The 12 Best Store-Bought Caesar Dressings in 2023

The deciding factor of whether you will end up with a refreshing and deliciously blended salad is what kind of Caesar dressing you are using to prepare it. The dressing is as important as the salad itself. Even though it is not difficult to prepare one at one from the ingredients that you have in your pantry, sometimes you just run out of time and that is when the store-bought Caesar dressing becomes your savior.

This undeniably tasteful dressing has been deviated a lot from the classic one and in today’s time and who said we cannot have fun and be creative with our salad dressing? And that is where your confusion of which one to go for starts. Yes, picking the right one which is worth it for you is a and this is where our review article plays an important role as we have reviewed some of the best store-bought Caesar dressings.

Best Pick

Kraft Salad Dressing

We have awarded our best pick award to our very first reviewed product, Kraft Salad Dressing because of being an all-rounder. This is the cheesiest one on our list with other essential authentic flavors desired in a Caesar dressing. It has a rich and thick texture with no harmful additives which makes this a safe choice. With an easy to use applicator and clear exterior to monitor the amounts left, hands down it takes our best pick title.

Budget Pick

Wish-Bone Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing

The bang for the buck is our Caesar Salad Dressing from Wish-bone with its very creamy flavor that uplifts the taste of your fresh salad by a great deal. With no added preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup this product poses zero risks for your health and is worth every penny.

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Store-Bought Caesar Dressing

1. Kraft Salad Dressing

For the very first product, we have chosen the ultimate cheesy Caesar salad dressing available to you and that is the Kraft Salad Dressing. This one is all about cheese as its ingredients contain both Romano and Parmesan cheese.

Not just cheesy…

In addition to the cheesy flavor, the dressing has a rich and thick texture. Not only that the creamy tasting dressing does not have any artificial flavors or colors added to it.

Serving Details…

You will require 2 teaspoons of this dressing to make your perfect salad. Moreover, each serving is worth calories of 120 which means it is not that harmful to your diet. All you need is some lettuce and croutons for making the perfect salad brunch for your friends and family.

Clear bottle…

The dressing comes in a clear bottle which lets you see and monitor how much dressing you are left with. You need to give the bottle a quick shake and the dressing is ready for use.

What we liked: We loved the packaging of the dressing. It comes in a squeezable bottle with a very easy and smooth applicator which allows us to squeeze out any amount that we desire for our salad.

What we didn’t like: The cheesy flavor can sometimes overpower the tangy vinegar and lemon juice taste which seemed like the only downside of this product for us.

2. Wish-Bone Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing

This Caesar Salad Dressing from Wish-Bone bottle has a net weight of 15 ounces and a combination of parmesan and mozzarella in it for giving it a creamy-cheesy taste.

Bold taste…

Being prepared from the basic ingredients like black pepper and parsley it also comes with other classic seasonings that make it add that bold flavor to your recipes.

What’s special?

This dressing is unique from others because it comes with no high fructose corn syrup which has unwanted calories in it that can be hazardous to your health.

Not only that…

In addition to that, it does not also have artificial flavors added to it. This means that this Caesar dressing does not pose any sort of health risks, making it a very safe choice.

What we liked: This also comes in a squeeze bottle with a top applicator which lets us dispense any amount that we require for preparing our salad.

What we didn’t like: The texture of the sauce is a bit thicker and the flavors are on the milder side which seems like the downside for us.

3. Walden Farms Caesar Dressing

The Caesar Dressing from Walden Farms is a trusted product as it is prepared from the world’s finest aged vinegar combined with fresh herbs and authentic spices. The water used for the product undergoes a triple filtered process which makes it risk-free.

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Looks after your health…

If you are some who do not compromise with their health, this might be just the one for you. Why? Because it comes with no ingredients that can put your health at risk. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, calorie-free, and has no carbs in it keeping your healthy diet intact.

User’s directions...

You should give the bottle a good shake before using it in order to mix the ingredients and be careful to store it in a refrigerator after you have opened the bottle.

What we liked: We loved the fact that it tastes good if not better and we could hardly guess it is sugar, gluten, and carb-free. It does not trade-off with the taste.

What we didn’t like: We loved this product! No complaints from our end.

4. Caesar Dressing and Dip by Yo Mama's Foods

This mouth-watering Caesar dressing from Yo Mama’s Foods is a need for your kitchen because of the natural experience it gives you. It is homemade from all real, fresh, and natural ingredients and is prepared in small batches for giving the touch of your mother’s kitchen.


The ingredients in this dressing are crafted in such a way that it remains free from gluten, dairy, and sugar. Not only that, the dressing is low carb which means you do not have to worry about your causing harm to your low carb/ keto or low sugar diets as it has only one net carb each serving.


