The 12 Best Truffle Oil to Enhance the Flavors of Pizza, Popcorn, Risotto, etc

Do you feel something is missing in your pizza or pasta? Pizza and pasta is a delicious meal but without the right taste, people lose the appetite to eat it. A drizzle of truffle oil on the pasta changes aroma and taste. But you need to choose the truffle oil according to your taste. 

The truffle oil comes in light and deep flavors. The flavors depend on the truffles they have used in the olive oil. Moreover, apart from truffles, garlic or any other spices are added to make the flavor of the oil. As there are variations in flavors, it can be hard to choose the best truffle oil. A perfect truffle will give the chef style food at home.

Best Pick

La Tourangelle Truffle Oil

The La Tourangelle Truffle Oil is our best pick on our list because it is the flavor of the famous Italian White Alba Truffle. It is considered an artisanal oil that gives a premium taste and perfect finish to the dish. Expeller pressed olive oil and the truffle produces a non-GMO oil that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Budget Pick

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil

The TruffleHunter Truffle Oil is on our best budget pick because it is a luxury truffle oil produced from white truffles and extra virgin olive oil. It has an intense flavor of garlic that enhances the flavor of salads, pasta, etc. The oil is made from plant-based ingredients to keep the oil vegan and free of artificial elements.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Truffle Oils

1. La Tourangelle Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is white truffle oil with flavorful notes of earth, wood, and fruits
  • Sunflower is infused in the oil to give floral notes
  • The oil is suitable to cook from low to medium heat
  • This is an expeller pressed oil with no sodium
  • This vegan oil adds bold flavors when drizzled on the salads
  • The oil is free of gluten which can be used to prepare gluten-free meals
  • The bottle of oil is BPA free which keeps the oil safe for use
  • The bottle is recycled which reduces the waste in nature
  • This oil gives a professional finish to any dish

Truffle oil helps to balance the taste when it is drizzled over popcorn, fries, or pizza. La Tourangelle prepared the oil with lots of flavors so that an amateur can make a flavorful dish by adding this oil. Traditional french techniques were used to produce artisanal oil. 

This oil is extracted by the expeller pressed process. Natural truffle extract, natural white truffle flavor along sunflower are brought together to prepare this flavorful oil. The sunflower brings out the floral flavor and the natural truffle extract gives woody and earthy savory. 

Truffle oils are not for cooking but you can use them from low to medium heat. It is vegan oil but it is packed in the area where tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, and soy are packed. Those who cannot tolerate nuts might show an allergic reaction after eating anything with this oil. 

The oil comes in a 250 milliliter can with a sealed mouth. After opening the seal, the oil needs to be refrigerated. No artificial products were used in preceding the oil. The oil is kosher certified as well.

2. TruffleHunter Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • The oil is white truffle oil with extra virgin oil
  • Cold-pressed oil can be used at low temperatures
  • It has an intense garlic flavor that goes with garlic bread, pizzas, etc
  • This oil can be used for marinating, seasoning, or salad dressing
  • It is a gluten-free oil with no addition to MSG
  • The oil is packed in the premises without nuts
  • This kosher approved oil has a 16 months shelf life

TruffleHunter collects premium truffles from the regions of Europe to provide the flavorful truffle oil to the customers. This oil is a combination of extra virgin oil and white truffles. In combination, garlic is added to provide a strong aroma to meals. 

Those who don't like the flavor or aroma might want to avoid this oil but the flavor enhances the aroma of the item. The oil is extracted in the cold pressed method. This process retains the actual flavor of the ingredients and brings out the best of the dish. 

It comes in a transparent bottle with a big mouth to pour. The bottle comes in two quantities, 100 ml, and 250 ml. You can choose the one that fulfills your needs. However, the oil stays good for 16 months which you can finish if you use it regularly. But if you are not a regular user, the oil will go to waste. Moreover, we are not sure the oil is 100% organic as there is no mention of a non-GMO project on its label.

