The 10 Best Pastry Boards for Kneading Dough Comfortably

Where do you knead your pizza dough usually? It is seen that many people knead their dough in a bowl. Kneading in the bowl is fine but kneading in an enormous space makes the dough soft and smooth. For your comfort, you need a pastry board where the dough won't stick and helps you make the perfect pizza crust. 

Moreover, you need to decide on which type of pastry boards you want. The weight will vary depending on the material you choose. Also, the cleaning process varies from board to board. Consider the size of the board you want before choosing the best pastry board to perfectly set it on your kitchen countertop.

Best Pick

Fox Run Pastry Board

The Fox Run Pastry Board is our best pick on our list because of its stylish look and non-sticky surface. The marble used in the board adds elegance if you use it as a serving dish. Not to mention the rubber feet at the bottom ensure steadiness and prevent from falling.

Budget Pick

Dexas Pastry Board

The Dexas Pastry Board is on our best budget pick because it allows you to use both surfaces. The board is made of plastic which makes it lighter than other pastry boards. Moreover, the board does not require much care and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Quick Comparison: The 10 Best Pastry Boards

Product Dimensions (LxWxH inches)Grade
Fox Run Pastry Board16 x 20 x 0.75A
Dexas Pastry Board17 x 14 x 0.25A
JEmarble Pastry Board16 x 12 x 0.5A-
Thirteen Chefs Pastry Board24 x 17 x 1.5A-
Bethany Housewares Pastry Board19 x 19 x 0.3B+
Kota Japan Pastry Board15.75 x 11.75 x 0.63B+
Sur La Table Pastry Board22.75 x 19 x 3A-
Catskill Craftsmen Pastry Board21.5 x 15.8 x 0.7B+
Zelancio Pastry Board24.6 x 20.7 x 3.1A
GladyStore Pastry Board19.7 x 15.7 x 0.6B+

1. Fox Run Pastry Board

For baking pies, bread, etc kneading is done on a pastry board. The pastry board from Fox Run has a dimension of 16 x 20 x 0. 75 inches where you can knead freely. The board stays cool even if the dough is hot. The surface is flat and smooth, which makes kneading the dough easier and less lethargic. 

The feature we like most about this board is that the board won't move while kneading as heavy to stay put in a place. It weighs 22.2 pounds which is heavy to move from one place to another. The patterns on the board will not be the same as shown in the picture as it varies with the pattern of the marble. 

This rectangle pastry board is durable to use for a long time. However, the edges will get chipped if it clashes frequently. This pastry board is only usable for doughs and can leave scratch marks if knives are used. The board has a stylish outlook that you can use to serve cheese or fruits on it for lunch parties.


  • The pastry board is made with 100% white genuine marble.
  • The surface has unique designs for using the original stone.
  • The board has non-slip rubber feet at the bottom to prevent slipping of the countertop.
  • It can be used for cooling hot doughs without damaging their appearance.
  • The board comes in three different colors.


  • The board is heavier because of the marble.
  • The sides can get cracked or tampered with if they collide with a hard object.
  • The pastry board has to be hand washed for cleaning.
  • Cannot use both sides of the board.

2. Dexas Pastry Board

Dexas made their pastry board with polypropylene to make it easier to move around. The weight of the board is 2.59 pounds. It is made sure that they have used BPA-free material to develop a food-grade board. 

The best feature of this board is that it is 17 inches long and 14 inches wide. It is spacious to knead dough in a large amount comfortably. On this smooth surface, you can knead as well as use it to cut veggies or fruits. However, there is a possibility of leaving scratch marks on the surface from the sharp knife blade. 

Moreover, the brand manufactures pastry boards in three different colors. All of the boards have granite patterns on them. The board has no rubber feet at the bottom to keep it stable on the countertop. This allows you to use both sides of the board but will move while kneading the dough with force.


  • This rectangular pastry board is made of plastic.
  • The board is wider than compared to other boards.
  • It has a cool crisp granite pattern on the surface.
  • The plastic is BPA-free and healthy to use to knead the dough.
  • The dishwasher is safe to use for cleaning the board.


  • The board is light in weight and will not stay in place.
  • The surfaces have scratches when a knife is used for cutting.
  • Hot dough on the surface can lead to warping of the board.

