The 11 Best Oils For Popcorn to Indulge in Buttery & Delicious Popcorn

You can’t think of a perfect movie night without a giant bowl filled with popcorn. You are watching a football match and your team required a last-minute goal, you wouldn’t have to bite your nails off having a bowl of popcorn in your hands! A snack that is crunchy, soft, and buttery at the same time does uplift your mood and give you a movie theater-like experience at the convenience of your home and the secret to nailing popcorn is premium quality oil. 

The popcorn oils are not always used for popping the kernels but can be drizzled over them as well. They help enhance the flavors and give them a luscious buttery taste which is why we thought of putting up a comprehensive review for the oils that we think go best with popcorns. So, without further ado, take a look at our list of best oils for popcorn.

Best Pick

Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil

Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil is a winning product which is why we have entitled this as our best pick. The 2 in 1 oil comes with everything that you may seek in your popcorn. Offering a value pack of 6 bottles, it is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which take care of your heart. Not only that but its convenient packaging, compatibility and amazing nutrient contents steal the show for us.

Budget Pick

Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil Butter Flavored Oil

If you are looking for something that will simultaneously take care of your pocket and give you fluffy and delicious popcorn, then we suggest you go for Dutchman’s Popcorn Butter Flavored Oil. Together with convenient storage, easy handling, and superb versatility, the coconut oil serves you buttery and crunchy-soft popcorn without spending a fortune on it.

Quick Comparison: The 11 Best Oils For Popcorn

Product NameType of OilNo. of PackQuantityGrade
Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored OilSoybean OilPack of 616 fl oz.A+
Dutchman’s Popcorn Butter Flavored OilCoconut OilPack of 130 fl oz.A+
Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut OilCoconut OilPack of 1128 fl oz. A
Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut OilCoconut OilPack of 130 fl oz.A
KERNEL SEASONS Butter Popcorn Popping & Topping OilSoybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola OilPack of 213.75 fl oz.A
Nostalgia Hot Air & Kettle Kit 3 Seasonings OilSoybean OilPack of 18 fl oz.B+
Snappy Popcorn Snappy Pure Peanut OilPeanut OilPack of 1128 fl oz.A-
Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola OilCanola OilPack of 116 fl oz.A+
Great Northern Popcorn Popping OilCoconut Oil Pack of 1128 fl oz.A-
Wabash Valley Farms - Classic Popping OilCoconut Oil and Corn OilPack of 18 fl oz.A-
Odell's Super-Kist Buttery Popcorn OilSoybean OilPack of 1128 fl oz.B+

1. Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil

Product Overview

As the first entry, we have chosen a butter oil from Orville Redenbacher’s popping & topping oil that gives you nothing but buttery soft popcorns. The popping-topping combination makes this our favorite as it does not require you to spend extra on toppings separately. 

Omega-3 is what we need!

The base oil in this is soybean which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for a healthy diet. They can help keep your heart young and are an important element for brain development. 

The soybean oil is enhanced with butter flavors and artificial colors to give your popcorn an edge. Even though artificial additives are a topic of debate, most people find them quite tasty whereas others think it is a matter of concern. 

Amazing nutrient content

Apart from being good for the heart and brain, the oil will not meddle with your diet, and if you are on a keto diet, good news for you! The oil is keto diet-friendly. On top of that, they have 0 grams of net carbs and added sugar per serving. This helps you stay fit and healthy. 

Convenient packaging

The brand offers you the oil in 16 fluid-ounce bottles. This makes it 100 times better and easy to use it control compared to large gallons which are heavy, big, and inconvenient when it comes to measuring out small portions. 

Superb suitability

The oil is ready to use on any hot air popper. Not only that but you can use it on a stovetop popcorn popper or even a popcorn machine, whichever way you like to pop your kernels, this oil is the way to go. 

What we liked: We love the bumper pack that it comes in! A pack of 6 makes it super economical and ideal for the popcorn connoisseurs out there. 

What we didn’t like: Even though it claims to be a topping oil that gives our favorite buttery taste, it does not show a satisfactory performance when used as a topping oil.

2. Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil Butter Flavored Oil

Product Overview

Next up we have a very pocket-friendly option from Dutchman’s. The coconut oil from Dutchman’s helps you make a very buttery-flavored mouth-watering homemade popcorn that matches the theater quality. 

Nothing but natural

You may wonder how coconut oil gets an orangish shade without added chemical colors? But rest assured, the brand does not use any chemical preservatives or additives in its manufacturing process. A natural food color called beta carotene which is sourced from carrots is used to give it its color. 

Commendable Versatility

Not just popcorn but coconut oil can assist you in a wide range of recipes. They are a very close and delicious substitute to real butter which melts and mixes in dishes more easily. Moreover, it is not hydrogenated which means it has 0 grams of trans fat which is not the case in butter. So, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to butter, coconut oil should be an easy choice. 

Low melting point

Coconut oil has a very low melting point, around 24 degrees Celsius. So, even if it solidifies when the temperature falls, you can melt it without any hassle. This feature makes it suitable for both stovetop and electric popcorn poppers. 

Convenient usage and storage

A reason for it being budget-friendly is that a small quantity of this can help pop many kernels and the jar can last for a long period of time. One tablespoon of the oil will give you one cup of popcorn. Not only that but the 30 ounces jar is not too heavy and can be stored anywhere you like- your refrigerator or just in any of your kitchen cabinets. 

What we liked: It releases a very movie theater-like aroma that makes your popcorn more appetizing and we loved this! 

What we didn’t like: As aforementioned, the oil solidifies below 24 degrees Celsius which is a problem for some. Also, they have a risk of catching fire if left unsupervised. However, any plant-based oil for that matter catches fire if overheated.

3. Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut Oil

Product Overview 

Just like the former product, Snappy Popcorn too offers coconut oil but this one comes in a jumbo pack. The oil comes in a 1-gallon plastic bottle that serves you delicious and fluffy popcorn for up to 256 servings which do not require you to place orders frequently for this even if you are a regular popcorn-eater. 

Incredible color

Popcorn with this oil will have a very attractive color and texture - shiny and bright golden! The natural color present in the oil is responsible to give your popcorn this amazing color. Beta carotene found in carrots is used as the coloring agent in the oil which makes it entirely natural without the use of added preservatives or chemicals that may be detrimental to your health. Not just color but the beta carotene can help enhance your skin and fight against certain diseases.  

Better than butter

This is a very close substitute to butter. No. Actually, this is better than butter! It does not go through hydrogenation which makes it free from trans fat. This makes it a healthier option. Moreover, you are not required to wait for it to melt and it does not pose the risk of burning or smoking as well. 

Not only tasty but aromatic!

It is a perfect combo of aroma and taste. Both the traits take you straight to the perfect setting of a movie theater. The buttery taste and the very appetizing aroma are just what you need to take your movie night to a whole new level. 

What we liked: The oil has a versatile use in the kitchen and can result to be a pantry staple. Not only that but you can use it on a stovetop popper, electric popper, or a microwave, any way you desire! 

What we didn’t like: Even though it comes in a large jar, the mouth of the jar is quite narrow which makes scooping the oil out very inconvenient to a point it becomes frustrating.

4. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

Product Overview

Level up your movie nights with the Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Coconut Oil that gives you mouth-watering buttery popcorn. Be it a stovetop popcorn maker, air popper, or microwave, this butter-flavored coconut oil is your real best friend. 

Natural & Vegan-friendly 

The brand is highly concerned with quality assurance and customer satisfaction which means all the ingredients used in the processing of the oil are 100% natural. Not only that but to cater to a greater customer base, they craft their product in a vegan-friendly way. 

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The oil is absolutely vegan-free and since it does not go through hydrogenation it does not contain any trans fat. 

Multipurpose use 

If you think this is limited to popping popcorn only then you are wrong! It is a multipurpose cooking oil as you can use this to cook your meats, potatoes, eggs, different varieties of veggies, and many more items that require general cooking oil. 

Money-Back Guarantee!

What we found different in this is the fact that it offers you a money-back guarantee! If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the oil, the brand will give you a refund without any questions asked. This gives you the liberty to make a worry-free purchase. 