3. Roland Foods Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is black truffle oil with a base of olive oil
  • The flavor of the oil is intense and gives an earthy taste
  • The oil is manufactured in Italy and gives restaurant style food at home
  • The oil is vegan and suitable to drizzle on veggie meals
  • It has nutrients and antioxidants to control cholesterol and blood sugar
  • The ingredients used in making the truffle oil are GMO-free

If you want intense flavor in your truffle oil then Roland Foods supplies this kind of oil. The oil is prepared using extra virgin olive oil and a black summer truffle. The black truffle pieces are infused in olive oil to extract the flavor from the truffles. 

This oil does not need to be poured in large amounts. 2 or 3 drops of this truffle oil are perfect to give the pizza, popcorn, or fries a great flavor. The oil has a smooth texture that does not give a greasy look to the dishes. 

The packaging of the oil is very impressive. It comes in a glass jar that is sealed with golden foil. The oil will stay good in this bottle for a longer period if it is kept in a cool place. The brand mentions it is a vegan and non-GMO product but there is no appropriate seal on the bottle. Moreover, the oil is not kosher certified and cannot be used to feed mass people.

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4. D'allesandro Gourmet Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This is pure white truffle oil with no addition of other ingredients
  • The oil is made by adding a white truffle with neutral cooking oil
  • The flavor of the oil is elegant and bold with light floral notes
  • It is a kosher approved oil that can be used by a larger group of people
  • The oil comes in a glass bottle which can be reused

D'allesandro Gourmet truffle oil has an elegant flavor that does not overpower the dishes with its flavor. Neutral cooking oil is used as a base in making this oil. It is white truffle oil that is visible through the bottle. 

This truffle oil is 8 ounces with no carbohydrate or cholesterol. The bottle of the oil is glass and you can reuse it after finishing the oil. The oil is good for using on pasta, lasagna, fries, etc. however, artificial flavoring has been used to add flavor to the oil. 

Moreover, the brand does not clarify if the oil is gluten-free and non-GMO. The oil appears to be more olive oil than truffle oil. Though it is a kosher-certified oil and the bottle is good enough to store the oil without creating a mess.

5. Lieber’s Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This is a premium white truffle oil combined with olive oil
  • Garlic is added to get light garlic notes in your mouth
  • The truffle oil easily blends with hummus, dips, salads, etc
  • The oil has no contents of gluten or nuts
  • No artificial elements were used in processing the oil
  • The oil is suitable for primal, keto, paleo, or Mediterranean diets
  • The oil is manufactured in a place where only truffle oil is packed

Cooking various dishes with perfect flavor is hard but Lieber’s truffle makes the task easier. Fish, meat, soup, salad, and many other dishes can be appetizing by adding a little amount of truffle oil. This truffle oil is white which gives a shiny and nongreasy look to pizza, pasta, etc.

Not only in main courses but when you also add this oil to your snacks, popcorn to get a different taste. The oil is made by adding high-quality olive oil and truffles. Extra virgin olive oil is used as the base of the oil which inherits the nutrients as the oil is produced in the cold-pressed method.

You can make your diet meals interesting and flavorful with this truffle oil. This oil is diet-friendly and contains no gluten or nuts. Not to mention, this oil contains no MSG and is kosher certified to make it accessible for everyone.

6. BASSO 1904 Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 250ml black truffle oil that comes in a glass bottle
  • Extra virgin oil and black truffle essence is used in the process of this oil
  • It is a complete vegan oil that is used for marination as well as a salad dressing
  • It is gluten-free oil that comes in perfect packaging

Pasta, risotto, pizzas look appetizing but if they don't taste good, it destroys the appetite of the people. A small drizzle of the truffle oil can balance the flavor of the meals as well as make it appetizing. It is also a black truffle oil that has a stronger aroma than white truffle oil. 

