The 12 Best Grill Covers in 2023

If you recently bought an outdoor barbecue, you would obviously want to make sure that the barbecue lasts in original shape until the next BBQ season and the seasons after that. Usually, barbecues are installed outside in your backyard or garage and are often exposed to adverse weather. Lying out year after year, without a cover, your barbecue grill will lose its color and efficiency. To avoid fadedness, choose the best grill cover to prolong the life of your barbecue.

In this article, we are reviewing the best barbecue covers to help you find the right cover for your outdoor grill. As everybody doesn't have the same shape, size, or style of grill, you need a cover that is compatible with your grill. Smaller grills are usually stored indoors so the covers do not need to be extremely functional. On the other hand, outdoor barbecues need to be multi-functional as they are exposed to various circumstances such as rain, snow, storm, etc all year round. Irrespective of the shape, the cover must fulfill the entire purpose of covering the grill.

As a barbecue covers the functions much like a protective coat, it is worth noting products such as materials or fabric used to create the cover. Your barbecue cover should be robust to shield your barbecue from rust and would not quickly tear or fall apart.

Best Pick

Classic Accessories 55-339-351501-00 Grill Cover

The Classic Accessories Grill cover is our best pick on our list as it is durable, compatible with other Grill models. The cover is made with the finest water repellent and UV protected fabrics that keep the grill protected all year round.

Budget Pick

VicTsing Grill Cover

The VicTsing Grill Cover is a reasonable option to choose from, as the heavy-duty 600D polyester material covers the grill from sun and water. High density stitching on the sides and nylon straps to perfectly fit on the grill ensure durability.

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Grill Covers

1. Classic Accessories 55-339-351501-00 Grill Cover

This neutral beige-brown color cover is the best pick for your grill, as it blends with your outdoors and hides the dust particles.

The Gardella fabric woven from a polyester material makes the cover water repellent. The exterior surface has a waterproof cover to guarantee that the water does not touch the inside of the grill. The covers also come with a dark, supportive splash guard skirt at the bottom.

Air vents greatly reduce condensation to resist corrosion, fungus, and mildew on the grill. 2 Padded handles on both sides help you to walk around and manage with minimal effort. On windy days, 4 click-close straps at the front of the cover make it secure enough that the cover does not fly away leaving the barbecue exposed. Elastic hem cord with toggles and flexible strap connects the cover quickly to the grill. Its flexibility makes it easy to suit a grill of any dimension.

The width from the smallest to the biggest cover varies from 38 inches to 80 inches and is designed to fit Weber Genesis II and Spirit Gas Grill along with various well-known brands like Brinkmann, CharBroil, Jenn Air, etc. So choose the best cover for your grill from 8 different sizes.

California Prop 65 compliance ensures the health and safety of the product.


  • Adaptable to all weather conditions.
  • Eight sizes to find the perfect fit for your grill.
  • Padded handles for easy handling and transport.
  • Air vents to reduce inside condensation and prevent corrosion.
  • Compartment to store grill equipment.
  • Click close straps on the front to keep the cover fixed to the grill in windy weather.
  • Warranty up to three-years.


  • Do not have long term durability as it can tear apart during removing or installing the cover.
  • Continuous sun exposure fades away color.

2. VicTsing Grill Cover

If you're looking for a fitting cover for your premium grill, then the VicTsing cover is precisely what you need. This cover is available in five sizes for all models of the grill and is compatible with any of the grill models such as Char-Broil, Jenn Air, or Holland Grill, or any other top brand.

These products are made of heavy-duty 600D polyester material which is great because it makes the cover dustproof, UV protected, rip-proof, and weather resistant. This black tent looking cover has an outer bound seam with high-density stitching to shield the grill from rain, hurricanes, snow, etc so that it can serve you for a long time.

The nylon strap fixes the cover on the grill and holds the cover from tearing or flying away. It also comes with flexible handles that make it easier for you to place and remove the cover. Moreover, the cover can be instantly cleaned by spraying water on it. You can also conveniently fold the cover for storage during the grilling season.