It comes with no artificial colors, gums, or filler and it is free from any preservatives. This means that this dressing does not pose any health risks.

Versatility at its best!

Not only is this used as a Caesar salad dressing but also can be paired up with any kind of salad or toss it over your veggies before roasting them. It can further be used in your everyday sandwich, burger, or associated with fish or chicken for upgrading the taste of the food by a great margin. Moreover, you can use this as a dip for any sort of munchies that require a dip.  

What we liked: The combination of the sweetness and the balsamic twang is very well balanced and hits all the notes. 

What we didn’t like: This one too, does not have major downsides that dissatisfied us as they reach out to you regarding any problem you face.

5. Happy Belly Creamy Caesar Dressing

This product from the Amazon brand- Happy Belly features savory parmesan cheese, anchovies, and authentic spices for giving a bold taste to your salad.


It has quite a lot of similarities to that of the one that Wish-bone offers you. Similar to that this also is free from high fructose corn syrup which does not put you at risk of heart diseases as corn syrups have unnecessary calories in them.

Clear exterior…

The dressing also comes in a clear exterior which lets you monitor the level of dressing and how much you are left with. It has a top applicator placed on a squeezable bottle which lets you dispense the perfect amount for preparing your Caesar salad.

You must refrigerate this after you have opened it otherwise it will not stay good.

What we liked: We loved that the product comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The feature offers a refund if we are not satisfied with the product if claimed within the year of purchase.

What we didn’t like: We have not come across any issues with this as it caters to people with a very common caesar salad taste.

6. Newman's Own Caesar Salad Dressing

The sixth entry in our review article is from the brand Newman’s Own which comes with no added preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors making it 100% safe for your health.

Not for only Caesar…

Even though this dressing is considered ideal for Caesar salad, it can be used for any sort of salads for upgrading its taste by a huge margin.

Serving description…

2 tablespoons are enough for one time serving and making a delicious salad and it has a net weight of 30 grams.


The PET bottle that the dressing comes in is 100% recyclable. So, if you are someone who feels deeply responsible for the environment, this is a greener option for you since it causes no harm to the environment. Additionally, another upside for this product for us is that the bottle features a top shaker which lets you have better control over the dispensing procedure so that you get the perfect amount.

What we liked: Even though the dressing is pretty creamy and rich but it is relatively lighter than the other ones offered to us which makes it easy to mix as it does not cloy.

What we didn’t like: The dressing is more on the saltier side so you need to be careful with the portion that you are using as it can overpower and mute other ingredients.

7. Follow Your Heart Organic Vegan Caesar Dressing

Healthy diet…

It helps you maintain a very healthy diet as it is sourced from plant derivatives that are organic as well as gluten and GMO-free ingredients.

Serving size…

Not only that, the serving size is equal to 2 tablespoons which has a net weight of 30 grams and has a calorie count of 70 which helps you restore your diet.


The ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. This is done to keep the local communities employed so if you have a socialistic perspective, this may be the right choice for you.

Like all the other above-mentioned dressing, this also needs to be stored in a refrigerator after opening it.

What we liked: We love this dressing for what it is. It gives us the closest traditional non-vegan Caesar salad experience both in terms of taste and texture and we couldn’t ask for any better option for us vegans.

What we didn’t like: This organic one has only satisfied us. No complaints from this one!

8. Cardini Original Caesar Dressing 

The next product that we will be reviewing is from the brand Cardini Original which comes in a value pack of 2 with a net weight of 20 ounces where each bottle can serve up to 12 times. This also offers you a traditional Caesar salad taste you desire and is made from all-natural ingredients.

Serving details…

Each serve has about 140 calories and the standard serving size is 2 tablespoons which will do the work for you and result in a fresh salad.

Restaurant-like experience…

The dressing has a really rich and bold taste with a very nice texture which gives you a café-like experience.

What we liked: we love how the dressing melts in our mouth and also creamy texture mixes effortlessly with the salad.

What we didn’t like: Even though the dressing uplifts the taste of the salad overall, there is a weird aftertaste that we disliked with this one.

9. Ken's Steak House Creamy Caesar Dressing 

This dressing from Ken’s Steak House as its name suggests is extra creamy and has a thick consistency.

Rich flavor…

The spot-on extra thick texture (but not way too thick) and the rich flavor is due to the parmesan cheese. The dressing as a whole has a strong garlic flavor with a hint of peppers. If you do not seek briny flavors that anchovies give, this may be on your priority list as it is fader on these sides.

Serving size…

2 tablespoons of the dressing is enough for one serving and this much serving size has 170 calories. The carbs intake in each serving is about 1 gram.