What we liked: We think the 30 ounces jar is very convenient and economic to use as it has a wide opening and is not too bulky. 

What we didn’t like: Just like the nature of coconut oil, this too hardens when the temperature goes below 24 degrees celsius but that’s okay because it is very easy to melt it.

5. KERNEL SEASONS Butter Popcorn Popping & Topping Oil

Product Overview:

With the goodness of both popping and topping, the popcorn oil from Kernel Season’s is the product that we will be reviewing next. Not only is this favorite pick for households but it is widely used commercially in over 3000 movie theaters to serve popcorn to customers. 

Combination of 3!

The oil does not use 1 base oil but 3 base oils! Soybean, canola, and sunflower oil enhanced with a butter flavor are responsible for the delicious popcorn that it can make. The three together promote amazing health benefits which make it safe to consume. 

Power of 3!

Soybean oil can help enhance your cardiac health and strengthen bone structure. Moreover, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which helps you ensure healthy and good textured skin. Not only that but it also keeps your vision protected. 

Sunflower oil, on the other hand, helps reduce cholesterol levels and plays a key role in giving a boost to your immune system. It is also known to have a positive impact on your digestion. 

Canola Oil, lastly, is generally said to be the healthiest choice of cooking oils as it is enriched with saturated fats and Vitamin E. The two elements are responsible for keeping your heart and skin young. 

Natural Flavors

The product is an origin of the United States and is crafted from all-natural ingredients. The processing does not involve the use of artificial additives or preservatives. To give your popcorn a golden shine, the oil has a natural food color called the annatto. 

Moreover, since it can be used as a topping oil as well and is inherently buttery in taste, you are not required to add melted butter additionally. Also, you are advised to shake your bottle properly before using it as a topping oil so that the elements mix well. 

What we liked: The oil has a long shelf life so will not become rancid. Also, the storage is super easy as you can just keep it on your kitchen cabinet. You are not required to refrigerate the oil. 

What we didn’t like: You are required to add salt and other seasonings if you desire to your popcorn as the oil is capable of giving a buttery flavor only.

6. Nostalgia Hot Air & Kettle Kit 3 Seasonings Oil

Product Overview

Nostalgia with its KPK400 bundle can bring an end to your search for perfect kernels, popcorn oil, and seasonings as it brings everything in one pack. The bundle comes with a pack of softshell popcorn kernels measuring 16 ounces, an 8 ounces butter flavor soybean oil that can be doubled for popping and topping the popcorn, and 3 different jars of seasoning each measuring 1 ounce. Could you ask for more? 

Admirable Oil 

The 8-ounce flavorful butter oil is the secret ingredient that ties all the strings together. It imbues the 16-ounce pack of premium-quality kernels with a rich buttery flavor that you cannot resist. 

Good Seasoning Game!

As aforementioned, the three different types of toppings give you the option to switch between three styles of enjoying homemade popcorn. The flavors of seasonings included nacho cheddar, white cheddar, and ranch. 

No MSG = Healthy

Surprisingly, even though it comes with such luscious sour-tasting toppings, they are free from MSG, or Monosodium glutamate which is generally considered a controversial ingredient and most people tend to avoid it. This makes it a more acceptable choice for most as it is safe to consume. 

What we liked: We love its super compatibility. The popcorn oil can be used in any machine that you are using to make your popcorn be it a microwave, an electric popper, or a stovetop popper. 

What we didn’t like: The taste is not as strong and is pretty stale. It is also reported by some customers to have a bizarre buttery taste.

7. Snappy Popcorn Snappy Pure Peanut Oil

Product Overview

We have yet another product from Snappy Popcorn on our list but this time it is peanut oil from their brand. This is the first and only product that has peanut oil as the base oil that gives the popcorn made from it a distinctly delicious and nutty taste. 


Even though one might think that since the oil is so rich in flavors it will be high in fat contents but fortunately enough this oil has zero cholesterol. Not only that but as it does not go through a hydrogenation process it also does not have trans fat in it. 

Popcorn and more!

This snappy popcorn peanut oil is a multipurpose oil and what gives it this trait? The high smoke point is what makes it suitable for all sorts of cooking, especially frying. It is great for Turkey fryers and other fried foods as it stays stable under high heat. 

