The 14 Best Chamomile Tea to Reduce Insomnia or Sleeping Disorder

Are you looking for a refreshing drink for relaxation during weekends? A cup of chamomile tea before sleeping will reduce your tensions and provide comfort to have a good sleep. As it helps with sleeping, you will not feel fatigued in your working days and decrease the risk of various diseases. 

However, if you have severe allergic reactions to certain products we advise you to consult your doctor before consuming chamomile tea. Also, not all chamomile teas are gluten or dairy-certified. So we advise you to check the ingredients and notes on the pack before buying the best chamomile tea for you.

Best Pick

Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Tea

The Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Tea is our best pick on our list as no genetically modified elements are used in making the tea. This tea will take you on an aromatic adventure with its organic flavor. The floral and honey notes will give you a delightful taste bud and will lighten up your mood.

Budget Pick

FGO Organic Chamomile Tea

The FGO Organic Chamomile Tea is our best budget pick because raw chamomile is used in processing the tea and for this, you will get the actual flavor of the flower while drinking. The tea bags are packed with foil paper to retain the freshness of the tea. Moreover, you will have no contribution to the waste of nature as the bags are completely recyclable.

Quick Comparison: Top 14  Best Chamomile Tea

1. Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • Each pack is packed with 16 tea bags to easily brew anytime you have nausea
  • It is a caffeine-free tea that will calm your nerves for relaxation
  • You will get the floral aroma and hone notes as it is an organic product
  • It is certified as a NON-GMO product

Collected from Egypt's fertile Nile valley, the chamomile tea for the Traditional Medicinals is processed and packed. Chamomile tea is known as a stress reducer and it has high essential oil to help you sleep. The flowers are dried and processed to pack as teabags. The USDA has certified this product as organic. 

As you immerse the tea bag into the boiled water, you will get a sweet floral smell from the tea. Steep the tea bag for 5 to 10 minutes to bring out all the flavor of chamomile. To add, the tea bags are compostable and are environmentally friendly. Also, the chamomile tea of this brand is kosher certified so you can serve a large group of people easily. 

This tea is great for those who have digestion problems. If you are not allergic to the daisy family, you can drink this tea 2 to 3 cups every day. However, the tea has no approval from the FDA which is a reason to step back if you are very conscious of the approvals from the administrators.

2. FGO Organic Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • 100 individually packed tea bags come in each packet
  • The premium quality chamomiles from Egypt are used in processing the tea
  • The tea bags contain no chlorine bleach, dyes, to damage the taste of the tea
  • The tea is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers
  • The perfect ground of chamomile tea provides an aromatic flavor

If you are a student who has fewer sleeping hours and stressful projects, FGO Organic Chamomile Tea will help you to reduce your stress and help you sleep for certain hours. Chamomile tea is mostly known for improving the quality of sleep and these 100 tea bags will serve you tea for many days. 

The flowers after processing are imported raw to California from Egypt. Then the raw tea is processed and packed with Abacá Hemp fiber paper bags. USDA has certified these teabags as organic. The feature we like about this tea is that tea bags do not contain glues, adhesive, etc that can be harmful to health when taken with tea. 

After analyzing more about chamomile tea, the dried flowers are processed and converted into tea grounds to fill the bags. The dried flowers provide more flavors compared to the tea grounds. So if you want an overpowering flavor, this tea might not be the one for you.

3. Davidson's Tea Bulk Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 16 ounces pack of loose chamomile tea leaves to last for a long time
  • This organic tea is kosher certified
  • You can drink 3 to 4 cups as it is free of caffeine
  • The pack has aluminum foil lining that keeps the tea fresh and flavorful

From the name you can guess, the tea comes in bulk quantity. It is a packet of loose chamomile tea that is dried and freshly packed to serve the customers. With these loose tea leaves, you can determine the number of tea leaves you want to use for infusion. As the flowers are not completely broken to make grounds, you will get a fresh and floral aroma from the tea. 

In addition, it is kosher certified and caffeine-free which will ensure the relaxation you need after your hectic day of work. Storing loose tea leaves is hard as the flavor gets damaged if they regularly come in contact with air. To keep the tea fresh they packed it with a paper-made stand-up pouch and lining is done with aluminum foil to prevent air from damaging. As this is a large amount of tea, you can store a small number of tea leaves in a jar for regular use and store the other in a cool place.

4. Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Tea

The Bigelow Cozy chamomile tea is a USA product and it is packed and blended there to keep it fresh. This chamomile tea belongs to a family in the USA and they have run the business with a dedication to selling premium quality tea to the customers. They use organic minerals to grow the flower and in the end, produce the finest tea with a delicate aroma. 