  • Made of 600D polyester hydrophobic fabrics ensure durability.
  • High-density stitching ensures from tearing away.
  • Durable and custom fit nylon straps.
  • Padded handles on both sides for fast strapping and removal of the cover.
  • Durable storage bag.
  • Can be cleaned just by spraying water on it.
  • Polyester fabric protects the cover from moisture and sun.


  • Color fades under continuous exposure to Sunlight.
  • Corner seams need improvement.

3. Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

The extra-wide size of The Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover fits grills of all popular brands like Weber, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, etc. You can choose from 6 different dimensions to cover your grill.

As far as the material is concerned, the covers are made of heavy-duty oxford material with a PVC liner that can endure extreme weather conditions. The cover is not only wind, water, UV resistance, but also tears proof. You don't have to think too much about putting on or pulling the cover off of the grill. 

Another good feature is that the cover is also designed with a hook and loop straps on the sides to tie it to the grill and prevent it from slipping. You can customize the fitting of the cover with flexible Velcro straps to secure the cover to the grill.

Lastly, the manufacturer offers an unlimited lifetime guarantee. So, If your cover is fading or tearing away, you can contact the suppliers for a free replacement.


  • Fades away quickly if exposed in the sun for a longer period.
  • Seams fall apart from the corners due to poor stitching.
  • Hard to find the right size as the length and width of the covers are not proportional to each other to fit grills properly.

4. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107

This cover is particularly designed for the gas grills of the Weber Genesis E and S Series. Heavy weight polyethylene composite is used to make the cover UV resistant, crack resistant, and water resistant.

The special production method makes the cover resistant to high temperatures and long-lasting enough to protect against rain, storms, and snow.

Two wide Velcro straps on the side hold your cover attached to the grill. Double stitching is stitched inside to avoid ripping. We also like that it's easy to clean as the polyester cloth doesn't carry dirt and marks on the cover.

The best part of purchasing this cover is that you get bonus accessories like tongs, a grill brush, and a cooking thermometer that can be great for grilling or barbecuing.


  • Free grill brush, tong, and thermometer included with the cover.
  • 600D polyester materials make the cover water, UV, and tear proof.
  • Velcro straps help to fit the cover to the grill.
  • Suitable for grills with 3 to 4 burners.
  • Washable by easily hosing with water.
  • Double stitched inside to prevent ripping.
  • Durable and resilient to any harsh weather.
  • Kingkong grill cover offers 3 years warranty.


  • Only fits Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills
  • Lack of proper sewing causes leakage through seams.

5. Homitt Gas Grill Cover

It is the best grill cover you can find at this affordable price as the cover’s sun resistant layer protects the grill cover from fading. Put together with 600D oxford fabrics, the cover is waterproof and the PVC layer protects the grill from snow, sun, dust, keeping your grill as clean as new.

Fastening the 2-inch wide hook and loop straps on both sides can prove useful when you want to change the location or setting of your grill. An extra outer coating on the Homitt Grill cover ensures water resistivity. Also, the cover is made durable by double sewing on the edge and joints.

A storage bag comes as a treat to hold the cover when you're using a barbecue. You can also use a storage bag to carry tools such as a grill brush, a food tong, a grill mat, etc.

The manufacturer provides a refund policy with a 1year guarantee on the products.


  • Fits Most Grill Brands and models.
  • Oxford fabric and PVC layer protects your grill from water, snow, sun, and dust
  • Handles and straps on both sides for fitting and transportation.
  • Double sewn on the edge to avoid ripping.
  • Extra storage bag for storing grilling tools.


  • Have a tendency to fade away within a few months.
  • Seams come off from the corners due to weak stitching.

6. Blackstone Griddle Cover

This Blackstone cover can be the perfect barbecue cover for you since they make covers focusing on model numbers. You can enter your barbecue model number and check whether or not the cover suits your barbecue.

The cover is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester material, you'll get a long-lasting cover that makes it water, dust, and UV resistant. This product has additional fabric in the corners that resists water streaming inside the cover. The flexible strap allows buckling securely and keeping the griddle fixed.

Poly resin buckles maintain the reliability of the straps and you can on or off the cover without any complications. The product has a warranty of 90 days to restore or replace the product for your convenience.


