The 10 Best Pancake Griddles

Join the club if you like to kickstart your day with pancakes topped in honey or chocolate syrup. Be it a relaxing brunch or quick bite before morning class, pancakes are loved around the world. And for all the right reasons.

Not only do they make wholesome breakfast but pancakes are also very easy to make. It is the perfect breakfast solution within a very short time. And the process is made much easier with pancake griddles.

Pancake griddles come with a broad, flat surface with lower edges that flips pancakes like a breeze. That’s not all. Griddles help you achieve the perfect texture, shape, and size for pancakes, even when you’re in a rush.

Besides cooking pancakes to absolute perfection, pancake griddles offer endless culinary opportunities, from scrambling eggs to frying bacon and searing steaks. You won’t have to pull out multiple pans to prepare a meal.

We have picked and reviewed some of the best pancake griddles along with their individual advantages and disadvantages. Find one that fits your kitchen countertop.

Best Pick

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Pancake Griddle.Whether you want to grill or griddle - in large volumes or small, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Pancake Griddle is a wonderful unit offering versatility at its best.

Budget Pick

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 Electric Griddle. Measuring as one of the largest units in the industry, the Presto 07061 Electric Griddle comes with lucrative features that offer excellent value for money. You can cook for your entire family without having to break the bank.

Quick Comparison: The 10 Best Pancake Griddles

Product Material Dimension Weight ColorGrade
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/GriddleCast Iron20 x 10.5 x 0.81 inches 13.5 pounds BlackA
Presto 07061 Electric GriddleAluminum 11.5 x 26.25 x 2.5 inches 6.5 pounds BlackA
Cuisinart Double Burner GriddleStainless Steel 10 x 18 x 3.25 inches 4 pounds Silver A
Dash DEG200GBAQ01 Non-Stick GriddleAluminum 24.5 x 14.8 x 4.7 inches 7 pounds Aqua and Black A
Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + GriddleAluminum 12.5 x 23 x 6.71 inches 8 pounds Black A-
Black+Decker Electric GriddlePlastic 13 x 22 x 3 inches 4.96 pounds Black A-
G&M Kitchen Essentials Electric GriddleAluminum 12 x 2.8 x 12 inches 2.6 pounds Black A-
OXO Good Grips Non-StickGriddlesHard-Anodized Aluminum 19.29 x 11.33 x 3.14 inches 2.62 pounds GrayB
Goodful Aluminum Non-Stick Square Griddle PanAluminum 21.5 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches 4.63 pounds Black B-
Aigostar Varmo Non-Stick Electric GriddlesAluminum with Teflon non-stick coating 25 x 14 x 5 inches 5 pounds Black B-

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge LPG13 can bring a time-honored tradition into your kitchen with its pre-seasoned cast iron construction supported by ergonomic handles. The company has been at it since 1896 and won over millions of customers with service and quality. With unparalleled dedication and commitment to functionality, it continues to impress us even today.

20 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width, and 0.81 inches in height, Lodge LPG13 is quite large. It can quickly cook for your entire family and entertain large groups of guests. The unit is also ideal for commercial use, thanks to its heavy-duty build quality.

Another lucrative feature of the product is that the griddle plate is reversible. It can be used on either side - grill or griddle, your call. The ridged grill side allows you to cook steaks, burgers, sandwiches, and whatnot. And to prepare pancakes, bacon, or eggs, simply flip the griddle for a smooth side. It also features a slight slope that can drain any additional grease or oil from the food.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the cast-iron griddle comes pre-seasoned. But you need to season it nonetheless. At least for the first few times, or food is likely to stick to its surface. That is to say, with proper seasoning and maintenance, the griddle becomes more and more non-stick over time.


  • The griddle can fit over two stovetop burners and deliver excellent heat retention
  • The griddles are compatible with any stovetop. They are also oven-safe for greater versatility
  • Seasoned for an easy-release finish on the cooking surface. It gets even better with every use


  • Despite being pre-seasoned, it might need seasoning before the first few use

2. Presto 07061 Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 Electric Griddles is the largest on our list with the best value for money. You can prepare meals for your entire family in one go. We loved the idea of detachable legs for easy storage and wanted to give the griddle a try. And we have to say, we were quite impressed with the results.