The delicate flavor and caffeine-free characteristic is an important factor of chamomile tea. To keep the properties intact each of the tea bad is wrapped with foil pouches. To enjoy the tea, you need to drown the teabag in hot water for 5 minutes and then remove the bag. The liquor of the tea will be strong and overpowering if you keep it in the water for a long time. On the other hand, if you want to drink it cold, you need to immerse the teabag in the cold water for 10 to 12 minutes, so that the teabag is infused in the water.

5. Tazo Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • 20 tea bags that you can enjoy at the end for relaxation
  • hibiscus tea, rose petals, spearmint, etc are added to the chamomile to produce a soothing tea
  • The tea is flavored with natural ingredients and prevents using any genetically modified object
  • It is a sugar-less tea that will keep your blood sugar in control

If you want to twist in your chamomile tea, then this tea will be a great option. To start with the ingredients of the tea, it has a mix of peppermint, hibiscus tea with rose petals, and many other herbs with the chamomile tea to make it healthy as well as flavorful. With every sip you take, you will be refreshed and relaxed after a busy weekend. 

Moreover, the Tazo chamomile tea is approved as a certified product. As it comes in tea bags, you can easily take the tea with you for travels or picnics. As it is a blend of various flavors, everyone might not like the taste of it. But if you have an adventurous taste, you will like small bursts of flavors in every sip.

6. Cha4Tea Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • It is a pack of 36 pods for Keurig k cup brewers
  • The tea has a slight fragrance of apple
  • The pods are compatible with all types of Keurig brewers

If your kitchen has modern equipment and you want to brew your chamomile tea in k cup brewers then this is the perfect product for you. The Cha4Tea is unique because it produces pods like coffee pods that are compatible with any Keurig brewers. Now, you just need to carry the pods to your office to enjoy the chamomile tea at the end of the day. 

As soon as you brew the tea, it gives an aroma of apple. There is mention of the flavor being organic. The additive flavor and other ingredients for preserving tea grounds that can give an allergic reaction. 

As the chamomile tea had to be compactly packed into the pods, they processed into grounds so that the tea can be brewed in the k cup brewers. Due to the breakdown of the dried chamomile flowers, it might have the original floral fragrance that you can get in loose tea or tea bags. Moreover, these chamomile tea pods are only usable for those who have k cup brewers.

7. Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • Organic chamomile flowers are used to prepare 20 teabags for each packet
  • Sustainable tea bags are used that refrains from using glue, staples, strings, etc
  • Genetically modified elements are not used to provide scent or aroma to the tea

Celestial Seasonings purchases the best quality herbs and flowers from the farming communities to make the aromatic chamomile tea. After purchasing, the tea is packed in the US to maintain the quality of the tea. It is certified that no GMO ingredients are added to enhance the flavor of the tea. 

The unique thing about this tea bag is that they are eco-friendly and make no contribution to making waste for nature. Moreover, the tea bag has no strings, tags, or adhesive that can be injurious for health. Also, the absence of strings on the teabags makes it hard to take out the bag from the cup without using any spoon.

8. Nature Restore Chamomile Loose Leaf

Highlighted Features

  • This a 4 ounces bag of organic chamomile loose tea that can be used for various purposes
  • The chamomile flowers are cultivated and dried to retain the natural flavor of the flower
  • It is 100% organic tea and is certified by USDA
  • This is also a vegan drink as it is packed in areas away from non-vegan products
  • The manufacturing process is great as approved by the GMP

If you want chamomile flower tea delivered directly to your home then you should try the Nature Restore Chamomile Loose Leaf. as you open the pouch, you will see the dried flowers and the slight soothing smell. As these flowers are not processed you can use them for various purposes. For brewing tea, immerse the flower for a few minutes in the hot water to extract the essential oil of the flower. 

If you admire the scent of chamomile, you can grind the flowers to make flower grounds and use them to make cakes, pancakes, or any other desserts. The flowers are collected from Egypt or Croatia as the premium grade flowers are not available in the entire season. The packet has a ziplock that will keep the aroma intact for a longer period.

9. Twinings Tea Chamomile

Highlighted Features

  • The packet is packed with 20 flavorful chamomile tea collected from around the world
  • The flavors of honey and vanilla are added to chamomile tea to make it different
  • The tea has been approved as a kosher product

This chamomile tea from Twinings has a mix of vanilla and honey that adds sweetness to the tea. All the flavors and the ingredients used in the tea are organic so there is a risk of allergic reaction. As it is naturally caffeine-free, people with high blood pressure can take 2 to 3 cups daily. 

