The 12 Best Pasta Bowls to Serve the Italian Pasta with Delicacy

Are you looking for oversized bowls that can be used for multiple purposes? The pasta bowls are designed to serve all kinds of food from soups salad, steaks, etc. If you look carefully, you can use the pasta bowls for every meal and they are easy to carry around with soups or curries. 

In addition, the pasta bowls we mentioned in our article are made of ceramic to ensure durable service. Not only that, the ceramic tableware tends to be strong and doesn't break due to small collisions with other cookware. However, the bowls have different holding capacities and different designs that need to be paid attention to before buying the best pasta bowl for your use.

Best Pick

Y YHY Porcelain Pasta Bowls

The Y YHY Porcelain Pasta Bowls is our best pick on our list as these 6 porcelain bowls will serve 30 ounces of food each. The color of the bowls blends with the environment making the pasta look more delicious and aesthetic. These ovenproof bowls are suitable for serving other meals and also easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Budget Pick

Sweese Pasta Bowls

The Sweese Pasta Bowls is our best budget pick because the bowls are oven-proof and dishwasher that helps in reducing the kitchen work. Moreover, the bowls are manufactured with lead-free porcelain to make them long-lasting and durable. Oven or microwave, you can safely use these bowls to bake or warm your food.

Quick Comparison: Top 12  Best Pasta Bowls

1. Y YHY Porcelain Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • The bowls are made of porcelain that has a glossy coating to give a stylish look
  • The bowls are 1.75 inches in depth with 8.5 inches wide that can be used as salad bowls as well
  • The bowl can serve 30 ounces of pasta enough to satisfy the hunger
  • The bowls are safe for baking oven-baked plates of pasta or warming old pasta in the oven
  • The bowls are eligible to clean in the dishwasher
  • These shock-resistant bowls can be easily stored in a stack

The pasta bowls from Y YHY are colored in royal blue that compliments every dish. The bowl has straight edges and is deep enough to serve liquid dishes. As we know, pasta can be cooked in various processes, some have excess sauce and cheese where others are a balanced mixture of everything. With 8.5 inches of width, you can present the past where every item will be visible to the people. 

These 6 pasta bowls are made of porcelain to make them strong enough not to break when they fall on the ground. The bowls can be heavy due to porcelain construction but they stay steady in a place. The food will be easily cooled down for its wide construction. Not only pasta you can also use this bowl to serve other dishes like dumplings, fried chicken, etc.   

You can refrigerate food in this bowl and put it in the microwave to heat. However, porcelain can endure high temperature and so you might not be able to hold it in hand if the bowls are hot. The smooth glossy surface on the bowl makes the cleaning swift and easy. Also, you can easily put them in the dishwasher if you are too tired to clean them with your hands. Due to the dark color, they will show any stain marks also they resist developing odor from food.

2. Sweese Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • The porcelain makes the bowls strong and durable for regular use
  • The foods are easy to take out of the bowl for their wide and shallow design
  • 22 ounces of pasta or salad can be easily served in these bowls
  • The bowls come in five different colors that give options to buy according to your other dishes
  • The bowls are dishwasher friendly that reduces a lot of kitchen work
  • The bowls can be easily stored in stacks in the cabinet
  • Lead-free materials are used in the manufacture of the bowls to make them safe for use

Pasta is an easy baked dish that is enjoyed by every family member of the family and with the Sweese pasta bowls, you can take the experience to another level. If we take a deeper look, these bowls are 1.7 inches deep where you easily serve your kinds of pasta with sauce and toppings. You can decorate the dish as you like as it has a width of 7.7 inches. 

It is a set of 6 grey-colored bowls that will complement all types of dishes. You can use these bowls to serve rice bowls, salads, or any other side dishes. Due to its width, the food will be easy access to people. The premium quality porcelain on the bowls makes them long-lasting and has high chip resistance. 