The oil comes in a sealed glass bottle. Extra virgin olive oil and black truffles are the main ingredients of the truffle oil. Though the oil is vegan and gluten-free, it is unsure if it is 100% organic. The oil has a dark golden color which can change the color of your meals. If you are not into black truffle oil you can buy the white one as the brand sells both types of oil. 

With 1 tablespoon serving, this oil adds 12 calories. It also has 10% saturated fat out of total fat. With no carbohydrates and sodium, this is a great oil to change the taste of the meals.

7. Chef Jean-Pierre's Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 100% natural white truffle oil
  • The truffles are infused in olive oil for a few hours to extract the real flavor
  • The oil gives a different taste when drizzled in gourmet
  • The oil is produced to give an artisanal finish to your dish
  • The oil is vegan that gives variation when added to veggies
  • A white truffle salt comes with the truffle oil as a complimentary gift

This truffle oil from Chef Jean-Pierre's is made with a unique process. The process follows the way the tea is extracted. In this process, the shaved truffles are placed in the olive for a few hours. The first pressed olive oil is used in making this truffle oil. 

In addition, no chemicals were used to extract the oil or enhance its flavor of the oil. The oil is so concentrated that a little drizzle on eggs or mashed makes them taste delicious. The vegetarian can use this oil without any doubt as no artificial products are added to the oil. 

The brand sells 200 ml truffle oil in a glass bottle. The lid comes with perfect sealing that keeps the oil safe. The oil needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. If you live in a region where the temperature is hot, refrigerate the oil to keep it in good condition.

8. Terre di Tartufo Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This truffle oil is made in Italy and has a burst of different flavors
  • Olive oil, black truffle, and flavoring are the main elements of the oil
  • The truffle pieces are visible in the oil
  • The oil has a mix of earthy and savory flavor
  • Enhances the taste of pizza, risotto, salads, etc

Terre di Tartufo truffle oil has variations in flavors which are different in every bite. Adding this oil to savory items enhances their taste. This oil is organic and natural as you can see the pieces of the truffles in the oil. Black truffle is used in the oil to give a robust flavor. 

Moreover, this oil is healthier than other truffle oils because it contains very less amount of saturated fat. The oil needs to be stored in a dark place where no heat or light can enter. However, there is no mention of the oil being kosher certified or gluten-free. 

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It is a jar of 8.4 ounces of oil. For restaurants, the amount can be small but at home, you can enjoy meals with oil. As this has a burst of flavors a tiny addition of this oil will make the food taste better.

9. Urbani Truffles Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This white truffle oil is made with artisan olive oil to make it premium quality
  • The real pieces of white truffles are used in processing the oil
  • The oil is produced and packaged in Italy
  • The fresh truffles give a fresh flavor to various items like soups, popcorn, risotto, etc

You can make dishes like a restaurant at home with the help of the truffle oil from Urbani Truffles. It is a white truffle oil made from real truffles and olive oil. It has a fresh and light aroma as it is white truffle oil. This is good to use in dishes which does not require overwhelming flavor. 

The oil comes in a bottle that is designed to get a perfect grip. The oil has a light golden color that gives a glaze when added to the dishes. However, the oil is not kosher-certified or gluten-free. Along with the white truffles, a truffle aroma is also used. The oil is not verified as a non-GMO project. If this validation does not bother you, you can use this oil in your pasta or pizzas.

10. Asaro Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This truffle oil is 8.5 fluid ounces that come in a glass bottle
  • It is a white truffle oil that helps to give an exquisite finish to dishes
  • Drizzling on the vegetables, mashed potatoes gives an extra burst of flavors
  • The oil is kosher certified to make it accessible to a wide group of people

Asaro truffle oil is white truffle oil with an elegant flavor. Adding this oil at the end of your dish makes it delicious and gives you confidence in your cooking. In restaurants, chefs add this truffle oil on the risotto, pasta, or even in pizzas. You can add this truffle oil to your late-night snacks to make them taste different. 

