The 12 Best Store-Bought Bone Broths for a Healthy Lifestyle

Bone broth has recently become an integral part of many popular diets, like the Paleolithic diet, the Ketogenic diet, and other low-carb regimes. But this broth has actually been proven to provide significant health benefits for hundreds of years now. Bone broth is packed full of nourishing ingredients from animal bones and their connective tissues. It can be made from quite a few different animals, including chicken, cattle, or even fish. Not to get too detailed, but the animal is slowly simmered for over 20 hours until it reaches a broth-like texture.

When actively and consistently consuming this mixture, you can see an improvement in your overall digestive system and an increase in the production of collagen, amino acids, certain minerals, and other elements of your bones and connective tissues. Bone broth is a robust and powerful stock that not only includes valuable qualities health-wise, but it is also a versatile ingredient that can be used in various recipes. Most commonly, it is used as a base for stews and soups, but some even sip on it as a snack.

Figuring out how to make bone broth from scratch can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Store-bought bone broth is the fastest and easiest way to include this kitchen staple into your everyday routine and ultimately streamline the process.

Best Pick

Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Powdered Beverage Mix

Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Powdered Beverage Mix. The Bare Bones Instant Bone Broth contains organic, all-natural ingredients and comes in excellent packaging. It has a powdered consistency and can be added into any liquid without any prior preparation. Overall, it's the perfect balance between convenience and quality. The broth has a tasty flavor and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone product.

Budget Pick

LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Powder

LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Powder. Even though The LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Powder is affordable, it does not lack in quality whatsoever. It’s packed full of dense nutrients and vitamins, making this option a great bang for your buck. Additionally, it can be bought in several different quantities, helping you save when bought in bulk. This budget-friendly option has an ingredient list that outshines even some of its more expensive competitors.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Store-Bought Bone Broths

1. Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Powdered Beverage Mix

Highlighted Features

  • Some of the ingredients include beef bone broth powder, beef collagen, tomato powder, salt, chicory root fiber, apple cider vinegar, and other spices.
  • There are 460 milligrams of sodium, 3 grams of carbs, less than 1 gram of fiber, 10 milligrams of calcium, 0.2 milligrams of iron, 60 milligrams of potassium, and 10 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 1 stick pack or 15 grams of powder.
  • It is made from grass-fed beef collagen and prebiotic fiber.
  • The product is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.
  • There are no added flavors or MSG.
  • It comes in a pack of 16 sticks.
  • The broth is both keto and paleo friendly.
  • It is delivered in a sachet.

This bone broth by Bare Bones is a great resource to increase your protein intake and reap the benefits of collagen. It is one of the most convenient choices on the market. As an instant beverage mixture, this powdered option is ideal for on-the-go snacking. You can use it for a more in-depth recipe, or simply pour into a glass of water for a quality, nutrient-rich snack. It even comes in small packets that are already portioned out, making everything faster and easier. You simply tear open the bag, pour it into your beverage, and mix the contents thoroughly.

The bone broth will help to improve gut health and restore strength to your bones and joints. The collagen protein will also increase cell turnover, and therefore benefit your skin, hair, and nails. Instead of consuming empty calorie, high-sugar beverages, like a soda or iced tea, this instant broth mixture provides a sugar-free, high-protein alternative snack.

Bare Bones is a reputable, trusted company that specializes in developing premium bone broth. The company was founded in 2014 with the goal of reinventing stocks and broths into a more widely used, convenient product. The creators wanted to get out the word that different types of broth contain countless health benefits that will nourish the body in a natural and organic way. Bare bones’s broth can be found online or in various stores across the country.

2. LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Powder

Highlighted Features

  • This broth is made with beef collagen, chicory root, and other spices.
  • There is 1 gram of fat, 550 milligrams of sodium, and 10 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 1 stick pack or 15 grams of powder.
  • It is made from grass-fed cattle, fresh vegetables, and savory herbs.
  • There are no artificial ingredients, like colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors added
  • The product is soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and MSG-free.
  • There is no added sugar, fish, or shellfish.
  • It comes with either 4, 10, or 24 stick packs, depending on the size purchased.
  • Other available flavors include beef bone, Thai curry, and tomato.
  • It is delivered in a bag.