The shiny look of the bowls will stay and will release the food without scraping. As a result, cleaning the bowls becomes easier. With a little bit of dishwashing soap and hot, the bowls will be cleaned as new or you put them in the dishwasher for cleaning.

3. LE TAUCI Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • The bowls are built with a holding capacity of 45 ounces to provide enough space for all the elements of the dish
  • These shallow bowls have a depth of 2.4 inches where you can easily serve the liquid food
  • These ceramic bowls have a uniform thickness that makes them comfortable to hold
  • The white round bowls are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • The bowls are safe for using the oven and microwave for baking pasta

These pasta bowls from Le Tauci appear as regular-looking bowls but have a classic look that attracts the eyes of everyone. The first feature of the bowls that gained our attention is the width and height of the bowl. With 2.4 inches height, you decorate the meal with all the topping you want. If you own a restaurant, this bowl can be used to prepare a perfect set meal for the customers. 

Another feature about this bowl is that it can be used for serving soups, desserts, rice, etc. These ceramic bowls are harder as stoneware and no toxic elements were used in creating them. It is also mentioned they are oven friendly but not all ceramic bowls can endure high temperature. So be sure to check up to what temperature they can endure until they crack into pieces. 

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The Uniform thickness of the bowls makes them strong and resist chips if they are slightly mishandled. For this reason, the blows can be washed in the dishwasher without fearing cracks.

4. Euro Ceramica Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • These ceramic bowls have Spanish floral designs that give a unique look to your dining table
  • The bowls have a capacity of holding 40 ounces to use for serving various kinds of food
  • The 8.6 inches width of the bowl makes it easier to serve food with soups and stock
  • These colorful bowls have a hand-applied glaze to provide a smooth finish on the bowl
  • Free of cadmium and lead bowls that can be used for heating or freezing food in them
  • you can put the bowls in the microwave and oven to heat the food accordingly

The bowls from Euro Ceramic are completely different from other bowls for their Spanish design. These bowls are called Zanzibar pasta bowls that are designed with Spanish flowers. The interior part has floral designs and the outer part is colored with turquoise blue color. The appearance of the bowls will certainly be noticed by the guest. 

Moreover, the bowls are deep and wide like a sea where you can easily serve your seafood soup or ramen on them. The edges are designed in a way to easily take the soup with soup. The bowls are a product of ceramic that has the weight and durability to give long service. The premium quality ceramic is used which does not have cadmium and lead that will make bowls unsafe for use.

For their unique design, these bowls will look great on outdoor lunches or gatherings. You can use the bowls to bake or heat portions of pasta or rice in the oven.

5. Y YHY Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • The set of 4 bowls come in white color made from fine ceramic
  • 32 ounces of food can easily be accommodated in the bowl with additional toppings
  • The sides are slated enough to give easy access to the soups or stocks of the food
  • The bowls have drop and shock resistance to ensure their durability
  • The smooth glaze on the surface will protect from scratches from the spoons
  • These bowls can be directly put in the oven for heating bowls of pasta, rice, etc

The dimensions of bowls are 8.5x8.5.1.75 inches that have the capacity of serving the dish to fulfill your hunger. If you are planning alone and don't know what dishware to buy, this set of bowls from Y YHY will be of help. These bowls are known for their multi-purpose use and can easily be stored in stacks without wasting much space in the kitchen. 

Furthermore, the pasta tastes good when hot but too much hot can burn your mouth so this bowl will cool the pasta up to a certain temperature. You can enjoy the deliciousness of the pasta along with the sauce and toppings on this bowl. 

The bowls are constructed to make them safe for dishwashers. It has anti-scratch layers that will prevent scratches and provide a shiny look for a longer period.

6. Amethya Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Each of the ceramic bowls comes in different colors to make the table look vibrant
  • Each of the bowls can hold 35 ounces along with various ingredients
  • The dishwasher can be used for cleaning the bowls without creating any scratch marks
  • The ceramic used in the manufacturing of the bowls make them sturdy
  • These bowls are great for heating old pizzas, pasta in the microwave

If you are bored with classy-looking bowls at home you can opt for these Amethya pasta bowls for your daily use. This set of 6 bowls come in six different colors which are Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, and Purple. These colors can be used to differentiate the bowls for each member of your family or you can use them to serve food that compliments the color. 