No chemical ingredients 

The upside of this oil is that it is not made from any chemical ingredients. It just does not involve the use of any harmful artificial food color that may pose a risk to the safety of your health. Moreover, since it is refined, you do not have to worry about any unwanted smell impregnating your bowl of popcorn. 

Other perks of this oil

Popcorn made from this oil goes perfectly with certain toppings like caramel sauce and chocolate syrup. In other words, if you enjoy eating sweet popcorn, this oil shall be your choice. Moreover, unlike coconut oil, this oil does not require melting as it stays liquid at room temperature so it ensures utmost convenience.  

What we liked: The problem with large gallons is that they are difficult to use and measure out small portions but with this one, you don’t face that problem. This is because the product is accompanied by a gallon pump which makes it very convenient and user-friendly. 

What we didn’t like: Both the buttery taste and aroma were lacking in this one. Let alone the flavors of butter, the peanut-y taste in this is too mild as well! Moreover, a lot of people can be allergic to peanuts so proper judgment should be done before you purchase this.

8. Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil 

Product Overview

Amish Country Popcorn is the first one on our list that has pure canola oil as the base oil. It is not just delicious in taste but is packed with amazing health benefits.

Non-GMO verified 

The canola oil is extracted from all-natural sources. No genetically modified organisms are used in its processing which means it is safe to be consumed. On top of that, the popcorn made from this oil will be very low on calories. Moreover, it is gluten-free which makes it an even healthier option that will not meddle with your diet. 

Unique ingredients

Apart from the goodness that canola oil brings to the table, it also has TBHQ and citric acid which naturally resists oxidation. This makes it capable of staying fresh for a long time. Don’t believe us? No problem. The brand themselves guarantees a one-year freshness guarantee which we think is good enough for a 16-ounce popcorn oil bottle. 

Goodness of e-book

The oil is accompanied by a free ebook guide that contains 15 amazing popcorn recipes. This releases you from the task of hunting down delicious popcorn recipes to level up your movie or game nights. 

What we liked: The oil is ideal for both savory and sweet popcorn. Not only that but with this one you can relax as it does not pose risks of triggering your allergies. 

What we didn’t like: Even though it does not have any serious issues that should be mentioned, the depth of the butter flavor is quite mild in this one.

9. Great Northern Popcorn Popping Oil 

Product Overview

Great Northern Popcorn company brings you coconut popping oil that brings movie theaters to your home. Regardless of what brand of kernels you use, the oil will bring it all together and give you nothing but fluffy and scrumptious popcorn. 

Free from allergens

We highly recommend this for those who are prone to have allergic reactions. This is because the oil is free from gluten and peanuts. It does not end here but it contains no egg, milk, or tea nuts. On top of that, you can rest assured that it is a healthy choice as it has no MSG as well! 

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Naturally colored 

Beta carotene found in carrots is used as a coloring agent in this oil. 

What we liked: The giant jar is very budget-friendly and can last for a long time which are the two ideal traits sought in the best popping oil by popcorn snackers. 

What we didn’t like: Even though the oil comes in a giant jar, the opening is rather small which causes you to struggle while scooping out the oil when the level drops down to the bottom. Moreover, it is known to have a higher saturated fat content compared to other similar brands.

10. Wabash Valley Farms - Classic Popping Oil

Product Overview

Offered in three different packaging, the popping oil from Wabash Valley Farms features a blend of Coconut Oil and Corn Oil as the base oil which gives it a flavorsome taste. The oil is kosher certified and meets a variety of dietary requirements. 

Very time-efficient

Once you have placed your kernels in the popping oil you do not have to wait for a long time for them to pop. Give it a good 3 minutes and boom! You will be served with fluffy and luscious popcorn. 

How to store it?

There is no rule by the books on how to store it. You can easily store it in your pantry cabinet after its use. However, the color and consistency of the oil will be affected by the temperature you keep it in but that does not mean the taste or aroma will alter.  

Some other benefits 

It can be considered a healthy choice as it has 65% less oil compared to coconut oil. Not only that but it does not contain any trans fat as well. Apart from health benefits, due to its compact size, it is very easy to use. 