The griddle measures 26.25 inches in length - one of industry highest, 11.5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. The large dimension, coupled with durable construction, entails a stocky build. Check for compatibility with your oven or stove size before confirming purchase.

With legs that detach and reattach using latch clips, the electric griddle is easy to assemble. No tools are needed in the process. Owing to its smart design, you can easily take off the cooking surface, separate it from the heat control area, and fully immerse it in warm soapy water for easy cleaning. This keeps the nonstick surface intact for several years.

To further add to the convenience, the product comes with a slide-out drip tray ready to catch any extra juice or oil from the food. It is coated with a stick-free layer and cleans equally well. The griddle is equipped with Control Master heat control features that offer you full control over the cooking temperature. It is automated, so you won’t have to keep a constant eye on the dish.


  • The product stands at an affordable price point
  • The electric pancake griddle comes with a Control Master Heat Control feature that provides temperature automation to help you achieve the perfect texture
  • Features a slide-out drip pan for easy cleaning and maintenance


  • The griddle is relatively large, which poses a challenge for storage space 

3. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart is committed to bringing quality appliances to your kitchen and it shows. The MCP45-25NS Griddle is no different. This state-of-art pancake griddle is, in many ways, an industry standard. Measuring 18 inches in length and 10 inches in width, the griddle is an ideal pick for providing to large families and entertaining guests.

The griddle’s double burner feature allows for preparing any kind of dish, from stacks of pancakes and bacon to sauteed vegetables and meat. The anodized aluminum brushed with stainless exterior shows great promise in terms of durability. It is meant to last you for several years without showing signs of damage.

While it is dishwasher safe, we suggest you take a manual approach to cleaning the cooking surface. This will ensure long-lasting service. With moderately raised edges, the griddle features stay-cool handles on two sides for easy maneuvering. So moisture is sealed within the dish, preserving nutrient values for healthy results. Its cooking surface is equipped with Heat Surround technology that provides even heat across the unit. Thus the risk of burning food is minimized.


  • The triple-ply construction promises durability and superior quality service for years on end
  • Features stay-cool, riveted handles for easy handling even when the griddle is full
  • To seal in the natural moisture of food, the pancake griddle features a drip-free pouring rim along with a tight-fitting cover. As a result, the nutritional values and flavor are preserved

4. Dash DEG200GBAQ01 Non-Stick Griddle

If you’re looking for one cooking solution during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we suggest you check out this incredible offering by Dash. The DEG200GBAQ01 griddle can cook two eggs, two pancakes, and some sausages - all at the same time. It has ample room for burgers, quesadillas, and more.

And the best part is that it heats up quickly, making it a great energy saver. Your dishes will be perfectly cooked and ready to be served in a matter of minutes.

The product comes with a healthy, PFOA-free nonstick coating that promises easy maintenance. You will also find a drip tray with perfect drainage that is capable of catching any extra oil. Needless to say, the pancake griddle cleans up fast, ensuring a healthy serving every time.

It is an electric griddle. Simply plug it with the nearest source and set the heat controller to your desired temperature. It’s that simple to operate. The griddle is available in an elegant matte finish in colors such as aqua, red, white, and black. So it makes a perfect pick for your contemporary kitchen setting.


  • No chemical PFOA is used in the manufacturing process of its nonstick coating, making it a healthy choice for your kitchen
  • It comes as a family-size unit, ready to cook for large groups in busy kitchens
  • There is a drip tray that catches any additional grease and juice, making cleaning much easier


  • The griddle is not dishwasher safe. You will have to scrub and clean it by hand

5. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

It’s a grill, it’s a griddle, or it’s both - you pick what you want to achieve, and this exceptional offering by Hamilton Beach will get the job done. With a thick aluminum core, the plate is reversible with grill on one side and plain griddle surface on the other.