In addition, the bowls are safe to put in the dishwasher so after finishing your meal you do not need to waste your time cleaning them. The bowls can accommodate 35 ounces of food where you can prepare a dinner bowl and take them to the tv room to enjoy while watching your favorite show. 

The ceramic makes the bowls strong as stoneware and safe for microwaves. However, as all ceramic made items are not safe for the oven, these bowls might not be suitable for using to bake portions of pasta. Make sure to check with the brand before putting the bowls in the oven as they might crack due to less resistance to heat.

7. DOWAN Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • These are white ceramic pasta bowls to set salads, soups, fries, etc
  • The bowls have a depth of 1.75 inches that gives easy access to all the elements on the bowl
  • The bowl can carry 30 ounces that make it versatile to use for various other purposes
  • The bowls will sit on your palms comfortably due to their uniform thickness
  • The bowls are made of eco-friendly ceramic to prevent chemicals from mixing with the food
  • The thickness of bowls resists chips or cracks that are caused by using them regularly

For social media influencers, the presentation of products is very necessary and for that, the dish and tableware need to be eye-catching. The Dowan pasta bowls are milk-white in color which enhances the elegance of the bowl. The normal capacity of the bowl is 27 ounces but can also fill up to 30 ounces maximum if the food has no excess sauce. 

The bowls are great for serving salads, beans, fruits, etc as they are lead-free tableware. 4 bowls come in the set and they are in stackable design. The weight of the bowls makes them stay stable in place and provide a comfortable grip while carrying.   

Furthermore, you can use the bowls in the oven and microwave for heating your food. The smooth non-stick surface will prevent food from sticking. The glossy surface makes the cleaning easier and you can use the dishwasher for washing away the residue.

8. Teocera Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

If you are looking for bowls with minimal design but an exotic color that makes a great appearance then the pasta bowl set from Teocera can be the one. To begin with, the bowls are in black with which everyone might not be comfortable buying. But this color will set a different mood whether you serve in the restaurant or at home.

The bowls can hold 24 ounces of a meal and for the oven-safe feature, you can easily microwave your food at the office. It may be of concern to you that the matte surface will not be long-lasting and it will not have an appealing look for a long time. But the non-stick coating will maintain the look and help in easy cleaning of the bowls. 

However, the brand has mentioned some steps in maintaining the bowls which do not put the bowls directly to the oven after taking out of the freeze. The high fluctuation of temperature can result in the breaking of the bowls.

9. DeeCoo Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • 7 bowls come in this set of pasta bowls to serve more number of people
  • The bowls have a wide flat bottom and round edges to easily handle them while serving
  • The porcelain bowls are safe for use in the microwave
  • These stackable bowls are shock and drop resistant that makes them easier to maintain
  • The smooth shiny surface memes cleaning easier and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher

The Deecoo pasta bowls are in bright white color that will complement all kinds of serving dishwares. Whether you decide to use the bowls for serving rice, stakes, or pasta, this bowl has the design to use for versatile purposes. The porcelain makes the bowl sturdy and its appearance keeps them in trend in this fast-changing society. 

Moreover, the width of the bowl is 8.3 inches and 1.8 inches in height helps to cool the hot dishes quickly. The bowls have all the features like microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher friendly to make your life easier with cooking. However, there is no particular mention of bowls being safe for the oven. We advise you to check the temperature resistance of the bowls before placing them in the oven.