  • 600 D polyester material protects the grill throughout the year.
  • Nylon straps to tighten the cover to the cooking station.
  • 2 under-body nylon straps to tighten the cover.
  • Double layered canvas protects the cover from the sun.
  • Can cover a 36inch cooking station


  • Grill can get rusty due to poor waterproof material.
  • Does not fit all grill models.

7. Char Broil Performance Grill Cover

This medium duty grill cover is made of 18mil polyester fabric giving greater resistance to all weather conditions. This might be the perfect barbecue cover as it doesn't fade due to the color fading protective liner.

The cover has PVC coating inside, making it windproof and waterproof. Another positive aspect is the sealing of the seams, which limits water logging in the grill and avoids rusting.

This cover has thick vinyl material that can resist tearing and flexible side straps used to fasten your grill. In addition, the side straps and hooks make it easy to work with the cover on the outdoors or the campsite to prevent flying off in high-speed winds.

If you're worrying that you won't have the ideal barbecue cover for your premium size grill then Char Broil Grill cover is there for your rescue. This  Grill Cover can cover kettle, grill, smoker and up to 5 burners as sizes range from extra small to extra big. Furthermore, this cover is compatible with different brands like Weber, Char-Griller, Broil King, Nexgrill, Kitchenaid, Expert Grill, etc.


  • Wide range of dimensions and can fit up to 6 burners.
  • Seams are sealed to get rid of water leakage.
  • 2 years fade free guarantee.
  • Heavy duty material ensures superior grill protection.
  • Internal PVC coating to resist water and sun.
  • Easily adjustable side straps.


  • Can be torn out if it's stretched too much.
  • Stitches at the corner need improvement.
  • No handles on this cover for easy movement.

8. SARCCH Grill Cover 

If you have a schedule for a grill picnic day, this cover would better fit you as it is easy to mount and remove. The cover is easy to store since it can be folded in a pack.

This 58 inch barbecue cover will cover your grill like a glove. This SARCCH Grill Cover may have a great look, but the PVC-lined Oxford material makes it adaptable to most extreme weather conditions.

It is durable, rip-proof, and highly windproof and also protects the grill from UV rays. Flexible hem rope at the bottom of the cover means that the grill is not blown away on windy days.

Through this product purchase, you'll get a storage bag and an after sale card with a cover. This multi-functional device has a lifetime replacement warranty, refund policy, and 24 hour technical support.


  • Thinner than other grill covers.
  • Not thick enough to protect the grill from sunlight or  water.

9. iCOVER Grill Cover 

If you own a small grill, then iCOVER Grill Cover is the best product for you. This 30 inches two burner grill is the best grill cover you can get at such an affordable price.

Engineered with fade-resistant fabric and PVC coating, this tear-resistant and water-repellent cover make it suitable for rainy seasons.

The 600D Oxford Polyester material on the cover also serves as an important shield against frost, hail, rain, and wind. The edges are kept thick and given solid stitching to avoid any leakage. The cover has Velcro straps to be fastened around your grill.

You can remove dirt just by hosing water to the cover and let it dry in the sun. Lastly, iCOVER offers a one year limited manufacturing defect guarantee. They also have a 60 day money back warranty if you face any trouble with the product.


  • Fits most of the grill brands.
  • Fade resistant.
  • Easy clean by simply hosing with water
  • Waterproof PVC coating.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps at both sides to keep the cover stick to your grill.


  • The corners disintegrate over time.
  • Not designed to cover the grill entirely.

10. VIBOOS Grill Cover 

This grill cover comes with multiple dimensions ranging from 52 inches to 85 inches. It is made of Oxford cloth material to defend your grill from wind, fog, storms, direct heat, dust, snow, etc.

On a strong windy day, the customizable elastic hem rope will restrain the tear-resistance grill cover from flying away. The contraction buckle makes it easier to fasten the cover on the grill.

Additionally, this grill is suitable for most brands like Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Grills and more, etc. If you have a large grill station with 2 or 3 burners, this cover will be ideal to entirely wrap around your barbeque.

With a 1 year warranty, you will get a storage bag for the cover and an after sale card to enjoy the great customer service. Spray with water and dry in the sun to wash the cover.