It comes with two separate cooking areas. So you can mix and match to grill and griddle at the same time. Measuring 23 inches in length and 12.5 inches in width, the griddle has enough room to cater to your whole family. On top of that, each side comes with separate temperature control so that your meal cooks to perfection. No need to pull out two different pans.

Its central grease channel will drain out any extra oil or drippings from the cooking surface. It will accumulate on the drip tray underneath. Talk about straightforward operation. The cooking zones are coated with PFOA-free nonstick material for healthy output. Both the cooking trays and drip tray are dishwasher safe, freeing you from hours of dish duty.


  • The griddle comes with a spacious cooking surface offering ample space for preparing a meal for large groups
  • There is a dedicated grilling surface which is quite large, offering great versatility
  • Different cooking surfaces on the griddle feature separate temperature controllers, delivering convenience on multiple levels


  • It is a bulky unit which takes up a significant storage space

6. Black+Decker Electric Griddle

From breakfast to dinner, this pancake griddle has proved to be a cooking champ delivering up to eight servings at a time. From its large cooking zone to your plates in a matter of minutes, the griddle will cook almost anything you crave on its 200 square inches cooking surface. It heats up fast and evenly. So you won’t have to wait too long to indulge in delicious meals.

The built-in temperature knob allows you to adjust the heat level on the cooking surface. So achieving the perfect texture feels like a cakewalk. All you have to do is put the batter, adjust the knob to set your desired temperature, and wait. You will soon find perfect golden-brown pancakes.

To add to its brilliance, the Black+Decker Electric Pancake Griddle provides a built-in warming tray that slides out with warm servings whenever you’re ready to eat. Simply move your cooked food into the tray and slide it in.


  • The non-toxic surface, supported by a removable drip tray, is effortless to clean and maintain even after heavy cooking
  • The base of the griddle is crafted with a cool-touch feature for your ease of use
  • The pancake griddle comes with an extra-large capacity for cooking in large volumes


  • The drip-tray is relatively small and has been reported to overflow sometimes

7. G&M Kitchen Essentials Electric Griddle

Compact and lightweight, the G&M Kitchen Essentials Electric Pancake Griddle is every home cook’s dream item that fits in small spaces and serves perfectly cooked pancakes every morning. With low edges and operational temperature control, it has everything that you need in a pancake griddle and more.

Cook more than just pancakes. It is equipped to prepare anything from crepes and dosa to french toast. The product features an indicator that depicts temperature settings. As the griddle warms up, the indicator remains lit up. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the light will turn off. And that will be your cue to begin cooking. Standing at a reasonable price point, the griddle offers a great bargain.

The non-stick cooking surface surrounded by low edges allows for easy flipping of batter. You can cook low-fat dishes and serve healthy food every time. And if you’re running out of dish ideas, the griddle comes with a comprehensive recipe book that will make your breakfast very interesting.


  • The unit weighs only 2.6 pounds, which makes it highly transportable and travel friendly
  • The griddle features a unique indicator light which will notify you once the meal is ready to serve
  • It is designed to distribute heat thoroughly and evenly


  • The pancake griddle will not be able to serve large groups

8. OXO Good Grips Non-StickGriddles 

Excellent functionality backed by durability, the OXO Good Grips Pancake Griddles is everything that home cooks ask for and more. The three-layered cooking surface made of hard-anodized aluminum is perfect for flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs, frying bacon, or searing steaks. Just pick a dish you want to serve, and the pancake griddle will deliver.

The griddle is crafted with lightweight material that retains heat evenly across the entire surface. It prevents hot spots, minimizing the risk of burning food. The cooking surface is also resistant to corrosion. So any acidic food is safe to go into the cooking plate without undergoing reaction.

The rolled edges are just high enough to hold oil, butter, or sauce without splattering. Owing to the highly functional non-stick properties of the cooking surface, it cleans up easily after each cooking session. The griddle is also dishwasher safe in case you’re not in the mood for handwashing.