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The chamomile flowers after processing are filled in the teabag. You can enjoy the tea as hot and prepare iced tea for the summer days. If you don't have a sweet tooth, you might like the taste of it as it is comparatively sweeter than other chamomile tea.

10. The Tea Company Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • The chamomile flowers are dried and then packed as a loose-leaf to serve 60 cups
  • Any chemical or preservative is not used to process the tea
  • This is an organic tea certified by the USDA
  • The pouch with tight zip protects the aroma of the tea
  • The tea is made in small batches to keep the fresh flavor of the flower

Till now we have seen teas that you can steep in tea once. The Tea Company makes premium chamomile tea without any chemical process that you can steep in hot water more than once. As a result, you can use the leaves as many times as there are antioxidants and flavor. 

The pouch is packed with 4 ounces of chamomile tea which is easy to brew more than 60 cups of tea. You will see the actual chamomile flower as you open the pouch and a light soothing smell will give you a sense of relaxation. 

However, the brand mentioned that the tea is safe for nursing mothers but we advise you to consult a doctor before intaking the tea. No other element is added to the tea so you will get the organic and natural flavor of the tea as soon as it starts to brew.

11. Teatulia Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • Collected from northern Egypt to pack 50 tea bags for each packet
  • The teabags are not plastic and can be composted commercially
  • It gives notes of honeysuckle and sugar candy when you take a sip

Chamomile tea from Teatulia is not only refreshing but also has a light golden yellow liquor that is pleasing to the eyes. Teatulia cultivates chamomile tea in their own garden which is situated in the northern part of Egypt for this they provide the superior quality of tea leaves. 

The feature we like about this tea is that the tea bags are pyramid-shaped and for this exact purpose, infusion occurs from all sides. Each of the tea bags is filled with 2 grams of whole leaf tea. The whole dried chamomile flowers are visible through the tea bag and the tea bag has no strings to drop into the water. It can be annoying for some to take the teabag out of the water with a spoon. But it is the flavor and aroma of the tea that will attract you the most. 

The teabags are eco-friendly and will not harm the environment. This brand also produces various other teas like green, black, etc which are grown in their own garden in Northern Bangladesh. They focus on providing neat and fresh tea which you can experience in their chamomile tea.

12. Stash Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • Chamomile is blended with spearmint, lotus to make herbal 100 tea bags for each packet
  • The chamomile tea stays fresh and flavorful due to the use of foil as a wrapper
  • The tea bags are handy that you easily carry in your purse
  • This tea is manufactured and processed without using any GMO products

For a perfect cup of tea, the blending of the tea is very essential and when other ingredients are added for flavor, the blending of the ingredients needs to be balanced. The Stash uses spearmint, lotus leaves to create a new flavor in the chamomile tea. The other ingredients are blended in a way that they don't overpower their fragrance over chamomile tea. 

The thing that makes the tea different from others is the teabags. The tea bags are individually packed with foil paper to keep the flavor intact. The individual tea bags are 7 cm long and you can easily put them inside your bag to travel. The string used in the tea bags is 100% cotton string that will not be harmful to the environment.

13. Tealyra Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • The chamomile tea comes in a pack of 3.5 ounces for easy portability
  • It has a sweet honey taste as the chamomile is from Egypt
  • The interior of the pack has a foil to keep the tea garden fresh
  • The zip lock at the top of the bag prevents air from damaging the tea

For those who prefer loose tea then this chamomile tea from Tealyra can be one as it comes in a small pouch. In that case, if you need to drink the chamomile tea in between your work for small relaxation you easily brew it. The brewed tea has a very light yellow color but has a soothing flavor that will help to release your anxieties. 

If we talk about storage and packaging, the chamomile tea is packed in a perfect way so that you don't have to do any extra work. To keep the tea goog, keep the packet in a cool place. The chamomile for this tea is grown in Egypt and all organic products are used to keep it natural. However, the tea can go bad if you keep it stored for a long time as no preservatives are used in the tea to keep it undamaged.

14. Yogi Chamomile Tea

Highlighted Features

  • The box contains 16 tea bags to help you with your sleep
  • Organic and non-GMO used ingredients in the tea make it a vegan product
  • The box and the tea bags are recyclable that reduces the waste in nature
  • The tea can be served to a large gathering without worrying as it is kosher certified

Lastly, we have the tea, the Yogi chamomile tea, that will ease any kind of tension and induce relaxation after a heavy work schedule. The tea has the sole flavor of chamomile that you can experience in every cup of the tea. Not to mention, it is a vegan and kosher certified tea and the people who are concerned about these factors can easily consume this tea.