What we liked: This oil will give you the closest to theater popcorn and we could not have asked for more. 

What we didn’t like: It might not perform well with other types of poppers other than stovetop ones or Whirley pop. Moreover, seasonings do not stick very well on the popcorn made with this oil.

11. Odell's Super-Kist Buttery Popcorn Oil 

Product Overview

For the very last product in our review article, we have chosen the very aromatic option- Odell's Super-Kist Buttery Popcorn Oil. The product uses soybean oil as a base oil and is an origin of the United States and comes in a 1-gallon jar at a price that is very economical. 

Prevents foaming 

Since the bottle does not come with labels containing nutrition facts, you will just have to trust us on this. The oil has an ingredient called dimethylpolysiloxane that resists the formation of foams in the oil during use. 

Say no to oxidation! 

The TBHQ and citric acid in the oil help prevent oxidation in it, keeping it fresh for longer. So, you can use the large can for a long time without the worry of it being rancid. 

Bright color 

You will get a very bright and shiny yellow hue on your popcorn, just like the ones in the movie theaters. The beta carotene helps give it this color. 

Seasonings required! 

The soybean oil makes it a lot easier for the seasonings to coat the popcorn. Oh, speaking of seasonings, you are supposed to add them separately. This is because the oil does not contain any sodium so to make your popcorn scrumptious, a pinch of salt to the oil or a choice of your seasonings will be a game-changer. 

What we liked: This is an ideal deal for the popcorn fanatics out there who make large batches of popcorn every now and then. 

What we didn’t like: There are multiple things that we thought were the problem. Firstly the 1-gallon is quite heavy and large for some which make it difficult to use and store. The oil may infuse a chemical-like taste in your popcorn.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Popcorn Oil

1. Quantity 

Quantity, something that is solely for you to decide. Even though most people go for bulky jars just to save some extra bucks, you should be careful with the quantity when it comes to buying organic oil. Organic oils tend to become rancid quite quickly as they do not go through a refining process. This reduces their shelf life and they are more prone to oxidation which is why you should consider this. 

For those who snack daily and are popcorn fans, it may be okay for you to go for bigger jars. But for people who rarely use popping oils, we recommend that you go for smaller jars of bottles.

2. Smoke Point

Not just popping oil but the smoke point is an important factor to consider for cooking oils. When talking about popping oils, it is a BAD decision to do it with oils that have a low smoking point. Your choice of oil for popping your kernels must have a smoking point around 356 degrees Fahrenheit. This way you can make popcorn in a very time-efficient manner and will not be exposed to the risk of causing any serious injury.  

3. Flavor and Aroma

What good is a bland-tasting bowl of popcorn? 

If your choice of popping oil does not have an appetizing taste and aroma it will never be capable of satisfying your tastebuds. Organic oils are meant to taste and smell appealing but if you see any extra effort from the brand’s side to establish these two traits, be sure some artificial additives are present in the processing of it. Whether your oil will have a strong or a mild taste is strongly dependent on the ingredients used in the processing of the oil.

4. Ingredients

Not just taste and smell, you should be aware of the ingredients used in the choice of your oil. Take a closer look at the label on the container where the nutrients facts are stated. You are to choose an oil that will not trigger your allergies, meddle with your diet or harm your health. You should not be at risk of developing chronic diseases as well. Common things that you SHOULD avoid are trans fats, saturated fat, and any other artificial/chemical additives. Saturated fat and trans fat are both very unhealthy fat that may lead to weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. 

5. Storage

Temperature plays an important role when it comes to organic oils. Some require refrigeration, whereas others can serve you without going bad at room temperature. However, if you use only a small quantity at one time, you may want to refrigerate it. 

Storage also is dependent on the quantity that you have bought. Small jars or bottles can easily be stored in your pantry or your fridge. But if you have gone for the economical option and brought a huge jar home, you face difficulty in storing it in your fridge. Let alone a fridge, if you have a small kitchen/counter space even then you will struggle to store it. Remember improper storage can have an adverse impact on the taste, smell, and color of the oil. 