You should cut along the perforation before using and shake well every time you have it. It is always suggested that you store the dressing in a refrigerator for keeping it good.

What we liked: We loved how the dressing gives us a home-made feeling as the ingredients feel very ‘real’.

What we didn’t like: This one is too much on the thicker side and has a strong sweet taste which may not be preferred by some.

10. Daiya Dressing Dairy-free Creamy Caesar 

This dressing from Daiya is for those who are lactose intolerant as it is completely dairy-free. Being made from all the plant-based derivatives, the dressing has a thick and creamy texture.

What’s unique?

Some of you may be allergic to the Caesar dressing as it contains ingredients that can aggravate your condition. However, with this one, you do not have to worry as it is allergy-friendly. This is because it does not have ingredients like dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, and fish that can cause allergy.

Ideal for vegan diet…

Not only that, but the dressing is also perfect for your vegan diet. It is not prepared from any animal products or by-products so you do not have to worry about it and enjoy only the freshness of a good salad.

Serving details…

2 tablespoons are required for each serving which has a net weight of 30 grams.

What’s more?

It only offers you the goodness of nature and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives that can be harmful to your health. It is also GMO-free.

What we liked: We loved the versatile use of the dressing as it can be used as a dipping sauce and a marinating one for veggies.

What we didn’t like: It comes in a smaller portion compared to others that even though the same serving size is required.

11. Johnny's Great Caesar Dressing 

What’s more?

It also features no gluten which means it is safe for having this dressing if you suffer from Celiac diseases.

What we liked: We loved how this feature no cholesterol which makes it fit for maintaining a healthy diet.

What we didn’t like: So far we have not come across any downsides of this one.

12. Brianna's Asiago Caesar Dressing 

The last and final product in our list has been grabbed by Brianna’s Asiago Caesar Dressing which from the name is implied that it is made from premium quality shredded Asiago Cheese.

Allergen ingredients…

If you suffer from allergies, this product may not be a good choice for you since it has almost all the ingredients that can cause allergy. It contains eggs, milk, soybeans, corn, and their derivatives.

What’s different?

The ingredients do not include anchovies that leave out the fishy flavor from the dressing however the dressing is so creamy and tangy that you will not miss that flavor at all.

What we liked: We liked the perfect balance in the tangy flavor which just stays in the mouth and does not have an aftertaste while some tangy dressings almost burnt our throats!

What we didn’t like: The dressing features a very high amount of sodium even though it enhances the taste but is detrimental to our health.  Moreover, it has a strong apple cider flavor which overpowers all the other flavors.

Key Features to consider while buying the Best Store Caesar Dressing

1. Type of Cheese the dressing contains

There can be a variety of cheeses that can be used to make your dressing so it is solely upon you and your taste buds which goes the best for you. Brianna’s in our list features Asiago cheese where Kraft offers parmesan. The original recipe of Caesar salads however uses Parmigiano-Reggiano but that does not restrict you from trying out different combinations.

2. How much garlic is enough?

Some dressings have way too much garlic in them which mutes all the other flavors present in them. The perfect dressing will have a well-balanced and fresh taste.

3. How much salt does it contain?

Dressings are undoubtedly delicious but if harmful ingredients are added to it to make it more flavorful then you should be careful because they can be injurious to your health. Too much sodium (salt) can lead to high blood pressure which is not desired. The standard range of salt in each serving is from 160 mg to 300mg and you should be careful not to buy a dressing that goes beyond that.

4. Be careful to not buy the ones that come with added preservatives

Even though the manufacturers claim that their dressings do not have added preservatives, it is practically impossible for something to come in a bottle that can be stored without the help of little preservatives. But it is a good practice to go for the ones which have it in minimal amounts. Also, be careful to not go for the ones that feature artificial colors or flavors.

5. Lemon-y flavors are a must!

You should seek dressings that have strong lemon flavors. This is essential because this will give you a sense of freshness in your salad. In addition to this, the lemon essence does not let the anchovies and garlic flavors to overpower the overall taste of the dressing.

6. Anchovies: Yes or no?

Most dressings available now have anchovies for giving the fishy flavor to it, however, if the amount is too much, it may be very bad to have it and you definitely would want your Caesar salad to smell like fish. So, choose the ones with the presence of anchovies but not in abundance.

Final Words

You barely have enough time to toss your dressing from the scratch with your pantry staples and store-bought Caesar dressings are your only option but making an informed purchase is both important for your health as well as it will be worth your money. Your choice of dressing will vary widely from your friends and family, given you have a different taste bud and there are many variations offered to you. So, you need to first identify the flavors you desire in your dressing and then make your purchase of the best store-bought Caesar Dressing.. We sincerely hope our article will add some value to your buying decision and find the right one for you.

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