However, we are not sure if the oil is 100% natural. There is no mention of non-GMO or gluten-free in the oil. If you are highly allergic to gluten or nuts, you need to avoid this oil. The glass bottle is small and easy to use but it is not reusable. The mouth of the bottle is small so that it will not pour excessive oil into the food.

11. Trufflin Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • It is a black truffle that brings the essence of France into the food
  • The truffles are naturally infused in extra virgin oil to make them flavorful
  • It has an umami flavor that turns a bland dish into a flavorful meal
  • No heat, chemicals, or MSG were used in the process of the oil
  • The oil is gluten-free and suitable for vegans
  • The truffle oil comes with good packaging that helps to store it easily

Trufflin truffle oil is black truffle oil made in France. The oil is prepared with 97% olive oil, 2% black truffle essence, and 1% French black truffles. The ingredients create a deep flavor in the oil which makes the food appetizing. 

The olive oil used in the truffle oil is estate-grown extra virgin oil. The truffles are naturally infused to bring out the natural flavors in the oil. The pieces of black truffles are visible in the oil. The oil is totally vegan and paleo-approved. So when you are on a diet you can just add 2 or 3 drops of the truffle oil in your meals to add some variation. 

The important factor is that the oil is free of gluten. Natural ingredients are used and MSG is kept away from the oil. The bottle of oil is quite unique and it easily fits on your kitchen shelves.

12. Tuscanini Truffle Oil

Highlighted Features

  • This black truffle comes with less sophisticated notes and a deep flavor
  • This oil is extracted in the cold press method that compliments all types of dishes
  • The extra virgin olive is naturally extracted to retain the nutrients
  • This Italian truffle oil is perfect for making saute, risotto, or on meat
  • This oil is vegan, kosher approved, and gluten-free
  • The oil comes in with a pout that makes it easier to pour oil

At the end of our list, we have the Tuscanini truffle oil which is imported from Italy. The unique thing about this truffle oil is the packaging of the oil. The jar is like a pot with a spout. It has a handle to hold the jar properly. It has cork to keep the flavor intact and cork is covered by the glass lid.

The extra virgin olive oil is used as the base oil. The olive oil is completely natural and no chemicals were used in processing it. The blacks truffles are added to the oil and let sit for a few hours to extract the flavor naturally. 

It has no addition of artificial elements in the oil and the oil is a non-GMO product. Moreover, the oil contains no sodium or MSG to aid in bringing out the flavor. This is a gluten-free oil and it follows the rules of kosher regulations. However, the oil bottle is easily breakable. Though it is reusable you need to use it carefully to prevent incidents.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Truffle Oil

Are you confused between black and white truffle oil? You need to know the aroma and taste they serve before buying one. The truffle oils bring a lot of changes to the meal so you need to be careful about choosing the one as they can mess with the taste of the food. 

Flavors of truffle oil

The truffle oil is made using white truffles and black truffles. White truffles and black truffles are used to make white truffle oil and black truffle oil respectively. White truffles are known as the rarest truffles between the two.

These two types of truffles add different flavors to the oil. White truffle oil has a light and subtle flavor whereas black truffles provide a robust flavor. Depending on your preferences you can choose the truffle oil. Both oils can be used as a finishing oil on meat, mashed potatoes, fish, etc. 

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If you are too tired to cook pasta with meat and tomato sauce you can add some cheese and truffle oil to the boiled pasta. The cheese will provide the saltiness and truffle oil will add the flavor. Truffle oil changes the taste of popcorn, chips, or snacks with just a little drizzle on them. 

The base of the truffle oil

It is known that olive oil is used as a base of truffle oils. White or black truffles are immersed in olive oil for some time. The natural flavor comes out of the oil making the oil flavorful. But brands use different types of oil like virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is purer than virgin olive oil. They are processed by grinding the olives without using any chemical or heat in the cold pressed method. As a result, all the nutritional benefits remain present in the oil. 