3. JEmarble Pastry Board

Kneading is tiresome and if you also have to hold the pastry board with another hand, a lot of energy gets drained. This board is made of marble and has anti-slip feet to hold the board steady in a place. As the board is made of marble, the board has its own weight of 10.96 pounds.

JEmarble manufacturers boards in 2 dimensions, which are 12 x 16 inches and 16 x 20 inches. You can choose any one of them. You can also buy a rolling pin with the board to prepare the pastry dough. Scratch marks can develop on the surface if you use sharp knives. 


  • This marble pastry board is suitable for chocolate tempering and kneading.
  • The board stays cooler even when the hot dough is placed on it.
  • The surface is smooth, neat, and polished to make the kneading painless.
  • The board won't slip away as it has anti-slip feet.
  • It is a heavy board to aid in kneading the dough with force without moving the board.
  • This board comes in 3 different sizes.


  • The board is heavy to pick and clean.
  • The pastry board can only be hand washed.
  • Only one surface can be used for processing dough.

4. Thirteen Chefs Pastry Board

The pastry board from the Thirteen Chefs is versatile to use for variable purposes. The board is made of premium quality acacia wood which is strong and durable to use. It has a natural pattern on the surface that makes it distinct from one another. 

To add, the board is broad in length and width. It is spacious enough to knead the dough and cut meat on it. The feature we like about this pastry board is that it has raised lips to prevent slipping off. The raised lips are given on two sides to secure the hold. 

As the raised lips are given on both sides, you can use both surfaces for your kneading or cutting. It is less likely to develop scratch marks from the knife. However, it can be heavy for some people to handwash the board. The board is water-resistant which allows you to wash regularly without fear of damage.


  • It is a large charcuterie board made of wood.
  • It is usable as a chopping board as well as a pastry board.
  • The board has lip braces on two edges to keep the board stable while working.
  • Both sides of the board are usable for preparing food.
  • The board can be used as a serving dish for cheese, crackers, cookies, etc.


  • The pastry board is not safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • The wood can dry and make the surface uneven.

5. Bethany Housewares Pastry Board

The Scandinavian company Bethany Housewares manufactures their pastry board in different dimensions. This pastry board is round and the dimensions are 19 x 19 x 0.3 inches. It is a lightweight board that weighs only 2 pounds. 

The process of using this board also differs from others. It comes with a cloth that needs to cover the board before kneading. The clothes help in kneading dough without sticking and keeps the board long-lasting. The cloth can be washed and reused. 

On the other hand, the board cannot be used for rough kneading. If you want, you can handwash the board but you need to dry it immediately. It has non-skid feet to work comfortably on the board without moving.


  • The pastry board is circular and comes with a cloth to prevent sticking.
  • The cover cloth is made of cotton which can be removed for washing.
  • This 19 inches pastry board is Norwegian cookware.
  • The 6 non-skid plastic feet hold the board steady for working.


  • The pastry board can only be used for light kneading.
  • The board cannot be used for multiple purposes.

6. Kota Japan Pastry Board

The pastry board of Kota Japan has a design that can be used for serving food as a background for photography. The surface is smooth and stays cooler to help in making pastries with dough. It is less likely to stick the dough on the board. You can use a little amount of flour for kneading. Or refrigerate the dough for a few minutes to prevent sticking. 

A rolling pin does not come with the board. So if you need one, you need to buy it separately. Moreover, you do not have to worry about holding the board with one hand while kneading as it has rubber feet. The rubber feet hold the board steady and protect countertops from scratch marks. 

The feature we do not like about this pastry board is that it is heavy. It weighs 11.4 pounds which is hard to move and wash in the sink. You cannot wash this board in the dishwasher. Chopping vegetables and cutting meat on this board is possible but it might develop some scratch marks from the knives.


  • This white marble pastry board has contrasting veins to give a stylish look.
  • The board helps in kneading the dough by staying cool.
  • Ample space on the board allows you to work freely.
  • Rubber feet on the board enable the stability of the board.
  • The board can be put in the refrigerator for cooling the dough.


  • The pastry board is heavier due to the use of marble.
  • Washing the board is tiresome as you need to hand wash it.

7. Sur La Table Pastry Board

This elegant-looking pastry board from Sur La Table is 22 inches long and 19 inches wide. It is built to give enormous space to chefs to make the perfect dough for their patisserie. The surfaces are smooth and polished to knead without any trouble. 

