The 12 Best Knife Bags to Safely Carry Your Beautiful Knives in Style

Are you a chef looking for a carrier for your knives? The knife bags are built to help in carrying the knives in comfort. Knives are harmful as they have sharp blades and if the bag is not strong, the blades can cut through the bag. So the knife with extra padding will be comfortable as well as safe to carry. 

Another important thing to consider is the number of slots in the bag. If you buy a bag with a small number of slots you cannot use it to carry all your knives in case of emergency. So the best knife bag would be the one that has 12 to 15 knife slots. Also, elastic on the slots are necessary to keep the knives in place.

Best Pick

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Bag

The Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Bag is our best pick on our list because the bag is stylish as well as it can hold the necessary knives needed for work. The bag is designed for 12 inches knives and its elongated shoulder straps aids in carrying the bag in comfort. Not to mention, the bag is washable to remove the dirt.

Budget Pick

Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag

The Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag is on our best budget pick because of the 10 knife slots and a meat cleaver pouch. They also have small pockets to store other tools. We love the fact that metal zippers are given to ensure sturdiness.

Quick Comparison: The 12 Best Knife Bags

ProductDimension (inches)Grade
Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Bag21 x 8 x 1A
Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag19 x 7.95 x 0.98A
Messermeister Knife Roll Bag20 x 6x 1.5A
EVERPRIDE Knife Bag10.98 x 10.51 x 2.01A-
Ergo Chef Knife Roll Bag19 x 5.5 x 0.5B+
Chef Sac Knife Roll Bag17.32 x 8.15 x 1.77A
Chef Sac Knife Bag17.8 x 12.99 x 3.74A-
Chef Sac Folding Knife Bag17 x 11 x 1.2A
Dalstrong Knife Roll Bag17.36 x 9.57 x 3.62A-
Asaya Knife Roll Bag17.5 x 17.5 x 1B+
Becken Leather Co. Knife Roll Bag18.66 x 8.62 x 1.1B+

1. Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Bag

Mercer Culinary knife bag is a 7 pocket knife bag. It is made of nylon and comes in red color. The bag can be rolled into a smaller bag which makes it easy to carry or store. As it is made of nylon, the bag is strong and retains heat. The seam around the edges is equally done and double stitched to make the bag last longer. 

In addition, the bag opens in a square shape where 7 knives can be easily fitted. Not only knives but also spoons and scissors can be carried on this knife bag. This bag is great for a small picnic to carry the tools. The netted pouches hold the scissors and small accessories. 

For carrying the bag, it has a long adjustable strap. However, it has no handle. The strap is only for carrying the bag on the shoulders. Apart from knives, you can use the bag for carrying art and crafts tools as well. You can wash the bag in the washing machine but the brand has not recommended any particular way of washing.


  • The bag has pockets for 7 knives to store compactly.
  • This bag is made of Nylon and stitched on all sides uniformly.
  • The pockets can hold 12 inches knives easily.
  • Easy to carry with the shoulder straps on the bag.
  • It is designed with a hook and loop closure that tightly holds all the tools.
  • The bag is washable without damaging the color and appearance.
  • The pockets have elastic to secure knives or scissors of different shapes.


  • The number of pockets is less for the professional to carry knives.

2. Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag

The chefs use knives mostly in their everyday life and for them, Noble Home & Chef manufactured a professional-looking bag. To start with, the bag has 10 slots for knives where paring knives to 18 inches knives can be accommodated easily. For culinary, it has a designated slot. 

The feature we like most about this knife bag is that it has a separate slot for a meat cleaver. The net pouch is long and has a zipper to keep the scissors in place. This bag will not be lost as you keep your business card on the name slot. 

Moreover, the bag is made of 600 Denier Canvas which is a highly durable fabric. The bag is easily washable and as it comes in black color, stains are not visible. After setting the knives, the bag can be folded and tightened with adjustable straps. The metal zippers also provide extra safety by preventing the slipping of knives from the bag.


  • This knife carrier can hold a total of 15 knives and tools at the same time.
  • 18 inches knives can easily be placed in the bag for carrying.
  • The knife bag has both a handle and shoulder strap for comfortable carry.
  • This is a canvas-made knife bag that ensures durability.
  • Metal zippers are used for the closure of the bag.


  • The bag is not stitched with double stitches.