  • The stainless steel handles promises durability and long-lasting performance
  • The non-stick layer on the cooking surface requires minimal oil regardless of the type of dish
  • The non-stick coating surrounded by low walls on the sides makes flipping the pancakes very convenient


  • The product cannot withstand high temperatures above 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It is prone to warp and tear if exposed to such

9. Goodful Aluminum Non-Stick Square Griddle Pan 

Goodful is a relatively new name in the industry that shows great promise in terms of quality. Serving thousands of customers with efficient nonstick pancake griddles, the brand has already made quite a name for itself. We were very eager to see what the fuss was about. And honestly, we were not disappointed at all.

The 11 square inches griddle plate is made of aluminum with a nonstick coating on top. So your pancake will effortlessly slide out. The nonstick coating also takes credit for delivering low-fat dishes for health-conscious foodies. It is free of PFOA or any other harmful chemicals.

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Owing to the nature of its construction, the plate allows for even heat distribution and fast cooking. Along with it comes a functional nylon spatula that helps flip the pancake. Moreover, the plate features a riveted, good grip handle that ensures effortless maneuvering.


  • Low walls surround the pancake griddle on the side to allow perfect flipping
  • It also comes with a non-stick friendly nylon pancake turner that makes the entire cooking process much smoother
  • The riveted grip handles allow easy maneuvering while cooking


  • The griddle being compact, cannot accommodate food for the entire family

10. Aigostar Varmo Non-Stick Electric Griddles 

Aigostar is a brand that home cooks around the world trust and love. We decided to give it a shot and ended up loving the offering. Let’s tell you why.

The Vermo Non-Stick Electric Pancake Griddle features an extra-large cooking zone measuring 25 inches in length and 14 inches in width. It can prepare eight servings at once. From seasonal vegetables to eggs and bacon, the griddle can cook a lot more than just pancakes. 

Electric griddle with non-toxic, nonstick cooking surface backed by a drip tray, the product meets all of our health concerns while serving delicious food. On top of that, it features a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature between 150 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can get it just right, every time.

The manufacturer has also paid attention to easy maintenance. Both the drip tray and cooking surface easily detach from heat control. They are fully immersible in hot water. Use a non-metallic scrub on the surface to enjoy prolonged service.


  • The base features cool-touch technology both on the front and rear of the product offering maximum convenience
  • The slide-out drip tray at the bottom makes maintenance easier, minimizing the mess after cooking
  • The highly functional non-stick cooking surface can easily cook low-oil content food


  • The product is slow in heat conduction, often failing to retain heat

Things to Consider Before Buying Pancake Griddles

What are Pancake Griddles?

Griddles, in all their glory, are fine kitchen utensils that cook a range of food from pancakes and bacon to steaks and vegetables. They have flat cooking surfaces with slightly raised edges and handles on the sides for easy handling. The cooking surface is typically coated with non-stick materials for smooth flipping and turning. This also allows you to cook in minimal oil, therefore serving healthy dishes every morning.

If you’re wondering, what can you cook on your pancake griddle? The answer is, almost everything. From your favorite breakfast to snack, the tool can help you cook anything that a pan can. Bacon, french toasts, omelets, sausages - make your breakfast interesting every morning. Most pancake griddles are also equipped to cook paninis, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and much more.

Based on their heat source, pancake griddles are categorized into several types such as electric griddles, stove-top griddles, and more.

Different Types of Pancake Griddles

Pancake griddles are a diverse group of kitchen devices. Each model comes with a set of functionality that can help you achieve certain textures. Based on their heat source, we have classified pancake griddles into the following:

  • Electric Pancake Griddle 

Griddles that run on electric power sources and feature a relatively thinner cooking surface are referred to as electric pancake griddles. This type of griddles are generally used at home and noncommercial kitchens. Another distinguishing feature of electric pancakes is that they have a built-in heating mode that gives users access to precise temperature controls.

Most electric pancakes come with a drip tray to catch any additional drippings and oil, helping you cook a perfectly healthy dish. Home cooks worldwide choose pancake griddles as an efficient alternative to stovetop pans as they achieve similar results in recipes while delivering even heat throughout the dish.

  • Gas Pancake Griddle 

While their primary purpose is the same, gas pancake griddles differ from electric ones in terms of mechanism and operation mode.