We like the fact that the pastry board will work as a slab to cut meat as well as veggies. However, this board has a good side and a bad side. The good fact is that both the surfaces of the board are usable for kneading. But when you are kneading you need to hold the board with one hand to keep it stable. 

The pastry has rubber feet to keep it steady while you knead the dough with force. The board is 25 pounds which is heavy to lift for cleaning on the sink. Not to mention, it needs to be hand washed to remove the remnants.

8. Catskill Craftsmen Pastry Board

What do you think of a pastry board that comes with scale and measurement written on it? This type of board is hard to find but Catskill Craftsmen is manufacturing it. The pastry boards are inked with the scale measure on all sides. At the center, it has mentioned the dimensions of 8, 9, and 10 inches pie. 

Not to mention, the circle showing the exact size of the pie helps to spread the dough without making it extra thin. To prevent sticking you need to use flour before rolling the dough. As it is made of hardwood, you need to hand wash it. 

This pastry board would be a great option if it has non-skid feet or raised lips. When you use the board, there is nothing to keep the board stable. Due to the collision of the board, scratches can develop on the countertop.


  • This pastry board is made of hardwood that weighs 6.6 pounds.
  • Measurements of pies, tarts, and plain pastry are given on the board.
  • The board has flat grain and an oil finish to give a stylish outlook.
  • The board is for reversible use for kneading or chopping vegetables.


  • The pastry board is not suitable to wash in the dishwasher.
  • It has no non-skip or rubber feet to hold the pastry board in place.

9. Zelancio Pastry Board

Zelancio manufactured their pastry board with acacia wood. This wooden board is sturdy and will give lifelong service. The scale measurement is given in centimeters and inches on the sides. The diameters of tart and pies are also mentioned on the board for your convenience. 

However, the rolling pin does not come with the board. You need to buy it separately. The feature we like most about this board is that both sides are usable. You can knead on one side and cut fruits or meat on the other. 

For cleaning, the brand has recommended using warm water and mild dish soap. The soap will remove the smell of meat or fish as well as the oil added for kneading. 

Moreover, the slips on two sides ensure that they are stable while you work on the board. To keep it in good shape, clean the board as soon as the work is done on it.


  • It is a wooden pastry board with 2 smooth sides.
  • The board is made of 100% natural acacia wood to make it eco-friendly.
  • It is marked with dimensions of pies and tarts to help in making it in proper shape.
  • It has raised lips on both sides to make kneading convenient.
  • The pastry board has enough space to knead the dough as well as roll it to make a 16 inches pizza.


  • The pastry board is slightly heavy to carry around.
  • Hand wash is recommended for cleaning the board.

10. GladyStore Pastry Board

Lastly, we have the pastry board from GladyStore which is made of stainless steel. It is light in weight compared to the marble ones. This steel pastry board is used for chopping vegetables as well as cutting meat. The brand manufactures the board in different sizes allowing you to buy the one that you need.

The feature we like most about this board is that it can be washed in the dishwasher. It is easy to lift and carry. It has a lip to stick the board on the kitchen countertop. You can use both sides and the surfaces won't get any scratch marks.


  • This pastry board is made of stainless steel to use as a cutting board, chopping board as well.
  • The board is made of premium quality stainless steel to make it durable and rust-proof.
  • It can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • The steel pastry board resists stains and gives a shiny appearance.
  • The edges are polished and smooth to prevent accidents.
  • It has an extended lip to securely hold the board on the counter.
  • Both sides of the board are usable for kneading or chopping vegetables.


  • Scratch marks may develop for using knives to chop veggies and meat.
  • The steel gets hot as the hot dough is placed on the board.
  • A quantity of flour needs to be used to get the patisseries out of the board in intact shape.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Pastry Boards

Are you still kneading your dough in a bowl? If you are, then you need to stop it as the dough will take time to turn into a soft, squishy dough. All patisseries require a perfect dough to bake into delicious tarts, pies, or pizzas. A pastry board is very helpful not only for kneading but also for other things as well. 

The material used in the pastry board

The markets are flooding with pastry boards made of various materials. The appearance of the board changes with the change of the materials. In our article, we have mostly discussed the boards made of marble. However, plastic, wooden, and steel pastry boards are also widely available.

The marble pastry boards have designs that are unique because of the stone. The pattern falls on the broad depending on the way they are cut. Marble is a heavy material and takes a lot of strength to lift. It will hardly get scratch marks for using knives on the surface. 