10. Koov Pasta Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • A set of 4 blue bowls with patterns on the outside and a smooth plane on the inside
  • The bowls are shallow and wide enough to use for salads or pasta
  • These bowls have the capacity of 42 ounces to serve large quantities of a meal
  • You can enjoy baking dishes on this bowl for it being safe for the oven and microwave
  • These ceramic bowls are heavy and safe to clean in the dishwasher
  • The bowls have no toxic coating and the shiny layer stays for a long time

If you are planning to give a set of bowls to friends or colleagues as a gift, these Koov pasta bowls can be the best oversized pasta bowls. These bowls are dark blue color with a shiny interior. The outer body is designed with triangular embossed patterns that make them look appealing. 

The set consists of 4 bowls that are the perfect number of bowls to give as gifts. In addition, the bowls can be used for multiple purposes with their large accommodating capacity. The bowls have a non-stick coating on the interior and exterior to keep them scratch-free. With the help of cloth and soapy water, you can easily clean them or put them in the dishwasher with other tableware for cleaning


Highlighted Features

  • These large pasta bowls are made with a handcrafted design
  • This 9.2 inches bowl has the capacity of holding 30 ounces
  • The glaze on the bowls is lead-free making them healthy for use
  • The bowls are FDA approved to ensure the safe usage of bowls
  • These oven-proof bowls can be stored in stacks in the kitchen cabinet
  • Paladin clay is used with the ceramic to construct durable pasta bowls

The pasta bowl from MORA CERAMICS HIT PAUSE is distinctive from others as it is made from a mixture of ceramic and 20% paladin clay. Paladin clay makes the bowls stronger and lighter in weight. The bowls are in white color and the edges have golden lines to give a royal look to them. 

As mentioned in the name, the brand focuses on taking a pause in your life while using the bowl for your meal. To make it safe for eating, they used lead-free coating for the glaze. Lead is known for causing weakness in your joints, wrists, fingers, etc. The glossy surface resists scratches from knives and spoons and prevents creating stains on the bowls. The bowls look so elegant that they will complement any type of food where they are used to serve.


Highlighted Features

  • It is a group of 4 white bowls with black borders on the edges
  • The bowls are porcelain made with a holding capacity of 20 ounces
  • The bowls have no toxic elements like lead, cadmium mixed in their manufacturing materials
  • Easy cleaning bowls can be stored in the stack in your kitchen cupboard
  • Premium grade porcelain bowls will not crack in the hot or cold temperature

Lastly, we have the pasta bowls from TGLBT THE GOOD LIFE BEGINS TODAY which comes in classic design. The bowls are 7.87 inches wide with a height of 1.53 inches making them capable to serve soups, stocks, etc. 20 ounces can be easily plated on this bowl. 

Those who want to follow a strict diet can use this bowl. You can have a perfect amount of carbs and veggies on the plate which will help to keep in check the amount of food you take in every meal. The bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

Furthermore, you can easily warm your yesterday's cooked food in the oven by using this bowl. The bowls can be used for various purposes and can be stored in stacks without wasting space in the kitchen.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Pasta Bowl

Are you confused between white pasta bowls or colorful pasta bowls? Deciding the color can be tiresome but you also need to focus on some features like the serving capability of the bowl, safe for the oven or microwave, etc. Think of using the pasta bowl for various reasons before selecting the right set.  

Number of bowls in a set

The pasta bowls usually come in a set of 4 or 6. Depending on the number of family members you can buy the pasta bowl set. As pasta is a common dish to serve when inviting guests for dinner or any family gathering, you need to have a certain number of bowls so that the guest can enjoy their pasta. 

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On the other hand, for restaurants, you might want to buy a set of 12 bowls. Restaurants have certain dishware for certain food. Pasta bowl is necessary to serve the pasta with perfect decoration with the toppings and sauce so that the customers do not get a bad impact on the restaurant. 

The capacity of the bowls

The structure of the pasta bowls is like a wide plate but with a certain height to serve the soup or sauce with the pasta. Pasta or spaghetti are cooked with various items like vegetables, chicken, prawns to make it taste as delicious as possible. Not only that, pasta is cooked in various ways which makes them appear in different ways. 