The knife bag from AARON LEATHER GOODS VENDIMIA ESTILO comes in various designs. The bags available are made of leather and canvas. The feature we like is the fact the slots are designed for small knives and big knives. 18 inches knives and meat cleavers can be easily accommodated in this bag. 

Moreover, this knife is manufactured with premium quality buff calf leather. The stitching on all the sides is even and strong to hold the heavy knives together. It has two antique-style buckles to tighten the bag after folding. The adjustable strap is detachable and can be attached when needed. 

The suede pouch and the side pockets are very helpful in storing smaller tools. This bag is great for the professional for large pockets and is easy to carry.


  • The knife bag has 10 pockets to hold the knives.
  • Knives of 18 inches can easily be packed on this bag.
  • It has dedicated pockets for paring knives, knife sharpeners, etc.
  • A suede pouch comes with the bag to carry small spoons, forks, etc.
  • A side pocket with a zipper is designed on the interior of the bag.
  • The knife bag is available in various colors.
  • A handle and an adjustable shoulder strap are given to carry the bag.
  • All the edges of the bag are double stitched to make it stronger to use.


  • It needs to wipe the bag with a wet cloth for cleaning.

4. Messermeister Knife Roll Bag

Knives are dangerous objects which need to be handled with care and this bag has padding for safe travel with knives. Messermeister added an additional line of foam on the interior so that the knives stay stable in one place as well as don't cut through the fabric. 

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Not to mention the bag can be closed on three sides. The elastic pockets are large to carry big knives. The small parsing knives may fall off. A separate layer contains a mesh pocket with a zipper, pen or pencil holder, and business cardholder. 

Now, the bag is made of nylon 600 denier. This material is durable and resistant to tearing. But they cannot be washed in the washing machine or soaked in water. To clean this bag, you need to wipe it with a wet cloth. As the bag is in black, dirt or stains won't be visible. Other various colors of knife bags are sold by this brand. This brand also sells knife bags with 5 and 12 pockets.


  • The bag has 8 padded pockets to hold the knives.
  • The knives of 18 inches can be settled without any trouble.
  • The pockets have elastic to tightly hold the knives.
  • A mesh pocket with a zipper is given to carry small accessories on the bag.
  • Pen and pencil pockets are designed on the bag with the business card-keeping slot.
  • Handle and shoulder strap is given for convenience to carry the bag.


  • Can not be cleaned in the washing machine or submerged in water.

5. EVERPRIDE Knife Bag

Chefs find cooking comfortable when they can use their own tools and this bag from EVERPRIDE can hold all the knives needed for cooking. The knife bag is a product of 600D polyester fabric that is thick enough to provide long-lasting service. This kind of fabric is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 

The bag comes in 3 different colors to choose from. The two compartments are built to accommodate 20.5 inches long knives, each of which can hold 10 knives at a time. The slots have elastic and a security strap to keep the knives in place.

The feature we like most about this bag is that the third has 3 netted portions. Spatula, peelers, scissors, and other additional equipment can be easily carried on this bag. However, some padding on the bag would have been better to support the heaviness of the knives.


  • It is a bag with 3 storage compartments to hold 20 knives.
  • Made of 600D polyester fabric to prevent knives from slipping.
  • The slots are designed to hold knives of 120.5 inches.
  • 2 compartments are for knives and 1 compartment for carrying other additional tools.
  • Protective straps are given on the interior to hold the knives stable.
  • One large compartment is divided into 3 sections and has zippers on them.
  • For convenience carry, handle and shoulder strap is given on the bag.


  • The bag is only designed for professionals.
  • The stitches are very light that can open due to frequent use of the bag.

6. Ergo Chef Knife Roll Bag

Till now we have discussed bags that can hold a large number of knives but this bag is small. Only 5 knives can be accommodated in this bag. It is for those who will take 2 or 3 knives that are essential to cooking a nice meal. 

The bag is black and has a red lining at the front. Other colors are also available if you don't want the black one. The bag is water-resistant as it is made of nylon. So for cleaning, you need to wipe the bag with a cloth. Washing in the washing machine is not recommended for this bag.

Moreover, the bag has a name tag area at the front. The slots are big and padded to firmly hold the knives. For closure, the brand has used zippers but the zippers are plastic. Though the handle on the bag is wide to get a good grip, a shoulder strap would have been better to carry.