Gas griddles are generally used in commercial kitchens and restaurants as they need a large supply of natural gas to operate. Due to their smart construction, gas griddles can heat up quicker, serving pancakes to your plate much faster. Although you will not be provided with a controller regulating temperature to absolute precision, temperate in gas griddles remain consistent over time. They do not catch any hot spots, evenly distributing heat, thus, minimizing the risk of burning food.

Materials Used in Construction

The core material is a primary contributor to the performance of the griddle. How well your pancake griddle functions depends on what it's made of. The core material largely affects a model’s heat retention, conductivity, distribution, durability, maintenance, and of course, its overall performance. So before you confirm a purchase, make sure that you’re well informed about the product’s material and what it has to offer.

Among the most common materials in the production of pancake griddles are aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Aluminum is the lightest option on the list. They offer even heat distribution through thinner pan, and deliver the service at a relatively affordable price. Being thinner and softer, griddles made of aluminum are more prone to scratches and wear.

Moving on, you will find a ton of griddle recommendations that are made of iron cast. While their service is appreciated worldwide, griddles made of iron cast are quite heavy and heat up slower. They offer lower heat retention, as well. That said, the material offers excellent stability and consistency over time.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of pancake griddles. And there’s a reason for it. They are lightweight and non-reactive. The griddles made of stainless steel, when coated right, are scratch and wear-proof, promising service for several years. So you can rest assured of its durability despite the light construction.

Cooking Surface Coating 

Most of the modern pancake griddles are coated with a non-stick material on top of the cooking surface. This feature is particularly instilled so that home cooks can prepare healthy meals by using minimal oil. Griddles are now equipped to prepare delicious low-fat meals quite effortlessly.

Not all non-stick coatings are the same. Different materials offer different cooking surface performance. While ceramic is considered the healthiest of them all, check out some prominent alternatives.

Silicone non-stick coating is a flexible one, and it’s often incorporated in bakeware and cookware. The material is not the fastest in heat conductivity, but it makes up for it by meeting safety concerns.

Porcelain enamel non-stick coating is basically powdered glass that has been hardened to provide a smooth layer. With a sustainable production process, this material is popular as an eco-friendly alternative that is free of any toxic component. Porcelain coating is typically used on cast iron cookware and offers them a shiny look for many years. To ensure long-lasting service, it’s best to use silicone and wooden utensils on these cooking surfaces.

Pre-seasoned cast iron coating, another popular cooking surface coating, is a classic pick in the cookware industry. Seasoning enhances the cast iron model’s performance and prevents rust. Moreover, no chemical component goes into the production of these coatings, so they make a healthy choice for everyone.

Ceramic coating is one of the most popular choices for non-stick coating on pancake griddles. Not only does it offer a non-toxic layer, but the coating also provides a non-toxic glaze to your griddle, enhancing its overall look. Along with exceptional non-coating capabilities, the material brings a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly cooking device to your kitchen.

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Note that certain nonstick coating needs to be handled with caution as they are prone to scratch, scrape, and tear. You may want to steer clear of metal utensils in such cases to maximize their lifespan. To further strengthen their performance, make sure to use some cooking spray or oil before putting pancake batter on the griddle. This will help the grease and food content take off smoothly afterward.

Heat Conduction and Distribution

Beside the material, a few other factors go into play to ensure proper heat conduction and distribution. Such as a functional temperature controller that will give you full command over the heat within the cookware. Some pancake griddles even feature an indicator that will beep or blip once your food is ready.

Now, if you want to ensure proper heat distribution throughout the pancake griddle, pay special attention to the material. If even distribution is a priority, consider griddles that are made of cast iron or aluminum as they are better conductors of heat. These pancake griddles will certainly serve your purpose.

Sizes of Pancake Griddles

Pancake griddles are highly efficient kitchen appliances. But getting them in the wrong size will do you no good, as it will fail to meet the purpose of purchase. Depending on your dishes’ volume, you can choose one of the three sizes for pancake griddle - small, medium, and large.