  • Manufactured with waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-UV material.
  • Wide range of dimensions to cover grills with burners.
  • Flexible elastic hem to tight fit the cover on the grill.
  • Foldable and easy to carry around.
  • The product comes with a refund policy with 12 months warranty.


  • Straps are not strong enough to hold the cover on the grill.
  • Material is thin and lightweight.

11. Char-Broil Medium Basic Grill Cover 

This is the best grill cover for you if you have a medium grill at home. The dimension ranges from 52 inches width to 62 inches width makes it capable of covering the grill with 3 to 4 burners. 

14mil vinyl fabric is used on medium grill cover to make it durable, fire retardant, and adaptable to extreme cold weather. 24 Mil heavy polyester with PE inner coating protects the cover from toxic Ultraviolet light and keeps the color unaffected.

Corners are sealed to avoid any water leakage. Straps on the wider side give a tight fastens on the grill. This Medium Basic Grill Cover is suitable to cover char-broil, weber, char-griller, broil king, nexgrill, kitchenaid, expert grill, etc.


  • 7x more resistant to tearing than usual vinyl grill cover.
  • Durable for indoor grills.
  • Simple to put on or off the cover on the grill.
  • The lightweight product makes it easy to carry.
  • Can fit 2 burner grills.
  • Sealed seams for water protection.


  • Product deteriorates as the seams on the corners fall off.
  • Holes are created due to the low quality fabric.
  • Better for indoor use.

12. Unicook BBQ Grill Cover 

The last grill cover on this list is from Unicook, which is fade resistant, tear resistant, and waterproof. Designed polyester fabric with a vinyl backing, it is adaptable to all types of weather.

Solid stitching and vinyl coating on the inside makes the cover sturdy to use. 

There are solid straps that make your grill fit the cover. Several broad mesh vents on the cover ensure a high circulation of air and allow moisture to escape, protecting the grill from rust. 

Cleaning the dirt on the cover is better than you might expect.

Fabric handles are on the top of the cover for easy put on and removal. When you are not using the cover it can be used as hanging loops. Broad customizable straps on both sides hold the cover to the grill on strong windy days.Moreover,the cover offers a refund guarantee and 12 month warranty.


  • Double stitching with special sealing tape for waterproofing.
  • Handles and straps on both sides for easy fit and movement.
  • Velcro straps avoid sliding of the cover in extreme weather conditions
  • Fade resistant fabric endures any harsh weather.


  • Wheels are not covered.
  • Handles are not waterproof.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Grill Cover

On your last visit to your neighbor's backyard, your eyes spotted a barbecue cover that contrasted well with the surroundings. By looking at it, you could tell that the cover fitted the grill properly and shielded the grill from any natural hazard. Now you want a cover for your barbecue, but before that, you need to know some basic stuff before you buy a cover.


Grill size is a major thing to consider when choosing a cover for your grill. You need to check the dimensions of your grill first to find the right cover. You may think a loose fit cover is a safer choice, but it can't fit the grill tightly. Choose a near fitted grill cover to prevent the risk of blowing away during a hurricane. The exact fit will be difficult to put on or remove, as a result of which the tearing around the edges and corners will initiate.

There are several types of grills, such as gas grills, pellet grills, charcoal grills, etc., which come in various structures, different from each other. Consider the model type to find a cover that flawlessly fits your barbecue. If the shape is not considered, the grill will be unwrapped from the sides, leaving plenty of room for the wind, rain, and dust to come in and damage the grill.


Is the barbecue cover waterproof? Your outdoor barbecue will get dampened if it stays wet for a very long time. Seek a coat made of a heavy-duty waterproof coating to protect against corrosion. Fabric like vinyl is used to make water-resistant items.

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UV protection

After investing in a high - priced barbecue, you won't want the color to fade away after serving a single season. You want the cover to retain the texture as it was at the beginning. With continuous exposure to the sun, the cover can fade color, lose strength, become less durable, crack, and disintegrate in a very short time. Be sure to search for synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester that are used in the grill cover to block UV rays.

Materials and Durability

Your grill cover should be made of heavyweight materials such as vinyl, canvas, polyester, that provides longevity.