  • It is a 5 pocket knife bag that holds 12 inches knives.
  • The pockets have elastic to perfectly fit the knives.
  • The bag is small and light to carry with the most used tools for cooking.
  • The bag is made with heavy-duty nylon for durability.
  • The handle gives a nice and comfortable grip.


  • Does not have a shoulder strap for ease of carrying.
  • Does not have a mesh pocket to carry small things.

7. Chef Sac Knife Roll Bag

The Chef Sac knife bag has an eye-catching design that makes you want to buy this bag. First of all, this bag has 8 dedicated large knife slots for 17 inches knives. On the smaller slots, you can keep scissors, spoons, etc. a safety strap is given to hold the knives in place. 

The feature we like most about this knife bag is that a flap pocket is provided to safely carry the meat cleaver. No mesh pockets do bother us but the small knife pockets are helpful. The bag is double stitched on all edges to make it strong to hold the knives. 

The bag comes in different colors. The knife bag has a different appearance and exterior buckles give a classic look. You can carry this bag with handles or with shoulder straps.


  • It is a durable bag that can hold more than 8 knives.
  • The slots are designed for 17 inches knives.
  • The edges are double stitched to prevent tearing.
  • Industrial grade 600D fabric was used to make the bag strong.
  • A small pocket is given apart from the large ones for spoons, forks, etc.
  • A flap pocket is attached for the meat cleaver.
  • Both shoulder straps and a handle are given on the bag.


  • Only buckets are used as a closure for the bag.
  • It has a mesh pouch to hold various other accessories.
  • Need to be wiped with a cloth for cleaning.

8. Chef Sac Knife Bag

Chef Sac Knife Bag is a heavy-duty bag made from Denier Nylon. The fabric is water repellent and does not attract dirt easily. The bags come in 5 different colors. They can be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth. 

For the storage of knives, the bag has individual slots. Not only slots but also, each slot comes with safety straps to keep the knives stable in the pockets. The bag has enormous space to carry knives as well as cooking tools like spatulas, honer, etc. 

Moreover, the bag has 2 compartments. One is with the dedicated slots and the other is the large mesh pocket for additional equipment. Special pockets are designed for honing rods and meat cleavers. 

At the back, there is a hidden pocket to keep the valuable items. There are also 2 other pockets at the side and at the front to carry more items. The bag has plastic zippers to fold the bag into a backpack. The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry the bag.


  • It is a vintage-style knife backpack to hold more than 30 knives.
  • Can easily fit 16 inches knives in the bag.
  • The bag is reinforced around the edges to maximize its durability.
  • It has dedicated slots for honing rods and a meat cleaver for safely carrying them.
  • The pockets are deeper to fit the thick knife handles.
  • Mesh pockets are included for small tools.
  • The straps are padded for comfortable carrying of the bag.
  • The zippers are strong and durable to use the bag for a long.
  • Front pocket on the bag to keep keys, pens, or pencils.
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  • Hard to clean the bag as the fabric is water-resistant.

9. Chef Sac Folding Knife Bag

This folding knife bag Chef Sac is capable of fitting 18 inches long knives. The bag has individual slots for each knife. Moreover, the knives stay put in place because of the safety straps on each knife slot. 

The feature we love of this bag is that it has large compartments. The bag can accommodate big knives which are essential for chefs. It has a separate slot for meat cleaver to prevent any accidents. With the knives, you can carry the scissors, peelers, spatulas, and other things in mesh pockets. 

The extra pockets on the bags are very helpful to store wallets, keys, money, or notepads. You can carry your tablets or iPads on this as well. The bag is double stitched to make it strong to hold the weight of the knives. 

To prevent your shoulder from hurting from carrying this bag, the shoulder straps have padding. The padding makes it comfortable to carry. It also has a handle to carry the bag by hand.


  • The bag is designed to store and carry 20 knives.
  • The dedicated slots for the knives and the secure straps ensure the safety of transporting the knives.
  • It has 2 large compartments to accommodate all the knives in your kitchen.
  • The large mesh pocket has a zipper to secure the small kitchen objects.
  • Secret pockets at the back, front and side help to store other accessories.
  • The waterproof coating on the bag protects the knife blades from moisture.


  • The zippers are not made of metals to use to close the bag.