The small griddles are ideal for singletons and student cooks in dorms. They are very compact and easily fit in any small cabinet space. Medium-sized pancake grills make an ideal choice if you’re cooking for two or three people. On the other hand, the larger family sizes can serve your entire family with lunch, dinner, or breakfast.

Griddle Edges

The best pancake griddles come with lower edges. Here’s why. The griddles that feature low edges make it easy to use a spatula or other utensils to flip and turn a pancake. As pancakes are exceptionally delicate, they break or split easily. So it’s quite tricky, and you need to be careful with the batter. Using a spatula is just not as convenient in high-edged griddles.

Why need edges at all, you may ask? The edges keep runny food, fat, and oil in place. And if you’re planning on using the pan for other dishes such as steak or bacon, consider getting a pan that has just enough edge to keep the grease from dripping.


Pancake griddles vary in size and plate thickness. While you can carry out several functions on a griddle, their efficiency level would depend on how thick the plate is. For quick breakfast and easy lunch recipes, thin plates will be just fine. But you may want to move to thicker plates if you’re planning to do any more than that. If you intend to defrost and cook frozen fish or meat, you need to pick a plate that’s at least an inch thick.

For standard cooking, griddle plates of 1/2 inches thickness will do perfectly fine. For medium cooking, pick a plate of 3/4 inches thickness. And for heavy cooking, you will need a 1 inch thick plate. 


Cooking and eating can be quite fun. But cleaning, not so much. There’s very little room for creativity there. So if you want to avoid boring dish-duty after breakfast, make sure to get a pancake griddle that offers easy maintenance features. You may opt for a dishwasher safe griddle. Although, it is hard to come across griddles that are completely so, without posing some kind of threat on the cooking surface as most of them consist of a non-stick coating. But don’t be disappointed. Non-stick griddles are easy to clean as food content cannot stick to the cooking surface. You will find several models where you can detach the top surface from the heat control area. The design is made so you can immerse the cooking surface in a bowl of warm water for thorough cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic coated griddles better? 

Ceramic coated griddles are considered organic for their sustainable production process. They do not involve any chemical component or synthetic in the production process, which makes them a healthier alternative to their Teflon counterparts. So you won’t have to worry about any toxic fumes or chemicals breaking into your food as you cook.

Moreover, they can withstand higher temperatures than other non-stick coatings without sustaining damage. Ceramic coated griddles can work at a temperature up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit.

When should I replace my non-stick griddle? 

As much as you enjoy the service of your favorite non-stick griddle, it may be time to replace it. You probably have had it hanging above your kitchen counter forever. But pay attention to the condition of the cooking surface. If you notice warp, significant scratches, or dark discoloration, it may no longer be safe for consumption. For moderate usage, experts advise replacing your nonstick cookware every three to five years.

Is it necessary to preheat the griddle before cooking? 

To ensure even heating, it is ideal to preheat and oil the griddle before you begin cooking. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to preheat before putting pancake batter on the griddle on the stovetop perfectly.

To be sure, throw a few drops of water on the griddle. If it sizzles instead of dissolving immediately, you have achieved the right preheat temperature for pancakes. However, if it dissolves right away, you will need to turn down the temperature.

You can do the same with pancake batter. Drop a bit of batter and see how it reacts. At ideal temperature, the droplet should take about 20 minutes to burn. If that happens faster, turn the temperature down. In case of longer than 20 minutes, spend some more time preheating the griddle.

At what temperature should you cook pancakes on a griddle? 

Depending on the tone you’re trying to achieve, you can set the temperature anywhere between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the ideal temperature to prepare a perfectly fluffy pancake is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. On a stove, it is a medium temperature setting. Following this temperature setting, you can achieve a beautiful golden-brown texture on your pancake.

After you put the batter on the griddle, wait until bubbles form on top. It may take up to three minutes to get the first side done. Then flip the pancake and cook the other side for another two minutes before serving it with your favorite syrup.


From compact to extra-large griddles in the best quality materials, with single to multiple functions, and promising cookware properties - our list of the best pancake griddles is as diverse as can be. We have tried to provide you with all the information you might need to make the right purchase. The pancake griddles are ready to deliver your favorite breakfast whenever you want to indulge.

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