Wooden pastry boards are mainly made of acacia wood. This wood has a beautiful grain pattern and resists scratches. This wooden board is durable and does not require much care for long-lasting service. 

Plastic boards are very light in weight. The brands make sure to use BPA free food grade plastic but they are not durable. The plastic is prone to get scratch marks if knives or shape cutters are used to create shapes of cookies or pies. They do not require much care as they do not give long-term service. 

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Steel pastry boards are light which we love about it. They are strong and durable to use for multiple purposes. They are easy to maintain as well.   

Dimension of the pastry board

Deciding on the dimension of the board is an essential task before going to buy a pastry board. The size of your pastry board should be compatible with your kitchen countertop. Apart from that, the size also depends on how much you knead regularly. Though the dough becomes softer if kneaded in smaller quantities, buying a 20 x 16 inches board would be an ideal one.

If you are buying a round pastry board then you need to consider the diameter before opting for one.

The shape of the pastry board

The pastry board comes in 2 shapes, rectangular and circular. The rectangular boards are widely used because they are easy to settle on the countertop and have enormous shapes. The circle ones are comfortable to use but might be confusing if you are new to using a round board.  

Rubber feet on the pastry board

Whether you are using a marble pastry board or a wooden one, stability is necessary to safely knead dough. The marble boards are heavy but still, most of the brands use non-skid feet to keep the board firm in one space. 

The wooden and steel boards usually have raised lips on the sides of the board. These lips hold the board in place while you knead the dough with all your force. However, the plastic pastry board does not have rubber feet. You need to hold the board with one hand to prevent the board from moving. 

Measurements on the pastry board

It is unlikely to have measurements on the pastry boards. The marble board does not have any measurement marked on it. However, some brands like  Zelancio, Catskill Craftsmen have measurements on them. They have a rectangular scale and also measurements in diameter. 

These measurements help to roll the dough in the shape that is perfect for 6 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches crust. 

Weight of the pastry board

The weight of the board varies for the material used to make the pastry board. The heaviest pastry board is made of marble and the lightest one is plastic. The marble pastry boards are so heavy that you can't lift them easier to wash in the sink. 

On top of that, the marble board needs to be hand washed. The plastic boards can be carried anywhere and can be stored in the kitchen cupboard without effort. 

The wooden boards are not heavy. And so choosing a wooden pastry board is better than the other ones. 

Reversible use of the pastry board

This feature means that both surfaces of the pastry board are usable. Some of the pastry boards have rubber feet or anti-skid feet to prevent falling on the ground. Due to the rubberized feet, only one side can be used for kneading or any other purpose. 

The choice depends on you if you want a board that has 2 reusable surfaces or a board with safety feet. 

Versatile use of the pastry board

The pastry board is similar to cutting or chopping boards. Those who do not want to spend money on buying similar products, consider buying a pastry board that serves multiple purposes. Most of the pastry boards are suitable to use for chopping veggies or cutting meat. 

However, if you are using the same surface for cutting meat as well as kneading dough, the dough might smell like raw meat. It is better to use alternative sides for alternative works. 

Cleaning process of the pastry board

Cleaning is the job that no one likes and in the case of pastry they need to be thoroughly cleaned as kneading is done. Wooden, plastic, and stainless can be hand washed easily as they are not heavy. The steel and plastic boards can be washed in the dishwasher to reduce the work. 

On the other hand, a marble board is not suitable for a dishwasher. In addition, the marble ones cannot be regularly washed as they are too heavy to lift. You need to read the instructions for cleaning the pastry boards given with the packets. 


Does a rolling pin come with a pastry board?

No, it is very unlikely to get a rolling pin with a pastry board. You can order a rolling pin separately from the brand’s page. 

Can I use oil on a wooden pastry board?

Yes, you can use oil on a wooden pastry board. 

How to remove the smell of raw meat from the pastry board?

Wash the board with dishwashing soap 2 to 3 times to remove the unwanted smell.


What have you decided to buy to knead the dough at home? It can be overwhelming to decide on which pastry board will be better for you. If you are looking forward to using it at home, a wooden pastry board would be a better option as it is manageable and has versatile functions. 

On the other hand, marble pastry boards are not bad to buy. They are aesthetic-looking and can be used to serve food at lunch or dinner parties. However, the marble boards will be heavy to carry. After considering all the required features, you need to choose the one that will be the best pastry board for your kitchen

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