6. Versatility 

Your choice of oil might have other sides other than just popping your kernels. Some brands, however, make oils that are solely for this purpose but some others allow you to use it as everyday cooking oil. It is also economical to go for an oil that can cater to other cooking needs at once. 

Moreover, the versatility of your popping oil is highly dependent on its smoking point. If the choice of your oil goes through many refinery processes, it ought to have a high smoking point which will make it appropriate for other cooking purposes like frying and sautéing.

Common Types of Oil For Making Popcorn 

1. Canola Oil 

Canola oil is the healthiest vegetable oil and will not hurt your pocket. People who are highly conscious about their health can blindly choose this to pop their kernels. This is because they have a smoking point of as high as 435 degrees Fahrenheit which is essential to pop kernels quickly and perfectly. They are also a good source of essential fatty acids like linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids. Moreover, it is enriched with Vitamin E which is an essential agent in preventing skin aging, memory loss, and cancer. 

2. Corn Oil  

Corn oil is a very light oil that will not give your popcorn a rich taste. The quantity of saturated fat is the lowest in this oil. This is more commonly used as a topping oil than a popping oil for its light and natural taste. 

To extract corn oil, corn is made to go through a severe and complex refining and deodorizing process. Even though the process causes many nutrients to be lost, the oil is in fact a good source of Vitamin E which as mentioned earlier is good for both skin and heart health. 

3. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a common oil used for popping kernels in movie theaters. The majority of the oils reviewed in our articles are also either pure coconut oil or a blend of it. Even though it has a comparatively lower smoke point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it is enough to pop kernels. 

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According to health experts, coconut oil helps keep your heart healthy. Moreover, it is high in saturated fats which helps reduce “bad” cholesterol or LDL. Not only that but it can be your friend in your weight loss journey as it helps suppress your appetite by giving you a fuller feeling. This in turn helps you reduce abdominal fat. 

4. Olive Oil 

Olive oil and health go hand in hand. Even though it is more commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, you can use it in other cooking styles as well and you can definitely use it to pop kernels due to its high smoke point. 

Olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fats like MUFA and PUFA which are good types of fat. They are also effective in keeping cholesterol and diabetes under control. Since it is a staple for salad dressings, some complain that it gives the popcorn a salad-like taste but you can elevate its taste especially when you combine this with other spices. 

5. Peanut Oil 

Possessing similar traits like the former one, this too is high in monounsaturated fats. Peanut oil is a great choice when it comes to popping kernels but only if you are not allergic. Having a distinct nutty taste, the popcorn made using this is fluffier. However, refined peanut oil gives you a much less intense taste. 

Free from trans fat and cholesterol, it has a low quantity of saturated fats and calories in it. Vitamin E present in the oil helps repair dead cells due to the powerful antioxidants. 

6. Soybean Oil 

Soybean oil is the most common type of cooking oil in modern times as it is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes and popping kernels is no exception. Similar to canola oil, soybean oil does not have an inherent smell or flavor. Since it is neutral in taste, it can also be used as a topping oil for popcorn.

Omega 3 fatty acid is an essential acid for the human body and soybean is packed with it. Not only that but it is an excellent source for Vitamin E and Vitamin K. The health benefits of Vitamin E have already been discussed previously but Vitamin K is an important mineral for healthy bones. Soybean is also high in both MUFA and PUFA. 

7. Sunflower Oil 

Sunflower oil falls in a close position to soybean oil as this too does not come with an intense flavor. However, it does have a very mild aroma. Apart from possessing a small portion of saturated fat and large amounts of PUFA and MUFA, it has a smoke point of 440 degrees Fahrenheit which helps it work as a popping oil for popcorn.

Besides keeping cholesterol under control, the oil works as an amazing preservative for food. So, if you want to serve fresh popcorn to your guests, always go for sunflower oil. 

8. Avocado Oil 

Having a smoke point between 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit, Avocado oil is another option for popping kernels. Promoting immense health benefits, avocado is rich in healthy fats that fight against harmful toxins. Avocado oil has shown exemplary effects in removing osteoarthritis pain and fighting oral diseases. It does not end here, it helps to increase the “good” cholesterol (HDL) and keeps away heart complications. 