Virgin oil is also extracted in a cold pressed process but the impurities are removed using chemicals. Chemicals imbalances the nutrients in the oil. 

Organic or artificial flavor

Truffles are hard to collect and so many brands use artificial aromas of the truffles. In organic oil, you can find the pieces of truffles in them. But some artificial aroma makes the oil flavorful. The artificial truffle oil smells like regular truffle oil but they are not 100% organic.

Kosher certified

For a Jewish person, kosher certification is a very important label while choosing food. Though the truffle is considered as fruit, all the ingredients need to be collected and prepared following the rules of kosher regulations. “K” or “pareve'' is mentioned on the body of the bottle to show that the oil is approved by the kosher society.  

Gluten and nuts free

As truffle is fruit, the truffle oil can be prepared in the premises where other nut oils are prepared. Pecan nuts, almond nuts, peanuts, and various nut oils are found in the stores. They can be manufactured in the same factory which can cause a small mix of nuts with other oils. If you are allergic to nuts, look through the notes on the bottle before opting for truffle oil for use. The brands also mention if the truffle is gluten-free or not. 

Amount of the oil

The truffle oil is used to balance the flavor and make the food more appetizing. This oil is used by famous chefs around the world to add a kick to their dishes. They add white or black truffle oil, dispensing on the way they want to create their dish. Depending on the usage of the oil, you need to buy it. If you are trying the truffle for the first time, we advise you to choose the smaller one as you have no experience with the taste. However, the restaurants and professional users would require the truffle oil in large quantities to serve the dishes to the guests with unique tastes.  

Date of expiry

The expiration date on the food is an important thing to notice before buying. To keep the oil in good condition, harmless additives are used. Using the truffle oil that passed the expiry date can cause food poisoning or any other incidents. Whether you use the truffle oil regularly or once in a while, it is better to check the expiry date before adding on the food. 

Storage options

The truffle oil is similar to other oil and needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. But they are used as regularly as cooking oil. Truffle oil is a finishing oil that is poured at the end of cooking. So, if you don't use it regularly, it is better to refrigerate the oil. Some brands mentioned that the oil needs to be stored in the freezer after opening the lid. Make sure to check the notes written on the bottle of the truffle oil to preserve it nicely. 

Appropriate for diets

In the paleo diet, grains, dairy, trans fat, salt, sweets, etc are avoided. On the other hand, grains, beans, low-fat dairy products, sugary beverages, etc need to be avoided. The truffle oil contains fat and mostly saturated fats. So you can add the truffle oil to your diet meals without any doubt. The brands mention the list of the contents in the oil which will help to determine consumption calories after using truffle oil. You can easily follow your diet without eating flavorless meals. 


Can I use truffle oil for cooking?

No, truffle oil is not used for cooking. It is used as a finishing oil which is added before serving the dish. 

Can I make truffle oil at home?

Yes, you can make truffle oil at home but it is hard to get the real truffles in stores. 

Where can I use truffle oil for flavoring?

Eggs, french fries, omelets, salads, steak sandwiches, spaghetti, baked fish, etc, and on many other items, truffle oil can be added. 

Is white truffle oil better than black truffle oil?

Both the truffle oil have different flavors. So it depends on the individual how that person likes the flavor of black and white truffle. 

Is truffle oil healthy for people?

Vitamin E and K are present in the truffle oil. It has no cholesterol, sodium, or trans fat. So it can be considered healthy. 


If you are not satisfied with your truffle oil then you need to change or choose a different flavor. Most people find it hard to choose from black or white truffle oil. So consider acknowledging the flavor of the truffle oil before ordering one.

If you are ordering online, you need to read the reviews as you cannot smell the flavor of the truffle oil. In other words, some brands also add other ingredients like garlic, pepper to make them unique. As truffles are hard to get, many truffle oils will not be real. It is essential to check thoroughly before choosing the best truffle oil for serving in your dish.

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