsticks. This one is the ultimate set for ensuring authentic Asian cuisine at the comfort of your home. 

What’s exciting? 

The design of these bowl sets is similar to that of the Kimi cuisine one (4th product on our list), however, this one is able to keep your food warm for a longer time so you can enjoy long dinner sessions with your friends and family. The bowls are also able to render a fulfilling portion of food so that you are satisfied.

Amazing resistance… 

The food-grade quality melamine body is able to provide resistance to many factors. Firstly, the bowls are able to safely withstand temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celsius (250 degrees Fahrenheit). Moreover, the body is sturdy and drop resistant, unlike ceramic or porcelain ones. This in turn makes it fit for extended use without seeking replacements for it. 


Even though the ramen bowl is sturdy in terms of its build, it weighs very less compared to that. The lightweight, therefore, facilitates storage. Additionally, the cleanup process is super-easy as well. This can be washed with both hands and in a dishwasher. Simply scrubbing with soap will take off any sort of grease on the surface due to the melamine surface. 

What we liked: Its versatility is amazing! Starting from Ramen, Pho, Udon, Soba, Laksa, Noodle Soup, Thai curries, you name it! This bowl is fit for serving everything. 

Moreover, the bowls have notches at the top where the chopsticks can be rested when not in use which makes storage way easier. 

What we didn’t like: The only problem with this one is that it is not microwave-friendly.

10. APEX S.K. Ramen Bowl 

This one from Apex S.K. is yet another one in our list that features a common design and comes with a black and red combination. However, this very combination adds an aesthetic yet traditional touch to the large 16 pieces noodle bowl set. 

Versatile Size…

The bowls have a capacity of holding up to 34 ounces of liquid without overflowing or spilling. The bowl set includes four bowls, four soup spoons, and 4 pairs of chopsticks. The high-quality melamine body makes it drop-resistant and fit for prolonged use.

Multipurpose use… 

This product has a multipurpose use in the kitchen. Its versatile size makes it suitable for cereal and popcorn and also for Asian-inspired food like Thai curries, noodles dishes, soup dishes, fried rice, Pho, Laksa, etc.

What we liked: We loved the extra ajitama secret recipe that comes with the ramen bowl set. 

What we didn’t like: The size of the bowls is relatively smaller which causes spillage problems.

11. Vallenwood Ceramic Ramen Bowl 

For the eleventh position in our review article has been grabbed by yet another product from Vallenwood but this one features a ceramic body and comes in a 10 piece set that adds a restaurant-like touch to your homemade ramen dishes. 

What’s different? 

This one comes in a beautiful ombre-like color which is fit for both traditional as well as modern setup and in addition to chopsticks this one is also accompanied by a pair of forks and matching handkerchiefs. The set also includes two appealing bowls, two spoons, two pairs of chopsticks, and two fork stands.

Sturdy build… 

The bowls are constructed from tough and commercial-grade ceramic which makes them outlast similar products made from other materials. The good finish of the bowls makes this an elegant addition to your kitchen shelf. In addition to these, the ceramic acts like an insulator. It prevents the heat to be dissipated to the surrounding, rather keeps them warm till the last bite.  

Not only that… 

The bowls are dishwasher-friendly which means you do not have to go through the frustrating task of handwashing them neither do you need to spend extra time on them. Moreover, the bowls are microwave-safe which makes heating super-convenient as it will only heat the food up without itself getting heated. 

What we liked: This set of ramen bowls are large enough and can hold up to 54 ounces of liquid content and extra toppings! This extra-large size is our favorite as it can serve a satisfactory portion for lunch and dinner meals and does not cause sloshing. 

What we didn’t like: The issue with this set is that the spoons and the chopsticks are of as good quality as the bowls and it disappointed us. Also, this product is on the pricier end.

12. Yeking Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set 

For the last entry in our list, we have chosen one from Yeking which features a high quality ceramic bowl set that includes 2 bowls, 2 pairs of chopsticks, and 2 soup spoons. The bowl set is extremely durable so you do not have to seek other options even after several times of use.

Key features… 

The bowls feature a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 8 cm. The holding capacity of the bowls is 900 ml and has a high-end visual effect. The large size and capacity of the bowls make it ideal for serving good proportions of a meal without any spillage.

What’s special? 

The feature that makes it different is the fact that it is fit for rough and tough use. How so? The product is dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator safe. Not only that the bowls are also made of food-grade quality that makes them a healthy choice. 

Additionally, the product is environmentally friendly and can be used in a steamer as well. The textures of the bowls make them slip-free so you will get a good grip on them when having your food. 

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Easy clean-up… 

The smooth ceramic finish of the bowls makes it super easy for cleaning as gentle scrubbing would remove any grease or food residues that are left behind. Moreover, the bowls are dishwasher-friendly so you can wash them with other kitchen crockeries without any worry. 

Lastly, the product is also microwave safe, which means you can reheat or heat your food in general without warming the bowls themselves. 

What we liked: We really enjoyed the 60-day warranty that the product comes with for any issues faced regarding the quality of the product. 

What we didn’t like: There have been complaints regarding the insides of the bowls result in having scratch marks after using it for a few times.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Ramen Bowl

Types of Ramen Bowls the Market Offers

1. Menbachi

The meaning of ‘Menbachi’ literally translates to noodle bowl. They are bigger and deeper in shape and feature wide openings that facilitate eating noodles that are prepared with a lot of soup. 