Featuring a very butter-like taste, it is a close substitute to butter anyway. Known to keep diabetes under control, this is yet another healthy oil that you could use as an everyday cooking oil.

3 Different Ways of Making Popcorn 

1. Conduction 

This is the most common method of making your popcorn. Conduction may sound unknown but let us break it down to you. When you pop your kernels on your stovetop using a pan or a pot, you are following the conduction method. This method may or may not require the use of oil. You could use some water as an alternative to oil. However, the downside of not using oil is that your kernels will tend to burn so to prevent that constant supervision would be required. 

A small portion of oil could facilitate the process and make it thousand times more convenient. Unless you are saving up the cost of using oil, we recommend you use oil for stovetop poppers. 

2. Convection

The second method that you could use is the convection one. Here, the heat is transferred through a medium rather than directly applied. Air cookers use this method. The airflow inside the cooker helps the kernels pop since the heat is evenly circulated inside. Even though this method does not require you to add popping oil, if you want to introduce some flavor to your popcorn then you could add an oil of your choice. 

3. Radiation

Lastly, radiation can be used to pop kernels. When you are using your microwave to make popcorn you are using the radiation method. The heat is transferred by the means of radiation. This method like the former one does not require oil as well but if you coat the kernels with a popping oil the popcorn will be made to perfection. So we suggest you go for a popping oil while using a microwave to make your popcorn. 

Tips On How To Make Healthier Popcorn

1. Choose healthy popping oils 

As mentioned earlier, you need to consider the nutrient content and the smoke point while choosing the best oil for popcorn. 

2. Choose the kernels carefully! 

Choosing the right quality and brand of the kernel is as important as the popping oil if not more. The main ingredient of popcorn is the kernels and popping oils are merely an assisting agent. So, if you do not go for the right brand, you may end up with a snack that is detrimental to your health. Check for artificial chemicals and additives while choosing your popcorn brand. 

3. Choosing the right method 

As discussed above, you have to select the method as per the resources available to you and consider their consequences on your health. 

Since air poppers do not require popping oil, they have minimal calories in them. On the other hand, the other two methods require the use of oil. Among these two, conductive is the best way to go. You may ask why? 

To simply answer your question, popcorn made in a microwave is the unhealthiest one. This is because the kernels used in microwaves involve the use of artificial flavors and additives. Not only that but the flavorings are seen to increase your cravings by a great margin which will increase your calorie intake and put your health at risk. 

So, if you do not have an air popper, make your popcorn on the stovetop. 

4. Do not use butter!

You may think of using butter to induce a more luscious taste but in reality, it does not bring you any good. In addition to posing health risks, butter can turn your popcorn soggy. 

5. How much to consume? 

Even though you are to decide that, we can give you a rough idea about your calorie intake. One cup of plain popcorn is equivalent to 30 calories. Adding toppings to this will always increase the number. So, you can now do the math and measure how many calories you have consumed. 


Q. Is it possible to pop kernels with butter? 

We would say it is quite a difficult task to pop kernels with butter. This is because butter has a very low smoking point so you would have to wait forever for your kernels to pop, or worse, the butter will overheat and burn to give you a very smoky taste which is pretty unwanted in popcorn. 

Q. Why did my popcorn turn soggy? 

Maybe because you used more oil than was required. Overuse of oil can lead to soggy popcorn. The trick is to use as little oil as possible. You should not use more than 1 tablespoon of oil for making 2 cups of popcorn. Or a proper measure would be ¾ cup of kernels and ¼ cup of oil for a popper measuring 6 ounces. 

Q. Should I add salt with the popcorn oil?

You can either do that or sprinkle salt over your popcorn once they have popped. However, be careful not to add more than a pinch, or else you will end up with popcorn that tastes too salty.

Ending Note 

Popcorn is a snack that is loved universally. Not only that but they are also considered as one of the healthiest snacks out there but the deciding factor whether you will end up with bland and soggy popcorn or delicious and fluffy popcorn is your choice of popcorn oil. 

We are hopeful that by the end of our review article you are convinced about the importance of popcorn oil. So, all you need to do is pick your one from the list of best oils for popcorn and enjoy your movie or game night to the fullest.

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