According to Businesswire, spaghetti is the most liked pasta among Americans and Fettuccine comes in second. Both of them taste different and are also served differently. For the restaurant owners, they need to decide how much quantity they are going to serve to the customers so that the bowl does not look empty or overflowing with food. 

However, at home, we would recommend getting bowls with a large capacity. Then the bowls can be used for serving salads, fries, etc. 

Multiple colored bowls or mono-colored bowls

The trends of tableware change within a very little time gap. Some days you will see people are using bowls that have mismatched colors and where on other days the bowls of the same design bowls are being used. The chefs and restaurant owners always try to present their dish worthy of Instagram shots. 

On the other hand, at home, if you have bowls with solid colors, you can try to buy colorful bowls to add colors to cabinets. Moreover, we all separate bowls for separate guests so you need to focus on the purpose of using the pasta bowls. For business dinners, we advise you to choose classic or elegant that will help to impress your boss and colleagues. 

Are the bowls safe for the oven and microwave?

The pasta bowls are necessary to be safe for placing in the oven or microwave. The easiest pasta is making oven-baked mac and cheese. And for this, you are going to cook mac and cheese that needs to be oven-proof. Moreover, the pasta bowls are only used to serve pasta but other dishes like salads, soup, rice, etc. To heat the food or the cold pasta, the bowl should be able to endure the heat of the oven. 

As the microwave and oven heat the air inside differently, the bowls might be able to bear the temperature and crack. The bowls we mentioned in the article are made of ceramic but not all ceramic objects are built to endure the high temperature

The durability of the bowls

The durability of the bowls depends on the materials used in the construction of them. In our article, the bowls are made of ceramic which is known for their hardness. Their strength is compared with stonewares so the ceramic bowls tend to serve longer compared to bowls made of glass or plastic. 

But the ceramic bowls include earthenware, bone china, stoneware, porcelain which varies the features of the ceramic pasta bowls. The shiny look of the bowls needs to be waterproof so that the clay beneath remains intact. Due to exposure to uneven temperature, the bowls can crack in the oven or get chipped on the edges because of the clash between the objects. 

Are the bowls shock and drop resistant?

It is told that the ceramic bowls are strong as stoneware. The porcelain bowls are manufactured by passing through high temperatures so they can endure the high heat of the oven. The bowls will be durable when they resist drop and shock.  The bowls can be mishandled sometimes and if you put them in the dishwasher, the washer can class with other bowls. To avoid cracking the porcelain bowls are made shockproof. 

Cleaning the pasta bowls

The pasta bowls have a glossy surface that releases the food easily. This shiny surface all helps in cleaning the pasta bowls quickly on the dishwasher. If you don't have a dishwasher, you can easily clean it with water and dishwashing soap. The pasta bowls do not require scraping or rubbing for deep cleaning.   


What should I use to remove the stains from the pasta bowls?

You can use baking soda to remove the stains from the bowls. Make a paste of baking soda with water or vinegar and apply the paste to the stains. Wait for a few seconds and scrub lightly to remove the stains of the bowls.

What is the regular serving size of pasta?

The pasta bowls should be able to serve 20 to 30 ounces of pasta with some sauce or toppings. For use at home, it is better to buy the bigger pasta bowls.

Should I put some oil before plating the pasta on the bowl?

No, it is not necessary to put oil on the bowl to avoid sticking. The glossy coating on the bowls releases the pasta without sticking. 


Are you looking for bowls to match the interior of your restaurant? At home, we do not pay much attention to the details of our crockeries but in a restaurant, we want the best service along with great-looking plates and bowls. The white-colored bowls are classic bowls that can be used all around the year whereas bowls will enhance the look depending on the interior.  

If you are a food enthusiast who loves to cook food for your family, you can also choose pasta bowls for regular use as they serve a lot of purposes. However, you need to make the bowls spacious enough to fit in the quality you want to serve to the guest. We have elaborately discussed the details and the dimensions so that you can easily choose the best pasta bowls to add to your kitchen cabinet.

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