10. Dalstrong Knife Roll Bag

This is a heavy-duty knife bag made by Dalstrong. The bag is available in 3 different colors and is handcrafted with premium fabric. Brazilian leather is used in manufacturing this knife bag. It has an extra thick layer to protect the bag from the sharpness of the blades. 

It has slots for 10 knives. You can set the knives that have a length of 15 inches. Along with knife slots, it has a zip pocket to carry accessories. For durability, all the edges are double stitched and the closure is of premium quality. 

The fastener and zippers are easy to open and close. The buckles on the outside give a classic look to the bag. The feature we like about this bag is that it comes with a back pocket for easy access to cell phones or keys. 

The knife bag has a layer of 12oz waxed canvas. The wax protects the knives from various water and oil but the bag can not be washed. At first, the dirt needs to be brushed off. If there is a stain you need to wipe that particular place with a damp cloth.


  • The bag has 13 slots for holding the knives.
  • The bag is a product of Brazilian leather which is tear-proof.
  • Maximum 15 inches long knives can be placed in the bag.
  • An interior pocket to keep note pads or keys.
  • 3 slots to keep pens or pencils.
  • It has dalstrong buttons, fasteners, and zippers for closure.
  • The bag is a heavy-duty waxed canvas that repels water.
  • Buckles are given for folding the bag.
  • A comfortable handle and shoulder strap is attached to the bag.


  • A dry clean or machine wash is not possible for this bag.

11. Asaya Knife Roll Bag

The Asaya Knife Roll Bag has a different interior design than the other ones. When opened, the bag takes the shape of a rectangle and the knife slots, pockets are designed in the same line. An entire knife set can be accommodated in this bag. 

The bag is lightweight, about 3 lbs. The knife bag is made from canvas. 16 oz waxed canvas makes the bag long-lasting and prevents tear or abrasion. But cleaning the bag can be worrisome. 

On the other hand, you can use the bag for other purposes like for carrying arts and crafts supplies. The slots are flexible to hold the objects. Of course, it has an adjustable shoulder strap and a handle to carry it the way you like.


  • This bag has space for 15 knives that are 17 inches long.
  • This bag is handcrafted with waterproof waxed canvas.
  •  A large pocket with a zipper and 3 small slots are designed on the bag.
  • The buckles are made of brass that gives a unique look.
  • The bag can carry 30 lbs easily.
  • It has a handle and a shoulder strap to make it comfortable to carry.
  • A protective layer is added on top of the knife slots to protect them from water.


  • Need to be handled with care as it is made of leather.
  • Cannot wash the bag directly on the water.

12. Becken Leather Co. Knife Roll Bag

Lastly, we have the knife bag from Becken Leather Co. made from leather and waxed canvas. The materials ensure the ultimate durability. The buckles and straps are made of leather. The buckles secure the knives and protect them from moving. 

However, the slots are elasticized. The knives might not stay settled if they are too small. You can carry the bag by the handle or by using the shoulder strap. The small pocket in the interiors allows keeping small objects. The zipper attached is a heavy-duty object and won't disfunction easily. 

The most important feature on the knife bags that are needed is to protect the knives from external elements. For this, a protection layer is added. The bag is easy to open and easy to settle the knives. The brand does not sell various colors on this bag.


  • The bag has an area to hold 10 knives of 17 inches.
  • The bag is made from waxed canvas and leather to give a stylish outlook.
  • The wax canvas prevents dirt that reduces the regular cleaning of the bag.
  • The strap is long and can be adapted according to your needs.
  • Includes a small bag to carry scissors, pens, etc
  • A protecting layer is given to keep the knives in good condition.


  • It is designed for only 10 knives.
  • Has no separate cover for meat cleavers.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Knife Bag

Are you trying to find a gift for your nephew who just graduated culinary school? For new chefs, a knife bag would be a great present as they can carry their necessary tools with them. As the knives are heavy and sharp, opt for the one that is capable of taking weight and is easy to carry around. 

Compatible with the length of the knives

What is the highest length of the knife you own from your knife set? To perfectly settle the knives on the bag, the bag should have to be compatible with the length of the knives. The highest length of the knives we have mentioned in our article is 20 inches. The chefs who work with meat or fish usually use this type of knife. 

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Moreover, the size of the handles of the knives varies depending on the size. Some brands have attached elastic on the slots to hold the knives tightly in place. Check the size of your knives before choosing a knife bag. Otherwise, the bag can be too small or too big for the knives which can result in some accidents. 