Polyester is sturdy, durable, and lightweight that can be adapted to extreme weather conditions. It is coated with a UV coating agent that protects objects from sunlight that can degrade polyester.

Vinyl is more eco-friendly, durable, and water-resistant than polyester relative to polyester. Lighter vinyl coatings can be inexpensive, but may not be as durable as heavy-duty coatings. For those who do not have time to clean frequently, a grill cover with vinyl fabric would be of great benefit as it does not need any cleaning.

Canvas is heavier than polyester and vinyl, which can guard against fire, along with heat, water, and UV rays. The thickness of the material adds to longevity and durability to the grill cover.

Usually, the grill cover is exposed to adverse environmental conditions throughout the year and exposed to heavy sandstorms, rain, and snow.

To protect the grill from external elements, the cover should be solid, waterproof, UV resilient, double stitched on seams that do not rip easily, and also prevent water from logging on your grill.

Rip resistant

In this article, you can find that the cover is made of 600D polyester or oxford fabric. D stands for denier that determines the thickness of the threads in the barbecue cover. The higher the number of deniers, the stronger the cover is. You need to watch for the strength of the material and the way the seams are stitched to make sure that the grill is tear-resistant.

Straps and handles

The function of the grill cover is to shield the grill in adverse conditions, but if the grill cover blows away in the heavy wind it undermines the objective of the cover. Most covers come equipped with nylon straps or hook and loop straps to fasten around your grill, ensuring a heavy gust of wind does not blow the cover off. Velcro straps are commonly used on the covers to provide a perfect fit.

Moreover, the handles help to move the grill effortlessly. The best grill covers have integrated-in handles that help you put the cover on top of the grill and pull down each side to fully cover the grill.


If you own a large barbecue on your patio, the barbecue cover must be blended with your yard, since no one would want to relax in front of a huge, hideous cover. We highly recommend that you get a grill cover that holds the original color as you buy it and retain its color even after a few years of use.

Ventilation and Lining

Although all grill covers may not have air vents, it proves to be useful as it allows the build-up moisture to pass in and out of the grill. However, remove moisture that leaves the grill rust free. 

The interior lining helps avoid tearing apart and structural support to the cover. This liner increases the longevity of your grill by avoiding damage caused by natural forces. Materials such as PVC, nylon, and polyester are used for inner lining to avoid water leakage through the edges.


As the grill covers shield the grill from debris, dust particles, cleaning is necessary once in a while. In our post, you will find that all the grill covers are recommended to be washed only by hosing with water and placed in the sun for drying. The grill covers are made of polyester or canvas material, which is usually easier to wash. 

Avoid using a harsh detergent or putting inside the washing machine to clean your barbecue cover.

Climate consideration

People living in either cold or hot climatic regions love to enjoy grilled food with friends.  So, choose the cover according to the weather condition in your city. Mold is part of your wet-area life and you want a cover that minimizes it. On the other hand, in a dry environment, dust and dirt will blow and you need to search for a cover that will shelter your grill from wind and high temperatures.


Grilling equipment should be packed with the grill so that you can locate the equipment at the time of use. Outdoor grilling just wouldn't allow a lot of space to hold the equipment in place and keep those tools organized as well. Pockets on a grill cover or a grill cover that is foldable to create a storage bag can be helpful in these cases. These zip pockets or storage bags help to keep all the barbecue equipment arranged in one place and easy to locate as needed. 

Add-ons like an extra storage pack, a cooking thermometer is offered free of charge when you purchase a barbecue cover. You can check out the barbecue cover specs to explore these additional features that could make your barbecue cover more convenient to use.


If you've had a negative experience with your previous barbecue covers or you're not sure which one to purchase, we hope our article has been insightful. And that you can now determine the best fitting cover for your grill, we hope our tips for choosing the best grill cover will prove useful in the future.

With that being said, a proper barbecue cover is a must for anybody who loves outdoor barbecue in nature. Proper cover wraps your grill all year long for protection so that you can enjoy your favorite grilled food during the barbecue season. As your cover protects your grill from harsh temperatures, it must be resistant to all sorts of environmental conditions such as snow, rain, hailstorms, heavy winds, etc.We hope this guide will help you safeguard and enjoy your barbecue for a long period.

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