2. Tayoudon

This is a very common type of ramen bowl that is seen in almost all modern-day ramen restaurants. Modern fusion style ramen like shoyu ramen or miso ramen is generally served in these bowls. The word “Tayoudon” means multi-purpose. So, as its name suggests, Tayoudon is not a specialized ramen bowl, rather it is used for serving a variety of food items. 

The shape of the bowl makes it fit for serving noodles other than ramens like udon or soba. Additionally, the versatility of the bowl makes it fit for rice dishes like katsudon or oyakodon.  

3. Hira Tayoudon

The Hira Tayoudon bowls are a flatter version of the above mentioned Tayoudon type. They are flatter so have a greater space which makes them fit for serving a large quantity of noodles. These are usually used in low-end restaurants where you pay less for a greater quantity of noodles with little broth and toppings. 

4. Ohgigatadon

The literal meaning of the word “Ohgigatadon” is a fan-shaped bowl that is one from the affordable end. This type features a straight and steep exterior shape. If you are new to preparing ramen then this should be a very convenient choice as it is extremely user-friendly and very easy to store as they can be stacked over one another. 

This easy-to-hold is rather a modern type which is used mainly in the high-end restaurants where the quality of food is prioritized over the portion of food served. The steeply angled shape does not give you enough space to fit in a lot of food compared to other bowls. 

5. Koudaidon

This one is rather a classy type and literally translates to “high-footed”, suggesting that the bowl will have a tall bottom. The advantage of this bowl is that it does not put the users at risk of burning their hands on the bottom of the bowl while holding it. 

These bowls have lips that are bent slightly backward which helps you to get a good look at the food that you are going to have. Ramen is usually served in these bowls in budget restaurants where the satisfaction of the customers is taken care of. 

6. Marukoudaidon

This is a more rounded version of the above-discussed bowl which features an extra rim on the lips which helps in handling as it gives you a good grip of the bowl and protects your fingers from burning them. The rims also make slurping the broth easier for you.  

They are wider and have more room for serving a larger quantity compared to Koudaidon. They are generally used to serve ramen noodles or fried rice and are larger in size. 

7. Tamadon

The meaning of “Tamadon” is a ball-shaped bowl and this type is ideally used for serving ramen that is prepared with many extra toppings like portions of meat and vegetables. They have a round mouth and thick lips which prevents the bowl from chipping making it long-lasting. 

How to Choose the Best Ramen Bowl?

1. Material

Even though the authentic Asian ramen bowls are made up of ceramic, the market now offers you a variety of materials from which these bowls are made. It can be made up of plastic or melamine. However, melamine is not a very healthy option and they are usually not microwave-safe but they are drop-resistant and budget-friendly.

Another super budget-friendly option is plastic but has other downsides like they lack insulating properties and can become flimsy when exposed to little heat.

On the other hand, ceramic bowls are considered more tough and durable. They are also a safer option and can keep your food warm for a longer time.

2. Bowl Type

7 basic types of ramen bowls are out there which you can choose from. So, this option is again solely upon you which will suit your needs the best. For example, if you are a beginner then it will be wise to go for Ohgigatadon ones as they are super easy to use.

3. Bowl Capacity

Ramen bowls can come with holding capacities within a range of 18 ounces to 60 ounces. The most ideal bowl capacity for home cooking is between 30-34 ounces. However, if you want to follow the Japanese tradition and enjoy the broth, the noodles, the sauce and prefer having lots of toppings, then it is wise for you to go for bowls that can hold a larger capacity.

4. Accessories

Who does not love extra goodies? The more, the merrier. It is always a wise decision to pick those which come in a value pack that includes spoons and chopsticks. These are the most basic accessories that the ramen bowl sets are accompanied by; some come with other exciting things as well.

5. Dishwasher friendly

This may be an important factor for those who do not have enough time to wash their dishes or dislike handwashing altogether. If you are then you should go for the ones that offer these features as being dishwasher safe means that you can wash them with other dishes or allocate extra time for handwashing them.

6. Microwave-safe

This may sound silly but you can seek this feature from the best ramen bowl. For these, it is usually good for choosing ceramic bowls as most melamine materials are not fit for microwaves. Ceramic ramen bowls perfectly heat the food content inside them without getting warm themselves.  


How full will your ramen bowl be?

There is a concept of “golden” proportion between the food and bowl believed by the Japanese. The ramen bowls should be filled only 70-80% which will include both the noodles and the toppings and the rest should be left empty. This will not only make it look presentable but also mitigate the risk of spilling or overflowing. It is also difficult to carry the bowl if you overfill it.

What is the ideal capacity of a ramen bowl? 

There are mainly two standard capacities that are maintained. 34 ounces is the ideal one for homemade ramen which is prepared with only a few toppings. However, it may not be enough for people who are used to having larger portions.

In that case, 45-ounce bowls are a good option. These are the ones that are usually used in restaurants. They serve a good portion of ramen with a lot of toppings.

Ending Note

Even though ramen was previously a meal deeply enjoyed by the Asians, it has soon started to gain popularity among other regions. So, the demand for ramen bowls has increased over time, and if you start making them at home, you would need a ramen bowl. However, choosing the best ramen bowl can be a frustrating task. The right one must-have features like good food capacity, long-lasting service life, and ensure the safety of your health. Our favorite and budget pick along with other buying guides has been thoroughly discussed in our article, hope you find the best fit for your kitchen.

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