Number of knife slots on the bag

There are knife bags with only 5 slots as well as with more than 30 slots. All are available in the shops but you need to decide which one you want. If you are not a cook or a chef and need a bag to carry knives for a picnic or hiking, Then 5 to 10 slots in a bag are enough for you.

But for the chefs, use different knives for cutting and shaping their meals. They need a bigger bag for their knives. Also, the chefs who are hired to cook for your lunch gathering will use their knives for their comfort and fast cooking. So the usage of your knives decides on the number of slots you want in your bag. 

Compartments on the bag

The knife bags which are folded into a roll do not include chambers. The backpack-style bag that has 20 to 30 slots divides the bag into compartments. The larger the bag the more the compartments. 

Dividing the bag into compartments helps to organize the tools efficiently. You can keep the knives in separate compartments and other accessories like spatula, spoon, honing tools, etc in another. 

Mesh pockets are usually attached in the bag on one side with the knives if the bag is small. The bigger bags have separate compartments for the pockets where you can keep the peelers, spoons, scissors, etc easily. 

Padding on the bag

The sharp blades of the knives can cut through the fabric if the quality of the material is not good. Also, the knives can be heavy if you are carrying 10 to 15 knives in the bag. To support your back to carry knives, the padding on the straps is essential. Otherwise, the heaviness of the knives will hurt your bag. 

Moreover, brands also put extra padding on the slots to create a border around the knives and make them easy to settle on slots. 

Straps and handles on the bag

How do you like to carry your bag? People have different preferences on how they look while carrying a bag. So if you are a person who owns a car and likes to carry the bag with a handle then you don't have to look for much. Most of the bags come with a padded handle to prevent your finger from fatigue. 

On the other hand, if you are traveling by public transport, you need a bag that has a shoulder strap. Every brand includes an adjustable shoulder strap that can be attached at any time. However, the big bags are heavy with knives, and carrying them by the shoulder is easier.

Material of the bag

The material of the bag is an important feature because they need to be durable as well compatible for cleaning. The knife bags we have mentioned in our blog are manufactured with leather, polyester, and canvas. 

Canvas is a type of fabric that is made by blending cotton with synthetic fibers. They are heavy-duty materials and are known for their durability. Not only are they strong but also they are water repellent. Canvas fabric can be washed in the washing machine in the normal cycle like normal clothes.

Leather is made from the skins of animals. There is vegan leather but those who are vegan might not opt for this material. Leather products are not encouraged to wash in the washing machine. Leather has a high heat retention feature so might not use it all season. 

Polyester is a synthetic fiber and is soft as a material. But it is like plastic material and affects the environment. It can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. 

In addition, you will find bags that are waxed with a certain amount. Wax repels the oils, dirt, dust and keeps the bag. 

Color of the bag

Choosing the color of the bag widely depends on the individual choice. But we prefer to use dark ones to hide the stain marks. Depending on the material, the colors of the knife bag will be available. Leather knife bags with wide options of colors will not be available in polyester ones. 

Washing process of the bag

While choosing the knife bag, concentrate on the washing details of the bag. Most of the bags need to be wiped with a piece of cloth. Also, the materials like polyester, canvas, etc repel water so you cannot put them in the washing machine for cleaning. 

Buckles or zippers for closure

Buckles and zippers on the bag prevent the knives from falling. The roll bags have buckles while the other ones have zippers. Check the zippers if they work without sticking before buying the bags. Try to find the bag that has metal zippers to ensure safe travel with the knives on the bag.


Will the sharpness of the knife be intact if I store my knives in a knife bag?

Yes, the sharpness will stay intact as the knives will not collide with each other. 

Is it ok to keep the knife bag in the kitchen as it is a hot space?

No, it is better to keep the knife bag from flames as they are made of canvas, polyester, etc.

Do I need to iron my knife bag?

No, you should not iron your knife bags. The iron can damage the wax on the bag.


If you are thinking about whether to use a knife bag or not, we feel you need one if you regularly work with knives. The bags are designed in a way that you can use to carry your art tools as well. The materials they made are mostly water repellent. So there is not much work for cleaning the knife bags. 

However, the bags can get stain marks for frequent use. The best knife bag for you would be the one that can accommodate all the required knives as well as makes it comfortable to carry. Knife bags are found as a roll bag and backpack, from which you need to choose that best fits you.

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