The LonoLife Beef Bone Broth Powder is a fantastic option for customers who live a busy, healthy lifestyle. Similar Bare Bones, this portable bone broth comes in a stick pack that makes for a fast, yet fuel-worthy snack. It’s perfect to have during or after a workout, while in the car, or even at work. Each packet contains a powdered mixture that can be added into water, soup, or really anything your heart desires. It is an extremely versatile additive. You simply place the broth powder to a hot liquid, stir it in, and watch it seamlessly disintegrate.

This beef bone broth is high in protein, collagen, fiber, amino acids, and other important nutrients. When taken every day for a few weeks or months, you could see a substantial difference in your joint health, immune system, and digestive system. Overall, the added benefits are substantial and easy to digest.

LonoLife was established by a wide-array of fitness-focused people, including hikers, climbers, and surfers. The founders aimed to create nutrient-dense products that could be consumed on any sort of adventure. Their powdered beef bone broth, specifically, is great for those that want to spend time outside and stay energized and refueled throughout the day.

3. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients list includes chicken bone broth, vanilla flavor, and monk fruit extract.
  • There are 2 grams of carbs, 170 milligrams of sodium, 280 milligrams of potassium, 22.3 grams of chicken bone broth protein concentrate, 10 grams of protein, and 90 calories per serving. The serving size is 1 scoop or 24.6 grams of powder.
  • It is made from sustainably sourced chicken.
  • There are no growth hormones or other chemicals used.
  • Each package contains 17.4 ounces.
  • There are many flavors available - vanilla, turmeric, pure, and chocolate.
  • It is delivered in a rounded container.
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This vanilla-flavored bone broth by Ancient Nutrition is a wonderful option for those looking to receive benefits from bone broth, collagen, and a high quantity of other superfoods. This bone broth also comes in a powdered consistency, but without the singular, to-go packets. Instead, there is a plastic measuring cup inside to help portion out the recommended amount per serving. Since it comes in a vanilla flavor, this option is best when used in desserts, like brownies or cookies, or when mixed into a protein shake or smoothie. This flavor would not taste too good in a savory dish.

This high-protein, bone broth powder is made to be easily digestible, helping consumers reap the full benefits of the ingredients. The formula contains a sufficient amount of collagen peptides which are designed to improve joint movement and nourish one’s hair, skin, and nails.

Ancient Nutrition, as a brand, is built to deliver wholesome nutritional supplements to their customer base. They take ancient Chinese herbs, as well as Ayurveda Principles and pair that with more modern developments to create a recipe of quality products that are based on science.

4. Protein Essentials InstaBroth, Bone Broth Powder

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients include South American beef gelatin, peptan hydrolyzed collagen, sugar, beef stock and other spices.
  • There is 0.2 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of carbs, 87 milligrams of sodium, and 12.5 grams of protein per serving. One serving equals one tablespoon and there are 10 servings in each container.
  • You can get it in either a beef-based broth or chicken-based broth.
  • It is delivered in a bag. There are 6.4 ounces of broth per bag.

This Protein Essentials InstaBroth is both convenient and tasty, while also providing a substantial number of nutrient-dense additives. Unfortunately, this option does not have a measuring cup included or come in pre-packaged bags. Because of this, figuring out the portion sizes can be a bit more difficult. It’s best to use a measuring cup you already own to find your desired amount. This type of bone broth is a powdered supplement, which will make the measurements easy to do.

This option contains the standard ingredients, like collagen. It includes a significant amount of gelatin and peptan. Gelatin protein is a form of collagen that is hydrolyzed and often used as a gelling agent. The gelatin makes this specific powder great to add into things like homemade candy, marshmallows, ice cream, and yogurt. Peptan is another type of collagen peptide that can support mobility, skin nourishment, and joint health.

 Protein Essentials was made on the idea to help bring natural, holistic products into the mainstream. Before the company was established, the founders, who are three entrepreneurs based in Chicago, were taking collagen and gelatin to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. They wanted to make these supplements more accessible, and therefore created the products to do just that. The company now produces a wide range of supplements, including protein powders, collagen powders, and even cbd/hemp-infused vitamins.

5. Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • It is made from chicken broth, onion, carrots, celery, bay leaves, and other spices.
  • There is 1 gram of carbs, 470 milligrams of potassium, less than 1 gram of sugar, 380 milligrams of sodium, 10 grams of protein, and 50 calories per serving. Each serving is 1 package, or 233 grams.
  • The product is gluten-free and contains no MSG.
  • It is made from real chicken bones.
  • It comes in either a pack of 12, 24, or 48, with 8.25 fluid ounces cans.
  • There are a couple of flavors available - mirepoix and herbs, as well as turmeric and ginger chicken.