In addition, the brand also ensures that the tea is gluten-free. With one tea bag, you will enjoy a light soothing, and refreshing drink. If you want a stronger tea, you can use 2 tea bags but we would recommend using 2 tea bags for one mug of tea. Though chamomile has no bad effects, large consumption of it can cause vomiting, nausea, etc. To bring a twist to your tea, you can add ginger, cinnamon, cardamom tea which also have health benefits.

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Things to consider before purchasing the Best Chamomile Tea

Is this your first time trying chamomile tea? Chamomile tea does not have serious side effects unless you are allergic to the daisy flower group. Chamomile tea not only helps with sleepless nights but also improves heart health and digestion. 

Origin of the chamomile flower

Chamomile tea is produced by processing the chamomile flower. The chamomile flower looks like a poached egg with white petals and yellow at the center. Chamomile tea originated from the Egyptians and ancient Romans and now it is cultivated in Germany and Rome.

Both the regions produce high-quality chamomile flowers but the German chamomile is mostly used for making tea. There is very little difference between the flowers from both countries but the concentration of the essential oil chamazulene is higher in German chamomile. 

Blended flavor or natural flavor

The chamomile tea has a sweet, floral aroma that gives a feel of nature in your cup. As the tea is made from a flower, you get the floral aroma, and mostly the chamomile tea is sold with the natural flavor of chamomile. But to make the tea interesting various herbs are added to the tea. Some people also brew white tea, lavender with chamomile tea to get a new flavor after a few days. However, the mixed flavor might not be liked by everyone so you need to check the elements of the tea before buying. 

Loose tea or tea bags

This is a very indecisive factor when you go to buy tea. If you are a tea lover and have researched about tea, you will know that loose tea is better than tea bags. This is because tea bags are packed with dust and fannings of tea which is left after tea production. It is not necessary that loose tea will always be of good quality but loose tea mostly contains premium quality tea leaves. 

Moreover, chamomile tea is produced by drying in the sun for several days but to pack them in tea bags, sometimes they are processed into grounds that reduce the original flavor. We know tea bags are easy to use and clean and also do not require an additional pot to brew. Whereas, to brew loose tea, you need a teapot with a strainer to make the perfect cup of tea. Loose tea is also hard to carry for traveling. So you can buy one of them or both depending on your way of usage.

Also, we would like to add that not all brands use environment-friendly tea bags and the tea bags also go through chlorine bleaching which is harmful to health.    

The intensity of the liquor

The soothing flavor of the chamomile is the reason that induces people to relax and sleep. Apigenin is a chemical present in the flower that helps in calmness. Though chamomile tea has no serious side effects if consumed with intense liquor it can cause dizziness, vomiting, etc. With the loose tea, you can immerse the certain amount of leaves you need for your tea. On the other hand, it is hard to control the liquor of tea bags. And if you brew chamomile tea with tea bags, you need to remove the bag from the hot water after 4 to 5 minutes or the liquor will get strong.  

Raw or grounded chamomile flower tea

Raw or grounded, both types of tea are supposed to taste the same but they do not. Raw chamomile tea is the least processed tea. The loose tea packets contain the dried flower but teabags mostly contain grounded or processed tea. There are tea bags that contain the actual chamomile flower but they can be hard to find. 

Vegan and gluten-free

We know that chamomile tea comes from a chamomile flower and they are supposed to be vegan. But if you are vegan or allergic to gluten, you need to check the certification. Though the brands will not use any wheat, flour, or meat in processing the meat. But the manufacturing area might also pack nonvegan or gluten products and some particles of those products can get mixed with them. So look for the certification before choosing one. 


How many cups of chamomile tea can I drink every day?

You can drink 3 to 4 cups of chamomile tea every day. 

Is chamomile helpful for burning belly fats?

No, chamomile tea does not help in reducing weight or burning fats. As this tea does not contain any sugar, calories, and caffeine, it promotes reducing weight alongside diet and exercise. 

How long does chamomile tea take to show effect?

It can take 45 minutes to 1 hour to show any effect

What is the process to brew a perfect cup of chamomile tea?

Here is the video to help you prepare the refreshing chamomile tea.


If you are a tea lover, you will already know the benefits of chamomile tea but you need to pay attention to the quality and packaging of the chamomile tea flowers. The tea comes in tea bags or as loose leaves. You need to decide what packaging of the tea makes it easier for you to prepare. 

Other than allergic reactions, the tea is safe to drink as the presence of antioxidants in the tea reduces diseases of the heart and the risk of cancer. In the market, you will chamomile tea that is prepared by mixing with other herbs to create a different flavor. On the basis of flavor and other factors, you need to opt for the best chamomile tea to enjoy the floral flavored drink.

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