This broth by Kitchen Basics contains all the health benefits of chicken bone broth and even a few vegetables. Interestingly, this option steers away from the popular powdered-consistency and instead comes in a liquid form. It’s a versatile product that can be used as a seasoning on vegetables or even as a marinade on certain meats. You could also pour it into a mug, pop it in the microwave, and enjoy it as a hot beverage.

This chicken-based bone broth is a good source of protein and contains high levels of nutrients and vitamins. For those looking to remain health-conscious and watch their calorie-intake, this is a fantastic snack option or something to splash into a full meal.

Kitchen Basics has been around for over 20 years and specializes in cultivating a stock that’s both nutritious and tasty. The brand creates a wide range of different flavored stocks and broths, such as unsalted chicken stock, seafood stock, creamy bean and vegetable stock, and much more.

6. Kettle and Fire Coconut Curry & Lime Chicken Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients include coconut milk, Thai spices, free-range chicken bones, apple cider vinegar, and more.
  • There is 6 grams of collagen, 15 grams of fat, 13 grams of saturated fat, 520 milligrams of sodium, 3 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 2 grams of sugar, and 12 grams of protein per serving. Each serving contains 1 cup of the product.
  • It has a 2-year shelf life and is manufactured in the USA.
  • There are no artificial ingredients, MSG, flavor emulsifiers, or spray-dried powders.
  • The product is gluten-free, non-GMO, keto and paleo-friendly, and whole 30 approved.
  • It comes in a pack of 4, 6, or 12, with 16.9-ounce boxes or a pack of 6, 3, or 2 with 16.2 fluid ounce boxes.
  • The brand offers many flavors, including chicken, coconut curry, mushroom, or turmeric ginger.
  • It is packaged in Tetra Pak cartons.

The Kettle and Fire Bone Broth is unique in its taste, yet standard in its nutritional benefits. The coconut curry component provides a sweet, yet zestful flavor, while the lime adds a sour, tang to the mix. All in all, if you’re looking for a bone broth with an uncommon mix of flavors, this is the one to go for. This option comes in a liquid form and can be easily added to a wide range of recipes. It’s best used in something hot; the heat allows it to easily break down into the mixture.

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The ingredients used in this bone broth help to promote plumper looking skin, gut and digestive health, and joint mobility. It can even be used as a natural sleep aid or weight loss supplement.

Kettle and Fire was created by two brothers who were looking to incorporate more bone broth and whole foods into their diets. Their goal was to create a recipe that both tasted great and included all-natural ingredients. Today, their products help people focus on their health and wellness, with the convenience and ease of a bone broth additive.

7. Kitchen Accomplice Chicken Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredient list includes sriracha hot chili sauce, ginger root, tomato paste, and more.
  • There are 6 grams of carbs, 800 milligrams of sodium, 4 grams of sugar, and less than 1 gram of protein per serving. Each serving contains 4 teaspoons.
  • The product is gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly.
  • It comes in a 12-ounce container.
  • There are many flavors available - beef, chicken, lemon chicken, vegan Thai style sriracha, and many more.
  • The product has a 24-month shelf life before being opened and will last up to 6 months in the fridge.

This Kitchen Accomplice Chicken Bone Broth provides a good combination of delicious flavor and nutrient-dense ingredients. It comes in a liquid consistency, with a top that snaps open for easy usage. It’s best when used in a slow cooker or when slow simmering a meal, like chicken or vegetables. It can also be poured into a hot cup of water and used as a healthy snack.

This low-calorie broth provides gut health benefits and immune system support. It also contains high amounts of antioxidants and dense minerals, adding to the overall advantages of the supplement.

Kitchen Accomplice is a long-trusted brand in the stock and broth department. They’ve been around for over 25 years, developing quality broths that provide extensive flavors and nutrients. They use French cooking traditions as the basis to their recipes and only include all-natural ingredients in their products. They offer a wide variety of different cooking staples in all sorts of unique flavors.

8. Swanson Sipping Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients used include chicken bone broth, concentrated lemon juice, and other vegetables and spices.
  • There are 0.5 grams of fat, 460 milligrams of sodium, less than 1 gram of carbs, less than one gram of sugar, and 9 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 10.75 ounces.
  • The product is non-GMO and does not contain preservatives or antibiotics.
  • It contains a small amount of wheat.
  • It is delivered in a tray.

This sipping bone broth by Swanson is exactly what it sounds like - an excellent option to casually sip on. It comes in a container that can be put in the microwave and heated up. Then you simply remove the top and start drinking. It’s a good, fuel-worthy snack between meals. Overall, it’s a chicken-based broth, with a lemony flavor and some added rosemary herbs.

This broth contains many beneficial nutrients and minerals, like all-natural collagen peptides, that will aid a healthy lifestyle. It’s the perfect on-the-go snack for those crazy busy days, where cooking is the last thing on your mind.

Swanson specializes in creating a wide range of vitamins, like vitamin C, vitamin D3 zinc, etc. and additional supplements, like bone broth. It is a bigger company, compared to some of the other brands we’ve reviewed, but they continue to obtain the same level of quality and care in every product.

9. Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients include chicken stock, cider vinegar, and additional spices.
  • There are 0.5 grams of fat, 10 milligrams of cholesterol, 90 milligrams of sodium, and 9 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 1 cup or 240 milliliters.
  • It is made from organic ingredients that are not genetically engineered.
  • The product is gluten-free, soy-free, and grain-free.
  • It is keto-friendly.
  • The product is manufactured in the United States.
  • It comes in a pack of 12, with 32-ounce cartons.

The Pacific Foods Bone Broth has a particularly rich, dense flavor for a product that does not contain salt. You may think an unsalted broth may taste like it’s missing something, but the added spices and herbs provide a nice blend of zest and flavor. This broth comes in a liquid form but is not meant for on-the-go snacking. It’s better used when incorporated into a recipe and normal cooking practices. You can add some to your vegetables, chicken, turkey, etc. for an added flavor.

This chicken broth contains all the standard benefits of a bone broth. It’s rich in collagen, amino acids, and other nutrients, helping to provide a unique source of lean protein to any meal. Additionally, there is no sugar included.

Pacific Foods prides itself on supplying simple, clean ingredients to all of their products. They produce chicken, turkey, and beef bone broth that is simmered alongside several vegetables, herbs, a pinch of cider vinegar, and other spices. Their products are available to purchase in grocery stores and online.

10. Imagine Chicken, Beef and Turkey Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients include organic free-range chicken broth, turkey broth, and other vegetables and seasonings.
  • There are 300 milligrams of sodium, 130 milligrams of potassium, and 10 grams of protein per serving. Each serving contains 1 cup of broth.
  • The product is fat-free and gluten-free.
  • There is no added MSG, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • It comes in a 32-ounce container.

The Imagine Bone Broth is the perfect savory, sipping broth. You can pour it in a mug, like coffee and tea, or simply twist-off the cap and enjoy it as a to-go snack. It can also be used as an alternative to meat-based broths, stocks, or sauces, while still providing a rich, robust flavor. For spicy lovers, you can add a handful of red pepper flakes or a tablespoon of your favorite hot sauce to incorporate an extra kick. This bone broth works great in all sorts of soups, gravies, sauces, and much more.

The broth is best when heated up either by a microwave or on a stovetop. When in the microwave, heat on high for one minute, stir, and repeat. On the stove, it’s recommended to pour the broth into a saucepan and use medium-level heat.

 Imagine products focus on delivering healthy living foods and supplements. Even the packaging is aimed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example, the company tries to use less material per package. Their general rule-of-thumb is to have 96% product to 4% packaging in terms of weight. It is also recyclable.

11. Vital Proteins Organic, Free-Range Chicken Bone Broth Collagen

Highlighted Features

  • There is only one ingredient in this mixture - organic chicken bone broth powder.
  • There are 9 grams of protein, 90 milligrams of sodium, 160 milligrams of potassium, 9 grams of collagen, and 50 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per serving. The serving size is 1 scoop or 10 grams of powder.
  • The product is USDA-certified organic, paleo-friendly, Gluten-free, dairy-free, and MSG-free.
  • It comes with either a pack of 20, with 0.35-ounce packets or a single 10-ounce container.
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Vital Proteins supplements have recently taken off, with each product increasingly becoming more and more popular. Their Free-Range Chicken Bone Broth Collagen supplement is no different. It can be found in any major grocery or convenience store. It comes in a powder form and offers a plastic measuring cup to help portion out the serving size. Hot water and soup are just two of the many things this powder can be added to.

Their bone broth is antibiotic and hormone-free. The collagen protein within this supplement will help with digestive health, joint and bone movement, and skin, hair, and nail support.

The entire brand is focused on creating a variety of different collagen-rich products. Food processing techniques tend to diminish the levels of this essential nutrient and therefore strips it from our diets. When incorporating a collagen-based supplement into your everyday routine, it can help to promote our body’s own production of it.

12. Osso Good Chicken Bone Broth

Highlighted Features

  • The ingredients include organic chicken broth and other vegetables.
  • There is 1 gram of fat, 230 milligrams of sodium, 2 grams of carbs, 1 gram of sugar, and 15 grams of protein per serving. Each serving is 1 package or 2 cups of broth.
  • It is certified-paleo, gluten-free, milk and soy-free, antibiotic-free, and made with USDA-certified organic ingredients.
  • There are no artificial flavors or added salt.
  • It comes in a pack of 6, with 16-ounce bags.
  • It is delivered in a frozen form.

This protein-rich chicken bone broth is packed full of natural gelatin and other essential nutrients. It supports gut health, helps to boost your immune system, and strengthens joints. However, you will only notice significant benefits if you consume the broth on a consistent basis.

The product comes in a pouch-like bag, with a top that screws off. The packaging makes it easy to pour the broth straight into a mug for an enjoyable drink or sprinkle on food for some extra flavor.

Osso Good Company develops quality, sippable bone broths and other paleo-certified soups. Every product is made by slow-simmering the ingredients until they melt into one, delicious-tasting mixture. Osso only makes small batches of broth to ensure the quality and taste are the same every single time. Additionally, the meats are sourced from family-run farms.

Things to Consider When Buying a Store-Bought Bone Broths

What Exactly is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is composed of certain compounds found in the cartilage, connective tissue, and bones of an animal. Instead of throwing away inedible elements, like the hooves and knuckles, bone broth is able to put these areas to use. Things like chondroitin sulfate (which can help with osteoarthritis) and hyaluronic acid (which is used to hydrate and plump skin) can be extracted and incorporated into a bone broth powder or liquid.

Bone Broth Versus Standard Stock

Bone broth and ordinary stock vary in a few ways. The main difference depends on what area of the animal is used. Regular stock and broth are derived from flesh, while bone broth is drawn from bones, cartilage and connective tissue.

They are also cooked in different ways. A normal stock simmers for a shorter period of time compared to bone broth. Because the process is accelerated, the amount of gelatin protein in the mixture tends to decrease. On the other hand, a bone broth simmers for many hours and therefore is able to contain the gelatin protein. Gelatin is a form of collagen, which is what makes bone broth beneficial health-wise.

Check the Ingredient List

Now that you know what bone broth is and what differentiates it from regular stock, it’s important to consider exactly what the broth is made of. The whole point of integrating bone broth into your everyday diet is to reap the health benefits that come with it. The best way to do this is to consistently consume the product and make sure the ingredients behind the products are high-quality and well-developed.

A good way to determine if the broth contains quality ingredients is to double check the product is certified organic. Additionally, check if the product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and MSG-free. These are all clear signs that the brand is carefully considering what they’re putting into their product and therefore what you’re putting into your body.

How to Cook with Bone Broth

Bone broth can be added to just about everything. Try it in more traditional recipes like soups, stews, and dips, or add it into something nontraditional like smoothies, oatmeal, or some sort of baking batter. If you’re planning to add it into something sweet, it’s best to stay away from the more savory-flavored broths, like the Osso Good Chicken Broth or the Imagine Chicken, Beef and Turkey Bone Broth. Instead, get something with a sweeter taste like the Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder.

Regardless there’s a bone broth for every dish. Finding the best store-bought bone broth will depend on many different factors. It’s best to figure out what you’re planning to use the broth with and decide on the brand and flavor from there.

How Much Should You Consume

This all depends on the type of bone broth you’re using. Typically, the packaging will indicate the recommended intake per day. Overall, a good rule-of-thumb to follow is 8 ounces every day. This number will vary based on the brand and what kind of benefits you are looking to receive.

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